I have 5 static IP’s from COMCAST – advice needed

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ktc813 asked 3 years ago

I have a Comcast Internet connection with 5 available IPs.

I have 5 computers in my office. I want to have each computer its own IP individual IP address from Comcast to access the Internet...so each computer will have a seperate IP address when browsing the Internet.

How can I make this work?

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Steve Bonilla Staff answered 3 years ago

You'd connect the modem to a switch, and connect each machine to the switch.

Depending on the setup with your ISP, the machines connected to the switch will either grab their IPs automatically, or will need to be manually configured.

Personally, I'd buy a router to place between the modem and the local machines to further protect them from the web, but that's up to you. There are low cost routers that will handle multiple WAN IP addresses out there.

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