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Neeraj shah asked 3 years ago

In IP MPLS, there are lables that a router generates as:
MPLS Label
IGP Label
VPN label

The MPLS label are of two types:
Explicit NULL(Head End router will Advertise Any Label)
Implicit NULL (Head End router will recieve NULL)
NULL (Head End router generates NULL)

My query is why there are requirements of 3 types of MPLS Labels in IP Network????? As in traffic forwarding phenomena there is no role of these Labels......

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Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

I don't have specific knowledge. I'll see if I can look it up. but, in general, remember that IP/MPLS is a kind of dedicated connection between two endpoints using a TCP/IP connection. It's not all that different from a VPN. In fact, I've seen documents that describe MPLS as a kind of VPN.

So the basic answer is that the labels are used to determine the endpoints of an MPLS connection.

I'll see if I can locate some additional specifics.

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