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fedex asked 4 years ago


I've got 2 Internet connections. One is 50mbit, uncapped, with a singular static IP.
The second is 8mbit, with low cap on usage, and a block of IPs, allowing me to configure each machine a public IP address.
I've got 15 machines and all traffic must go to and from their public IP addres, with the exception of any VNC related data, which I'd like to route via the uncapped connection both because it's a much faster connection, and because VNC (or anything akin to it) would eat up the low cap very quickly.

I've given this some thought and come up with this, but I am not a network engineer, this is just an educated guess:

The computers connect to the switch using 10/100 Ethernet (I've actually got 12 not the 16 shown in the diagram).

The switch connects to a router via Gigabit Ethernet (and the switch knows to direct packets towards this router).
There's my first problem: can I do this with an unmanaged switch, or do I need something else?

Next, the router that is directly connected to the switch forwards data relating to VNC to the uncapped router, and forwards any other data to the capped router.
I don't know how to achieve this either - I believe part of the solution would be to go into VNC's configuration on each PC and assign the program to a different port number.
Then, the router tasked solely with switching VNC packets would be told which IP address to send incoming data onto.

Lastly, the reason the wires are different colours in my diagram is because I wanted to ask what types of Ethernet cable I require (e.g. patch.. I can't remember the names of any of the other types).

Thanks very much for any light you can shed! Also, as I said, I'm not a network engineer, far from!, so if my solution isn't the one you'd use, please let me know there's an alternative.

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Steve Bonilla Staff answered 4 years ago

This is quite an unusual setup.

At the office I have about 27 IPs, but all through the same connection and ISP. All outbound traffic goes through the same gateway, but inbound traffic comes in through whichever IP the request came through.

Your situation is tough, you are trying to route traffic through different gateways based on protocol, and I have no idea how to do that.

I can tell you that each of those PCs should only have one default gateway to work reliably, but you can change the gateway whenever you like. You can also play with static routes to try to somewhat do what you are trying to do, but even then its not quite right.

The VNC traffic, is this outbound from your LAN to a VNC server on the outside, or is it inbound to your LAN to VNC servers on the inside?

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