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toddlipp asked 3 years ago


I am confused about an issue we are having over at our forums.

Here is the info that I have so far:

Two people are showing up as sharing the same IP address on numerous posts. The IP, however, changes a lot.

The one's that they share usually say this beside them:


What does this mean? I know AOL can give out the same IP to people, but would this happen repeatedly, for years, and with hundreds of posts? Does this mean they are posting from the same computer? Could this happen if they lived in two different states?

What does it mean?


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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

People that us AOL Dialup and even ones that use the AOL browser on a broadband connection go through a proxy server that will frequently change their IP address. If you have two users that are using the same IP at the same time, they are probably in the same dwelling. If the IP just shows up at different time for different users, it would be because of the use of proxies.

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