SMC 8014 Cable Modem w/ Router — MAC Cloning

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own3mall asked 4 years ago

We've upgraded our internet, and I've been forced to use an SMC 8014 cable modem with router by ComCast (you'd think they'd thank us for upgrading instead of punishing us), and I'm wondering if there's any way I can clone the mac address of the cable modem / router to get a new IP address. I have my wireless router connected to the new modem/wired router, and changing its mac address does nothing now that the modem and router are bridged in one. Unfortunately, the SMC 8014 business router seems to have few options. I've looked, and there are no settings in the interface that mention mac cloing.

Anyone know how to clone the SMC's 8014 mac address with the interface or without it?

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wimiadmin Staff answered 4 years ago

You may not be able to.

Does the upgraded account come with a static IP?

One method that may be possible is to put the SMC in 'bridge' mode and let the wireless router handle everything.....meaning comcast would see the wireless routers MAC and assign on that number....possibly.

Not sure how to put the SMC in bridge mode and if that option is even available.

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