Email Header Analyzer

Analyze any email header to expose the IP Address & location of the sender.

Basically an email has two parts .  The body (information sent to recipient on the subject of the email) and the header. The metadata of the email contains a lot of information.  For instance the  “from” and “to”, content type, the date of delivery, etc.  What we want to find is the IP address(es) associated with the email.  The data is very useful to track the source of a message by obtaining the sender’s IP address.  It is useful if receiving malicious attacks and needing to find the identity of the responsible party.  Following the process below are simple steps to find the physical location of the sending email.

The first step in the process you will need to get the email header information first.  Once you have the header, copy and paste the information into use our analyzer tool below and click the Analyze button. The results should show the originating IP address.

Moreover, if unable to find the originating IP address.  You will then have to manually review the header to find the IP.  It is possible the email could list several IP addresses.   Each IP could represent a server to which the email went through to get to its destination. Not all headers contain the same information in the same layout.

If you can't figure out how to read the header, try reading our How To Trace An Email Address article for further help.

In conclusion, to know the use of an email header and how to view it, you have the ability to find out the malicious attack and how to report it.