An autonomous system number (ASN) is a unique number assigned to an autonomous system (AS) by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA).

An AS consists of blocks of IP addresses which have a distinctly defined policy for accessing external networks and are administered by a single organization but may be made up of several operators.

Below you will find a list of public ASN's listed by country.

Country Code Flag Country Allocated CIDR/IP Ranges
EC Ecuador Flag Ecuador 3897
EE Estonia Flag Estonia 811
EG Egypt Flag Egypt 6414
ER Eritrea Flag Eritrea 10
ES Spain Flag Spain 19969
ET Ethiopia Flag Ethiopia 340
FI Finland Flag Finland 2701
FJ Fiji Flag Fiji 133
FK Falkland Islands (Malvinas) Flag Falkland Islands (Malvinas) 8
FM Micronesia (Federated States of) Flag Micronesia (Federated States of) 15
FO Faroe Islands Flag Faroe Islands 16
FR France Flag France 11354
GA Gabon Flag Gabon 194
GB United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Flag United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 21754
GD Grenada Flag Grenada 72
GE Georgia Flag Georgia 666
GF French Guiana Flag French Guiana 35
GG Guernsey Flag Guernsey 84
GH Ghana Flag Ghana 735
GI Gibraltar Flag Gibraltar 157
GL Greenland Flag Greenland 25
GM Gambia Flag Gambia 61
GN Guinea Flag Guinea 79
GP Guadeloupe Flag Guadeloupe 157
GQ Equatorial Guinea Flag Equatorial Guinea 46
GR Greece Flag Greece 1644
GS South Georgia and The South Sandwich Islands Flag South Georgia and The South Sandwich Islands 1
GT Guatemala Flag Guatemala 868
GU Guam Flag Guam 99
GW Guinea-Bissau Flag Guinea-Bissau 11
GY Guyana Flag Guyana 111
HK Hong Kong Flag Hong Kong 20600
HN Honduras Flag Honduras 912
HR Croatia Flag Croatia 731
HT Haiti Flag Haiti 213
HU Hungary Flag Hungary 2009
ID Indonesia Flag Indonesia 16141
IE Ireland Flag Ireland 1947
IL Israel Flag Israel 6816
IM Isle of Man Flag Isle of Man 166
IN India Flag India 43284
IO British Indian Ocean Territory Flag British Indian Ocean Territory 3
IQ Iraq Flag Iraq 1952
IR Iran (Islamic Republic of) Flag Iran (Islamic Republic of) 7866
IS Iceland Flag Iceland 320
IT Italy Flag Italy 9027
Country Code Flag Country Allocated CIDR/IP Ranges
JE Jersey Flag Jersey 131
JM Jamaica Flag Jamaica 468
JO Jordan Flag Jordan 1301
JP Japan Flag Japan 15399
KE Kenya Flag Kenya 1736
KG Kyrgyzstan Flag Kyrgyzstan 394
KH Cambodia Flag Cambodia 1536
KI Kiribati Flag Kiribati 20
KM Comoros Flag Comoros 17
KN Saint Kitts and Nevis Flag Saint Kitts and Nevis 55
KP Korea (Democratic People's Republic of) Flag Korea (Democratic People's Republic of) 5
KR Korea (Republic of) Flag Korea (Republic of) 34337
KW Kuwait Flag Kuwait 2227
KY Cayman Islands Flag Cayman Islands 87
KZ Kazakhstan Flag Kazakhstan 4115
LA Lao People's Democratic Republic Flag Lao People's Democratic Republic 282
LB Lebanon Flag Lebanon 1634
LC Saint Lucia Flag Saint Lucia 87
LI Liechtenstein Flag Liechtenstein 91
LK Sri Lanka Flag Sri Lanka 480
LR Liberia Flag Liberia 64
LS Lesotho Flag Lesotho 73
LT Lithuania Flag Lithuania 1866
LU Luxembourg Flag Luxembourg 794
LV Latvia Flag Latvia 1302
LY Libya Flag Libya 375
MA Morocco Flag Morocco 1794
MC Monaco Flag Monaco 21
MD Moldova (Republic of) Flag Moldova (Republic of) 846
ME Montenegro Flag Montenegro 109
MF Saint Martin (French Part) Flag Saint Martin (French Part) 33
MG Madagascar Flag Madagascar 197
MH Marshall Islands Flag Marshall Islands 18
MK North Macedonia Flag North Macedonia 791
ML Mali Flag Mali 110
MM Myanmar Flag Myanmar 638
MN Mongolia Flag Mongolia 456
MO Macao Flag Macao 186
MP Northern Mariana Islands Flag Northern Mariana Islands 37
MQ Martinique Flag Martinique 60
MR Mauritania Flag Mauritania 100
MS Montserrat Flag Montserrat 13
MT Malta Flag Malta 508
MU Mauritius Flag Mauritius 1081
MV Maldives Flag Maldives 258
MW Malawi Flag Malawi 261
MX Mexico Flag Mexico 22354
MY Malaysia Flag Malaysia 3312
MZ Mozambique Flag Mozambique 891
Country Code Flag Country Allocated CIDR/IP Ranges
NA Namibia Flag Namibia 141
NC New Caledonia Flag New Caledonia 94
NE Niger Flag Niger 91
NF Norfolk Island Flag Norfolk Island 7
NG Nigeria Flag Nigeria 2560
NI Nicaragua Flag Nicaragua 589
NL Netherlands Flag Netherlands 12648
NO Norway Flag Norway 2117
NP Nepal Flag Nepal 888
NR Nauru Flag Nauru 12
NU Niue Flag Niue 5
NZ New Zealand Flag New Zealand 4130
OM Oman Flag Oman 982
PA Panama Flag Panama 1591
PE Peru Flag Peru 3899
PF French Polynesia Flag French Polynesia 248
PG Papua New Guinea Flag Papua New Guinea 168
PH Philippines Flag Philippines 5421
PK Pakistan Flag Pakistan 6096
PL Poland Flag Poland 8735
PM Saint Pierre and Miquelon Flag Saint Pierre and Miquelon 22
PR Puerto Rico Flag Puerto Rico 1462
PS Palestine, State of Flag Palestine, State of 1123
PT Portugal Flag Portugal 893
PW Palau Flag Palau 8
PY Paraguay Flag Paraguay 704
QA Qatar Flag Qatar 460
RE Reunion Flag Reunion 93
RO Romania Flag Romania 6840
RS Serbia Flag Serbia 1717
RU Russian Federation Flag Russian Federation 40392
RW Rwanda Flag Rwanda 284
Country Code Flag Country Allocated CIDR/IP Ranges
SA Saudi Arabia Flag Saudi Arabia 7708
SB Solomon Islands Flag Solomon Islands 51
SC Seychelles Flag Seychelles 249
SD Sudan Flag Sudan 435
SE Sweden Flag Sweden 7780
SG Singapore Flag Singapore 7824
SI Slovenia Flag Slovenia 675
SK Slovakia Flag Slovakia 1063
SL Sierra Leone Flag Sierra Leone 179
SM San Marino Flag San Marino 109
SN Senegal Flag Senegal 265
SO Somalia Flag Somalia 133
SR Suriname Flag Suriname 262
SS South Sudan Flag South Sudan 78
ST Sao Tome and Principe Flag Sao Tome and Principe 34
SV El Salvador Flag El Salvador 1155
SX Sint Maarten (Dutch Part) Flag Sint Maarten (Dutch Part) 66
SY Syrian Arab Republic Flag Syrian Arab Republic 307
SZ Eswatini Flag Eswatini 77
TC Turks and Caicos Islands Flag Turks and Caicos Islands 41
TD Chad Flag Chad 76
TG Togo Flag Togo 88
TH Thailand Flag Thailand 10979
TJ Tajikistan Flag Tajikistan 227
TK Tokelau Flag Tokelau 15
TL Timor-Leste Flag Timor-Leste 65
TM Turkmenistan Flag Turkmenistan 28
TN Tunisia Flag Tunisia 898
TO Tonga Flag Tonga 26
TR Turkey Flag Turkey 15217
TT Trinidad and Tobago Flag Trinidad and Tobago 433
TV Tuvalu Flag Tuvalu 14
TW Taiwan (Province of China) Flag Taiwan (Province of China) 8135
TZ Tanzania, United Republic of Flag Tanzania, United Republic of 737
UA Ukraine Flag Ukraine 11995
UG Uganda Flag Uganda 726
US United States of America Flag United States of America 345311
UY Uruguay Flag Uruguay 817
UZ Uzbekistan Flag Uzbekistan 369
VA Holy See Flag Holy See 5
VC Saint Vincent and The Grenadines Flag Saint Vincent and The Grenadines 51
VE Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) Flag Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of) 2097
VG Virgin Islands (British) Flag Virgin Islands (British) 164
VI Virgin Islands (U.S.) Flag Virgin Islands (U.S.) 101
VN Viet Nam Flag Viet Nam 10957
VU Vanuatu Flag Vanuatu 56
Country Code Flag Country Allocated CIDR/IP Ranges
WF Wallis and Futuna Flag Wallis and Futuna 16
WS Samoa Flag Samoa 72
YE Yemen Flag Yemen 137
YT Mayotte Flag Mayotte 15
ZA South Africa Flag South Africa 6912
ZM Zambia Flag Zambia 326
ZW Zimbabwe Flag Zimbabwe 314