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Noobie asked 3 years ago

Hello all,

I am in a bit over my head and need help... Thanks in advance!

Current setup:

- domain name with objective to host
- block of 5 (usable) + 1 (GW) static IP addresses from DSL provider
- Actiontec G701 DSL modem
- one internal network behind a Belkin wireless/wireline router assigned one of the static IP addresses

This is working. I can access the internet from the internal network and I can access a small proof of concept web server hosted on one of the machines in that network, through a) static routing of the public IP to the Belkin and b) static port 80 forwarding on the Belkin to the appropriate IP.

My questions:

1) while this is working, I really don't understand why. I arrived at this through hit and miss... The proof is in the pudding but...
- I have NAT selected "on" on the Actiontec DSL modem. However the Belkin is allocated (statically) a public IP address for it's WAN side. Seems inconsistent...
- I have something I was told was a big no-no: two DHCP servers. DHCP is turned "on" on both the Actiontec and the Belkin. I tried turning it off on the Actiontec (that's really what I would rather have) and all **** broke loose. In spite of that I allocated the Belkin WAN IP address statically...

So is this me not getting it or the Actiontec being a weird box? Can someone please explain???

2) I now want to start associating other parallel networks to the other public static IP addresses. Essentially I want to set up a server like ISA to have an edge carrying a public IP address (and another with a private IP address, facing an internal network).
- How should I wire that? I have been thinking of having the Actiontec LAN side connection hit a small 4 ports switch upload, and connect both the existing network (the one that today is directly plugged there) and the new one to that switch. Both would have a statically assigned public IP on their WAN facing (i.e. DSL modem facing) edge. Is that a correct way to proceed?
- Anything I should do on the Actiontec to enable routing (i.e. Internet to network 1 through static IP 1, same to network 2 through static IP 2, network 1 or 2 to internet, and then network 1 to network 2 back and forth?

- What should I do on the Actiontec?


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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

I'm hoping we'll get some input from AboveTheLogic on this one.

My first thoughts are to put your Actiontec into bridge mode or gateway mode and turn off DHCP. Let your Belkin and future Belkins handle DHCP for their respective network.

Each Belkin would get an external IP and then every computer behind that Belkin would get would get their IP via the Belkin DHCP....or you can assign static to servers/printers/etc. behind the Belkins.

This will give each network its own purpose and separation from each other. However, to get them to see each other is going to take some planning. Unless you just want access to each via http/rdp/ftp/sftp. But if you want to see a shared folder on a server on network 1 from a computer on network 2, I think we might run in to some difficulties unless a router that's a bit more robust is purchased.

What are your plans for the future as this will help determine some setup options? A server on each network? Printers on each network? What would need to be accessed from one network to another?

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