Different IP Address on WhatIsMyIP.com Than IPCONFIG?

Why does WhatIsMyIP.com show a different IP address than IPCONFIG - IFCONFIG?

Internet Protocol Address

The Internet Protocol address shown on the What Is My IP home page is the public IP address, also referred as the external IP address from your connection. Moreover, an internal IP address commonly starts with 192.186.1.*, 172.16.*.*, or 10.0.0.*. These IPv4 internal blocks are reserved via Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), and not assigned as public/external IP addresses. To clarify, the most common of the three blocks is the 192.168.*.* group.

In simple terms, your external or public IP address is part of a WAN (Wide Area Network). Wide, as in it typically covers a large area. To clarify, the Internet considered a WAN. Your internal network known as a LAN (Local Area Network). Moreover, a LAN can exist without a WAN. You can connect many local devices together within a LAN that can all communicate to each other without connectivity to the Internet. LANs have been around since the 70's and CISCO says the first WAN used by the Air Force in the 1950s. WANs connect LANs and LANs are private in most cases. Hence the word private used when often referring to internal IP addresses.

External IP addresses often assigned to a modem/router vs. directly to a computer in residential settings. External IP addresses assigned directly to a computers NIC (Network Interface Card). Protective measures are most likely in place when this method of connection used. Therefore, in residential settings, the modem/router acts as a firewall to protect the devices within your LAN from exposed to the public.

Residential Modem/Router

Your residential modem/router acts as a DHCP server and assigns internal IPs to each device connecting to your Local Area Network via wired or wireless connections. Therefore, all devices connected to your residential modem/router on your LAN will share the same external/public/WAN IP address.  However, each connected device will have a different internal Internet Protocol address as assigned by the modem/router/DHCP Server.

Follow the steps in our how to determine if your computer is being assigned the external IP article.  You will be able to quickly determine your computers IP.

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