Use this tool to find the hostname of any IP address.

Hostname Lookup – IP to Hostname Lookup

Use this IP address hostname lookup tool to perform an IP to domain lookup and find the hostname, or domain name, of an IP address. Once you resolve an IP address to a hostname, you can apply the information in a variety of technical settings.

What is the IP address hostname lookup?

The IP address hostname lookup tool allows users to find the hostname associated with an IP address. For a computer, the hostname is the web address or domain name. Hostnames allow computers to be easily identified and differentiated from other computers on local networks (LANs).

The above IP address resolver tool works with both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses, so users can easily search any address and the tool will link the correct domain name to the IP address. If you want to find your own IP address to enter into the hostname lookup, check out the What Is My IP address homepage for your IP details.

Why you should identify hostnames

Using the tool to resolve an IP address to a domain name has many helpful purposes. Hostnames are used when a web client makes an HTTPS request to a host. A user could theoretically specify an IP address as a request, meaning they would search for an IP address rather than a website name, but this is rarely done. Hostnames are far easier to remember and enter into a search. Think of it as learning someone's name rather than their Social Security number. Names are far easier to remember and use.

Furthermore, if users look up hostnames by IP addresses, they can use those hostnames in the future. This streamlines their Internet experience.

Hostnames allow services in one host’s name to be provided to many servers and IP addresses. On the other hand, one server with one IP address can provide services for many local hosts.

Finding the IP address and hostname in Windows or Mac

If you have a hostname or domain but want to find an IP address using a hostname, you can use the DNS lookup tool linked below. Alternatively, to find your own IP address and hostname, you can use the command line tools on your computer.

Use the command prompt to find your IP address or hostname in Windows. Type cmd into your Start menu to bring the command prompt up. Then, type ‘ipconfig/all’ and you’ll be able to see the hostname, DNS servers, default gateway, IP address, and more.

Use System Settings find your IP address or hostname in MacOS. Open System Settings from the main menu. Select General and then select Sharing, and you’ll find the hostname under which your computer is operating.

The computer hostname as shown on Mac.

Other IP lookup tools

Reverse DNS Lookup Tool uses PTR records to query an IP address and find a hostname. You can look up or get a DNS name from an IP. For a reverse lookup, enter the IP address into the tool and find the domain name associated with the corresponding IP.

DNS Lookup Tool finds the IP address of a domain entered into the tool. It queries DNS records from name servers to return an address.

IP Address WHOIS Lookup Tool provides users with the IP address owner's contact information. The tool also shows the Regional Internet Registry who assigns the IP, the assigned owner and location, and details for reporting abuse.

IP Lookup Tool determines the location of any IP address and reveals the city, state/region, zip code, country name, ISP, and time zone that the IP address is in.