Analyze any email header to expose the IP Address & location of the sender.

Email Header Analyzer

Tracing an email address by analyzing the header provides useful data in cases of malicious messages, such as in phishing attacks. This tool works for an email header extracted from any client, including Gmail and Outlook.

Using the email header analyzer

To perform an email header analysis, you first need to get the email header information from your message. However, if you struggle to read the header, read how to trace an email address and understand the header before using this message header analyzer tool.

You can use the email header analyzer for Gmail emails or emails from any other server.

Once you have the message header, copy and paste the information into the analyzer tool and click the Analyze button to analyze a header. The results show the originating IP address, which gives you a general idea of the location.

However, if you’re unable to find the originating IP address, you will have to manually review the header in order to locate the IP. It’s also possible for the email to list several IP addresses; each IP represents a server through which the email traveled in order to get to its destination.

What is an email header?

An email has two parts. It consists of the body, which is the information sent to the recipient within the message, and the header. The email header includes the ‘To,’ ‘From,’ ‘Date,’ and ‘Subject’ lines, but it also contains important metadata within the email. Every email you receive or send contains this code; it shows the email’s route, including where it originated from.

What information can you find using email header analysis?

Aside from the basic sender and recipient information, analyzing an email header also reveals the content type and date of delivery. With an email header analyzer tool, users can also see the source of a message from the email headers, including a sender’s IP address and location. However, it only reveals the sender's public IP, not their private IP. If you're wondering "what is my public IP?" visit the What's My IP address homepage, which shows you your own public IP.

Can I trace an email address without header?

No, you can’t trace an email address without a header. The header contains essential metadata that is necessary for an email analyzer to use in tracing the IP address and finding the location of a message.