Changing my IP address

Glame asked 3 years ago

I've been banned from a forum accidentally, and told the admin that I was banned for the wrong reasons and received no response. I've tried many proxy servers online, and IP "changers" that you install unto your computer with no success. Everything ends with the moderators finding out that I made a new account with the same I.P

I'm really stuck. I have a Dynamic I.P and connect to the internet wirelessly with a wireless modem. What are my options?

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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

First, clear your cookies.

Then, go to a local cafe or somewhere that offers free internet. The IP there will most likely be very different from your IP at home.

Attempt to connect to the forum and see what happens.

You'll probably be able to get in and at least create a new banned account is probably disabled.

If you're able to create a new account while on a different internet connection then you'll need to use that internet connection each time you access the forum.....I know that's a pain....but if they're detecting all of the proxies you've used, this might be your only choice.

There are some IP hiding programs that offer free trials. You could try one of those as well.

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