ASN Lists for Australia

1Level 3 Parent LLC
71HP Inc.
158Ericsson Inc.
174Cogent Communications
243L3Harris Technologies Inc.
1033Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company
1217Oracle Corporation
1221Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
1281PSINet Inc.
1689ANS Communications
1828Unitas Global LLC
1851Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
2386AT&T Data Communications Services
2635Automattic Inc
2647Societe Internationale de Telecommunications Aeronautiques
2713Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
2756Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
2764Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
2824Deutsche Bank AG
2914NTT America Inc.
3108Credit Suisse Group
3214xTom GmbH
3257GTT Communications Inc.
3356Level 3 Parent LLC
3382Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
3549Level 3 Parent LLC
3561CenturyLink Communications LLC
3908CenturyLink Communications LLC
3918Shell Information Technology International B.V.
4049Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
4197Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
4373Online Computer Library Center
4433Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
4608Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
4629Pacnet MY
4637Telstra Global
4643Optus Customer Network
4647Centra Networks
4648Global-Gateway Internet
4653DATA3-AU 67 High St
4738AARNET Test
4739Internode Pty Ltd
4743QIC Limited
4749Wisetechglobal Pty Ltd
4764Aussie Broadband
4778Optus Customer Network
4786Computer Systems (Australia) Pty Ltd
4788TM Technology Services Sdn. Bhd.
4801Intek Pty Ltd
4802iiNET Limited
4804Microplex Pty Ltd
4808China169-BJ China Unicom Beijing Province Network
4809China Telecom Next Generation Carrier Network
4819Xantic BV
4820Multi-Homing ASN for NSW
4822National Library of Australia
4825Metcash Trading Ltd
4826Vocus Connect International Backbone
4829My Telecom Holdings Pty. Ltd.
4841Level 5 100 Harris St
4846AI Tel P/L
4851Host Networks
4857TVP Operations Company
4858Corpita Pty Ltd
4913Speedcast Communications Inc
5060Darkness Reigns (Holding) B.V.
5065Bunny Communications
5511Orange S.A.
5666Speedcast Communications Inc
6075Lockheed Martin Corporation
6185Apple Inc.
6262Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
6421Tata Communications (America) Inc
6453Tata Communications (America) Inc
6461Zayo Bandwidth
6507Riot Games Inc
6939Hurricane Electric LLC
7018AT&T Services Inc.
7155ViaSatInc. Inc.
7280Oath Holdings Inc.
7377University of California San Diego
7467Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
7469NNN1-AS-AP Net Niche Pty Ltd
7471City of Darebin
7474SingTel Optus Pty Ltd
7475The University of Queensland
7477SkyMesh Pty Ltd
7486News Interactive Australia
7492Global Info-Links
7500WIDE Project
7545TPG Telecom Limited
7546Dreamtilt Service Provider Gladstone
7550ASN for SBS
7551Cloud Central Pty Ltd
7556United Telecommunications Internet Services
7567ASIANONLINEAUS2-AS-AP Nexon Asia Pacific
7573UTAS The University of Tasmania
7575Australian Academic and Research Network AARNet
7578GSL Global Secure Layer
7583Messagelabs - Now Part of Symantec
7584TCR Holdings Limted.
7594On Q
7604ZettaGrid Cloud
7606Western Australian Internet Association
7628CorpCloud Pty Ltd
7635Townsville City Council
7637State Library of Victoria
7645Deakin University
7646Bank of America N.A.
7647Onthenet P/L
7703Bekkers Information Technology
7716Worley Organisation Australia
7718TransACT Capital Communications Pty Limited
7722TelPacific P/L
7754McAfee LLC
8069Microsoft Corporation
8075Microsoft Corporation
8100QuadraNet Enterprises LLC
8220Colt Technology Services Group Limited
8283Netwerkvereniging Coloclue
8360Allianz Technology SE
8444Janus Henderson Administration UK Limited
8711JSC Avantel
8729Credit Suisse Group
8888xTom Pty Ltd
8943Jump Networks Ltd
9009M247 Europe SRL
9096Timber Hill (Europe) AG
9224CIRRUSCOMMS1-AU-AP Cirrus Communications Pty Ltd
9229Speedcast Limited
9255Singapore Telecom
9265Sprint Online
9266Moxrox Pty Limited
9268Over the Wire Pty Ltd
9280Servers Australia Pty Ltd
9283Inspire IT Pty Ltd
9297Colocity Pty Ltd
9301Emery Corporation Pty Ltd T/AS West Australian Network
9310MyRepublic Pty Ltd
9313Network Technology (Aust) P/L
9328Datacom Systems AU Pty Ltd
9332Wannan Trading Pty Ltd
9336Spirit Telecom Australia Pty Ltd
9342Australian Broadcasting Commission
9348Victorian Cultural Network
9383Department of Education Science and Training Federal
9384CyberOne Pty Ltd
9385Voicestream Pty Ltd
9408G James Glass and Aluminium
9412Hostworks Content Delivery System
9417Verve Energy
9418Computer Associates Asia Pacific
9426Westpac Bank
9443Vocus Retail
9449QLD VoIP Services Australia
9461NET2000-AS-AP Net2000 Pty Ltd
9463Essential Energy
9466UUNET Japan Limited
9468Interactive Brokers LLC
9472Level 23 Exchange Plaza
9479Operations & Technology Group
9481Dial One Internet Services Pty Ltd
9498Bharti Airtel Ltd.
9507NextHop Pty Ltd
9509Department of Education Skills and Employment
9517Brisbane Catholic Education
9518JDV Limited
9519VERTELNET Vertical Telecoms Pty Ltd
9543Westnet Internet Services
9544Clarenston T/A Preferred Internet Provider
9547St George Bank Limited
9552Department of Human Services
9555Verizon Australia Pty Limited
9564Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited
9623AS-ATHOMEAU-AP Converted To ASN-ATHOMEAU-AP for RPSL Compliance @Home Network Australia Routing Domain.
9627TCR Holdings Ltd
9650QLD Government Business IT
9652ECN Internet
9661Morgan Internet Gateway
9667Hostworks Pty Ltd
9672Optus Customer Network
9714Vocus Cloud Services Australia
9716Foxtel Management Pty Ltd
9723iseek Communications Pty Ltd
9727WOOSHWIRELESSNZ Woosh Wireless Ltd
9738Brennan IT
9745Wanet As Number
9746Online Interactive Gaming Solution
9749GPK Group
9792Corinthian Engineering Pty Ltd
9795Affinity Health Health Services Melbourne Australia
9823Education Web Hosting
9838APNIC Debogon Project
9878SAFECOM Safecom Solutions
9880NextGen.Net Pty Ltd North Sydney
9881iVoisys Pty Ltd Sydney Australia
9888Southern Ocean Systems Pty Ltd
9893Department of Sustainability & Enivronment
9907KNX (Asia Pacific) Pty. Ltd.
9910Nationwide Service Provider
9913Internet Information Group
9935AGNS Customer AS
9938Iress Market Technology
9942SOUL Converged Communications Australia
9983Australian Bureau of Statistics.
9984Microsoft Tech Ed Australia
9989Equinix Singapore Pte Ltd
10022Internet Access for Datacom Systems Auckland
10023Terry Crews
10078Internet Business Corporation
10080INTERCONNECT1-AS-AP Interconnect Networks Pty Ltd
10083Cynergic Internet
10084Western Australian Internet Association
10090LDS Church of Jesus Christ
10097FLOWCOM Flow Communications 2/541 Kent St Sydney NSW 2000
10099China Unicom Global
10100UBS Group AG
10105OMNIconnect Pty Ltd
10106Central Gippsland Institute of TAFE
10128Optus Customer Network
10143Exetel Pty Ltd
10148The University of Melbourne Melbourne Victoria
10150Optus Customer Network
10152NEC Australia Pty Ltd
10207Intervolve Pty Ltd
10213Workcover Corporation
10214Pentanet Limited
10218Optus Customer Network
10221Multi-homed Connections to Multiple ISP's Providing
10223Uecomm Ltd
10228Internet Content Provider
10234Zurich Financial Services Australia
10235National Australia Bank Ltd Network
10310Oath Holdings Inc.
10753Level 3 Parent LLC
10794Bank of America National Association
11031Orbis Investments (Canada) Limited
11054LivePerson Inc.
11325Altus Communications Inc.
11798Ace Data Centers Inc.
12222Akamai Technologies Inc.
12234Verizon Business
12663Vodafone Italia S.p.A.
12684SES Astra S.A.
12697Tose Masiryabi Shabake Aria PJSC
12740Nasdaq Technology AB
13150Cato Networks Ltd
13335CloudFlare Inc.
13483Infor (US) LLC
13768Aptum Technologies
13821AllianceBernstein L.P.
138968X8 Inc.
13984SD Data Center
14061DigitalOcean LLC
14127Iland Internet Solutions Corporation
14153Edgecast Inc.
14593Space Exploration Technologies Corporation Inc.
14742Unitas Global
15133Edgecast Inc.
15570Unitas Global Ltd
15572Verizon UK Limited
15695Expereo International BV
15830Equinix (EMEA) Acquisition Enterprises B.V.
16164Sohonet Limited
16260GTT - EMEA Ltd.
16477Nielsen Consumer LLC
16491Viasat Inc. Inc.
16625Akamai Technologies Inc.
16789Yardi Systems Inc
16839ServiceNow Inc.
16875AON Corporation
17117Ritsnet Inc.
17158Datto Inc
17378TierPoint LLC
17434Reserve Bank of Australia
17457Internet Content Provider
17461NSW Department of Commerce
17463Ethertech Pty Ltd
17473E2-CLOUD-AS-AP emPOWER Data Services
17477Macquarie Telecom
17481I.T. Basecamp Pty Ltd
17496Leica Microsystems Biosystems Division Melbourne and Invetech
17535Genisyst Pty Ltd
17551Anycast Global Backbone
17559Spectrums Core Network
17562Datacom Systems (NSW)
17618Department of Treasury & Finance Western Australia
17632Barristers Chambers' Limited
17635Goldnet Pty Ltd
17639Converge ICT Solutions Inc.
17647CSC Australia
17654Western Power Corporation
17659NewSat Ltd
17667Reserved For Voice Pty Ltd
17668Soul Pattinson Telecommunications Pty Ltd
17720Treen Technology
17728Mindvision Interactive
17730Crown Limited Autonomous System
17737Fusion Technology Solutions Pty Ltd
17741MEDOBJ01-AS-AP Service Infrastructure Of
17750ENERGEX Ltd
17756AUSPOST Australia Post
17763AS Number for Mid Nort Coast Internet
17766Nexon Asia Pacific Pty Ltd
17802Macquarie Bank
17807State Library of Queensland
17819Equinix Asia Pacific
17821TWO-BYTE AS Number for APNIC Training Lab
17889Intraceptives Pty Ltd
17890Matilda Internet
17915Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
17916Computer Sciences Corporation
17918AC3-AS-AP AC3 Australian Centre for Advanced Computing and Communications
17928Australian Wool Testing Authority Ltd
17929JPMorgan Chase APTI
17978SERVCORP Servcorp Australian Holdings Ltd
17983Coles Myer
17985Outsurance Australia Insurance Domain Administration
17991Offis Pty Ltd
18000Dimension Data Cloud Solutions Australia
18020Anchor Systems Pty Ltd
18030Perth Airport Pty Ltd
18036Neca Applications and Content As Melbourne
18055Department of Human Services
18058IT System Management Pty Ltd
18063Smartpath Pty Ltd
18064Eroads Technology Ltd
18065Central Data Pty Ltd.
18111Netspeed Internet Communications
18117Harbour MSP Pty. Ltd
18154Australian Trade Commission
18162Victorian Rail Track
18165Resmed Dual Internet Gateway
18191Optus Customer Network
18210AusRegistry Anycast system
18220Australian Defence Organisation
18231Crossrims Pty Ltd
18234Australian Insurance Holdings
18255Brisbane City Council
18291Vodafone Australia Pty Limited Public Autonomous System Number
18292Credit Union Services Corporation Australia Ltd. Sydney
18345Servers Australia Customers
18349Fujixeroxaustralia Fuji Xerox Australia
18361Australian Stock Exchange Limited
18366APNIC Anycast Asn
18367Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
18368APNIC Anycast Asn
18369APNIC Anycast Asn
18371Neighbourhood Cable
18375Deutsche Bank Australia AS
18384E-Wire Internet Service Provider
18385KDDI Australia Pty. Ltd.
18390Spintel Pty Ltd
18431Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
18725PVH Corp.
18784McDonald's Corporation
19437Secured Servers LLC
19527Google LLC
19551Incapsula Inc
19625Metro Communications Company
19701Yodlee Inc.
19773Motorola Inc.
20326TeraSwitch Networks Inc.
20464HP Inc.
20473The Constant Company LLC
20940Akamai International B.V.
21734Trading Technologies Intl Inc.
21859Zenlayer Inc
22003Palantir Technologies Inc.
22283Sidley Austin LLP
22363Powerhouse Management Inc.
22616Zscaler Inc.
22781Strong Technology LLC.
22822Limelight Networks Inc.
23028Team Cymru Inc.
23310Tasty Lime
23604Velocity Internet Pty Limited
23646Clarinet Internet Solutions
23652XLR8-TRANSIT1-AS XLR8 is an ISP in Australia Proving Direct Internet Access
23667Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology
23669United IP - Transit AS - Broadband Provider
23679Media Antar Nusa PT.
23686Equinix Asia Pacific
23690AU1NET-AS-AU AU1 Net Pty Ltd
23706TNT Australia NSW
23719University of Sydney
23722Newcastle Permanent Building
23727Managed Solutions Internet As Internet Service Provider
23731Tibra Global Services
23733Bridgestone Earthmover Tyres Pty Ltd
23744Australian Customs and Border Protection Service
23747Hutchison Essar Telecom Ltd.
23760Xpedite Systems
23763FT Interactive Data Melbourne
23765Electronic Arts Australia
23769The Office of State Revenue is Part of the NSW Treasury.
23838Solarix Networks Limited
23858Samden Tech Private Limited
23859University of New South Wales
23863GKY Distributors Pty Ltd
23867Atwww Pty Ltd Web Hosting and Design Sydney
23871Australia Internet Solutions
23882New Litho Digital Printers
23885ORACLEV6-AS-AP Oracle Corporation
23886Port Waratah Coal Services Ltd
23907Blue Sky Telecom Pty Ltd
23913Blue Packets Trust
23918NTT Australia Solutions Pty Ltd
23921ING Direct
23922Box Hill Institute of Tafe
23938Arrow Energy Limited
23940Thomson Financial. Financial Content Provider.Tokyo
23943Hyperspike Pty Ltd
23965Catholic Education Office Sydney
23993Internet Service Provider
24007Seven Network ASN
24008Hansen Technologies Doncaster
24014Bond University
24015Spi Networks Electricity Distribution Victoria
24017Foxtel Management Pty Ltd
24021TUI Experiment
24033ACTIV8ME-AS-AP Australian Private Networks Pty Ltd
24034Equinix Australia Pty Ltd
24039Itc Global (Australia)
24046Perpetual Services Pty Ltd
24061Dimension Data
24062Interconnect Communications Pty Ltd
24063DOCOMO interTouch - India Operation
24065JV14-AS-AP PO Box 848
24069163 O'Riordan Street Mascot
24092Moore Theological College
24093BIGAIR. Multihoming ASN
24101University of New England
24104Polyfone Telecom - Wireless ISP - GLD Core
24110Sema Operations Pty Limited Australian AS
24118VIRTELA1-AS-AP-1 Virtela Communications
24120Australian Energy Market Operator LTD
24126Unisys AsiaPac Intranet Access to Internet
24130TPG Internet Pty Ltd.
24132Members Equity Bank
24183DTS Ltd
24192Solarix Networks Limited
24228BarNetwork Pty Limited
24233BigAir Group
24245PNAPSYD001-AS-AP InterNAP Network Services
24303Gold Corporation
24304Arrow Asia Hong Kong As.
24305EdgeIX Pty Ltd
24313NSW Department of Education and Training
24315Gateway Internet. Transit As Internet Service Provider Bunbury Australia
24316Powerlink Queensland
24317Sharp Corporation of Australia Manufacturer Sydney Australia
24319Akamai Technologies Tokyo ASN
24333Jobsdbhk Jobs DB Hong Kong Limited
24341All Interactive Networks
24375Liberty Financial Pty Ltd Financial Services
24380Sohonet Asia Pacific IP network
24394Department of the Premier and Cabinet
24395DAY3_ASIA-PACIFIC_AS Day3 Pty Ltd
24429TAOBAO Zhejiang Taobao Network Co. Ltd
24433Central Queensland University
24434James Cook University
24436University of Queensland
24437University of Western Australia
24438Brighthost Pty Ltd
24443ISP Networks Pty Ltd Service Provider Australia
24446NetRegistry Pty Ltd.
24447Clarinet Australia
24450ASP Providing Payroll Services.
24463Pacific National (ACT) Ltd.
24476Rural Press
24479Nexium Ergon Energy Telecommunications.
24480Epworth Hospital
24488Accenture Australia Pty Ltd AS
24502Parliament of Western Australia
24506Yahoo! Taiwan Holdings Limited Taiwan Branch
24507Level 29 Tower Building
24510Optus Customer Network
24516Virtutel Pty Ltd
24517Flight Centre Limited eCommerce Travel Services
24541HostAway Pty Ltd
24542InterGen Australia is an Electricity Generator within Australia.
24543AS First Data Electronic Transaction Processor Sydney
24561WA Police
24565NetCraft Australia Pty Ltd
24570Tyro Payments Limited Specialist Credit Card Institution
24718Parsun Network Solutions Pty Ltd
25222Inmarsat Solutions B.V.
25896IPC Network Services Inc.
26245Robert Half International
26380MasterCard Technologies LLC
26383Baxet Group Inc.
26548PureVoltage Hosting Inc.
27435NTT Cloud Infrastructure Inc.
29990Xandr Inc.
30103Zoom Video Communications Inc
30215Cisco Systems Ironport Division
31216BSO Network Solutions SAS
31732Parsun Network Solutions Pty Ltd
31898Oracle Corporation
32787Akamai Technologies Inc.
32880West IP Communications
33353Sony Interactive Entertainment LLC
33383HP Inc.
33438StackPath LLC.
33905Akamai International B.V.
34343Eweka Internet Services B.V.
34414Nokia Oyj
34587Hillside (Technology) Ltd
34775LVNET Ltd
34927iFog GmbH
35039SAP SE
35478Bunea Telecom SRL
35830BTT Group Finance Ltd
35916Multacom Corporation
36183Akamai Technologies Inc.
36224HCL America Inc
36236NetActuate Inc
36351SoftLayer Technologies Inc.
36384Google LLC
36692Cisco OpenDNS LLC
37978Networking Tasmania
37988Alpha Layer Pty Ltd
37990Nrggos NRG Gladstone Operating Services Electricity Generation Gladstone QLD Australia
37993Cranbrook School
37998St Vincents & Mater Health Sydney
38001NewMedia Express Pte Ltd
38008Aperture Science Limited
38012Downer EDI Limited
38016Nokia IP Networks Labs
38038Lit Networks Pty Ltd
38049Collins Foods Group
38050CPA Australia
38062Betfair Pty. Ltd.
38066Department of Environment and Climate Change
38070Interpacket Global
38076Australian Sports Commission. Bru
38083Curtin University
38084Ethan Group
38169ISP Services
38170Green Tree Frog
38172IPSTAR Australia Pty Ltd
38216Cash Services Australia Pty Ltd
38221Virtual Node - Bamlabs
38232Link Administration Holdings Limited
38236Gosford City Council
38242ABN Amro Clearing Sydney Pty Ltd
38263Austereo Internet Network
38269Pmi Mortgage Insurance Ltd Sydney
38280Monash University Sunway Campus Malaysia
38295Content Service Provider Multihomed.
38298Redfox Corporation Pty Ltd
38302Unisys Australia
38321Docomo Intertouch - Headquarter
38327Woodside Energy Ltd
38330Anycast Holdings Pty Ltd Domain Administration LTD
38333Symbio Networks
38438Department of Communities and Justice DCJ
38447Als Limited Content Service Provider As for Ap
38455IPC Network Services
38456Speedcast Australia Pty Limited
38465Anglican Church Community
38470Department of Home Affairs
38472Startek Australia Pty Ltd
38474Department of Agriculture Fisheries and Forestry
38534Ioof Service Co Pty Ltd
38541Catholic Diocese of Broken Bay AS
38549Viewbank Rise Networks
38559Aia Australia
38572Mater Health Services Brisbane Limited
38583Andrew Sjoquist Enterprises Pty Ltd
38611Bendigo Community Telco
38622Limelight Networks Australia
38714E-Vision Internet
38716DC West Pty. Ltd.
38719Dreamscape Networks Limited
38749RCOM International. Managed Services Voip. Perth
38796Bombora Technologies Pty Ltd
38803WirefreeBroadband Pty Ltd
38809Vocus Advanced Services
38812Thiess Pty Ltd
38813Emantra Pty Ltd
38816Shell Information Technology International B.V. N
38817Temenos Australia Services Pty Ltd
38825Third Party Platform Pty Ltd
38826Infinite Networks Pty Ltd
38830Levart Distribution Systems Pty Ltd
38832Nine Entertainment Co. Pty Ltd
38835Buroserv Australia Pty Ltd
38859Premier Technologies Pty Ltd
38863Gold Coast City Council
38870BGC Partners - APAC
38880M21-AS-AP Micron21 Datacentre Pty Ltd
38883FireNet Pty Ltd
38884WorkCover Queensland
38887NAB Investment Holdings Pty Ltd
38894HHJK Holdings Pty Ltd Tech Telecom
38903Australian Unity Limited
38905Consolidated Press Holdings Limited
38911Keystart Loans Ltd
39383Annarsy SRL
40395VIRTBIZ Internet Services
40676Psychz Networks
41135Voxbone SA
41264Google Switzerland GmbH
41725Legaco Networks B.V.
42366TerraTransit AG
42382Cerner Corporation Pty Limited
42473ANEXIA Internetdienstleistungs GmbH
43357Owl Limited
44444Forcepoint Cloud Ltd
44477Stark Industries Solutions Ltd
45118Australian Nursing Federation Industrial Union
45128Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation
45139Microsoft Corp
45152Zone Networks Pty Ltd Managed Hosting So
45158Field Solutions Group Pty Ltd
45160Lotteries Commission of Western Australia
45162Gpo Box 1681
45171Port of Brisbane Corporation
45179SiteHost New Zealand
45188NRW Contracting Pty Ltd
45198Level 10 25 Grenfell Street
45201Nexon Asia Pacific Pty Ltd
4520730 Delhi Street
45208RCPA Quality Assurance Programs
45211ICAP Pty Ltd
45212Seccom Networks Service Provider Australia
45213University of Southern Queensland
45215OneNet Limited
45226AS for Multi Homing ISPs at Adelaide
45240Rea Group A Subsidiary of Netwide
45267Lightwire Ltd
45269Internet Service Provider
45270Ossini Pty Ltd
45277HASSELL Services Pty Ltd
45278Australian News Channel Pty Ltd
45333RP Data Ltd.
45347Cushman & Wakefield Pty Ltd
45411APCS Australia Inc.
45426Web Hosting Oranisation
45427Webzone Internet Internet Service PR
45434Cambelltown Council
45437Real World - The Core
45442Department of Parliamentary Services
45447YLESS4U-AS-AP YLess4U Regional Broadband
45457Health Communication Network Pty Limited A
45460Corrs Support Service Pty Ltd 600 Bourke Street A
45467Department of Energy and Public Works
45475Amuri Net
45481Digital Sense Data Centre Hosting Brisban
45484ANZ_BANKING_GROUP ANZ Banking Group
45486HostCorp Internet
45490Sap_se_pun Sap Apj
45500BG&E Pty Limited
45505T-Global Pte Ltd
45510Level 10 9 Hunter Street
45522Editure Education Services
45527Melbourne Convention and Exhbition Centre
45570Network Presence
45577Intervolve Pty Ltd
4558335 Grafton Street
455941 Park Ave
4560119 Walters Road
45610Newcastle Greater Mutual Group Ltd
45616Members Equity Bank Ltd
45626Currency Select Pty Ltd
45627VBRN Camperdown Network
45638Synergy Wholesale Pty Ltd
45650Vianet Communications Pvt. Ltd.
45657NSW Rural Fire Service
45665EdIT Counsel
45666Worldline Services Australia Pty Ltd.
45671AS45671-NET-AU Wholesale Services Provider
45692DFSI Spatial Services
45744Ausenco Multihomed Network
45762Access Networks and Communications
45763Fuzenet Pty Ltd
45780Broadband Solutions Pty Ltd
45793Newcastle City Council
45797Queenslea Drive
45824Datacomit Information Technology Melbourne
45827MBITS a division of E & M Nolan Holdings Pty Ltd
45828Diverse Services WA Pty Ltd
45838Anticlockwise Pty Ltd
45844Neural Networks Data Services Pty. Ltd.
45848AUIX1-AS-AP AU IX Pty Limited
45852Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited
45856Mastercard Asiapacific Australia Pty Ltd A
45863Yahoo Inc.
45867Commonwealth Bank of Australia
45868Fujitsu Australia Ltd
45871Real World Technology Solutions Pty Ltd
45872Level 2 133 Castlereagh Street
45873Nehos Communications Pty Ltd
45874Pershing Securities Australia Pty Ltd
45875ART Group Services Ltd
45876SCPBCG2-AS-AP Sanctuary Cove Principal Body Corporate Pty Ltd
45887GPLHost LLC
45912Indue Limited
45926Web in a Box
45929NextHop Pty Ltd
45931FetchTV Pty Ltd
45935Wantok Network Limited
45937Brisbane Airport Corporation
45947Securepay Pty Ltd. Payment Gateway
45949McMillan Shakespeare Australia
45956ETSA Utilities
46014Country Fire Authority
46073Reed Elsevier Australia Pty Ltd
46450Pilot Fiber Inc.
46489Twitch Interactive Inc.
46516HostRoyale LLC
46562Performive LLC
46636Natcoweb Corp.
47957Worldline IGSA SA
48095XT Global Networks Ltd.
48273essensys Ltd
48581MythicalKitten LLC
48806Stackster LLC
48851Radware Ltd B.V
49872Jahan Ruye Khat
50292Access UK Ltd
50461City Telecom LTD
50889NVIDIA Ltd
51167Contabo GmbH
51964Orange Business Services U.S. Inc.
52129Proofpoint Inc.
53766VMware Inc.
53813Zscaler Inc.
53871Deltek Inc.
54113Fastly Inc.
54115Facebook Inc
54203Strong Technology LLC.
54238Satcom Direct Inc.
54252Sprious LLC
54641InMotion Hosting Inc.
54681Aubrey Rose
54825Packet Host Inc.
54994Meteverse Limited.
55157Colliers International
55256Netskope Inc
55302GPO Box 2142
55304Australia Pacific Airports Melbourne Pty Ltd
55326Australian Finance Group Ltd
55328Level 2 Building C
553371144 Nepean Highway
55348AS Number for Singapore POP for
55354Ace Internet Services Pty Ltd
5535818 Brodie Hall Drive
55359FLUCCS Australia Australian Cloud Provider
5536373 Miller Street
55365Campus Drive CNR Murdoch Drive
55366BUPA Australia Health Pty Ltd
55400Infoxchange Australia
55419ASN for Advam Pty Ltd
55422Interactive Pty Limited
55444Cengage Learning Australia Pty Limite
55455Tech Data Advanced Solutions ANZ Limited
55456Level 3 501 Blackburn Road Mount Waverle
55467Icemedia Pty. Ltd.
55472APN News & Media
55478VEDAADNET1-AS-AU Level 15 100 Arthur Street
55486Networx Australia
55491Pearcedale Parade
55504BP Australia
55506Pentana Solutions
55509Unit 506 77 Dunning Ave Rosebery NSW 2018
55521Ive Group Australia Pty Ltd
55525Fire Rescue Victoria
55527ASN for Advam Pty Ltd
55532Squiz Pty Ltd
55542Roads and Maritime Services
55543Suite 305 Level 3 66 Berry St
55555Delion Pty Ltd
555612talk Global IP Network
55564Malcolm Weatherley
55567Suite 2 Level 9
55575Maxo Telecommunications
55580Moreton Bay Regional Council - Pine Riv
55581Binary Networks Pty Ltd
55583Level 8
55729Pacific Technology Solutions Ltd
55731Fox Sports Australia Pty Limited
55736DataKnox Pty Limited
55752Cloud Plus Pty Ltd
55762Internet Communication Ap Pty. Ltd.
55766Orro Pty Ltd
55773Wiot3690-Au 87 McKoy Street
55775Hornsby Shire Council
55776Southern Cross University
55784Marlink Au-Syd
55795VERBDC1-AS-AP Verb Data Centre Pty Ltd
55797The Hoyts Corporation Pty Ltd
55803Hostopia Australia Web Pty Ltd
55811Anycast Holdings Pty Ltd
55813The Rural Clinical School of Western Australia Head
55815Level 32 Governor Macquarie Tower
55819Campaign Monitor Pty Ltd
55834NBN Co Ltd
55845Yieldbroker Pty Limited
55848Access Innovation Media
55861Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney
55870Darwin City Council
55871IRESS Market Technology Ltd
55876Level 7 140 William St.
55878Credit Union Australia Limited
55884OrionVM Cloud Platform
55920Elcom Technology Pty Ltd
55922Ethan Group
55923Canon Business Services Australia
55924Aristocrat Technologies
55941CBOE Australia Pty Ltd
55954Orro Pty Ltd
56020THREE2ONEINTERNET-AU Level 20 31 Market Street
56026GPO Box 656
56035Reseau Rese
56037Escapenet Pty Ltd
56051Department of Water Wa
56057Entity Data Pty Limited
5605877 Southbank Boulevard
56062Level 11 515 St Pauls TRC
56065Blackboard Australia Pty Limited
56072139 Wacol Station Road
56073First Focus Pty Ltd
56074NetStrategy Pty Ltd
5607690-92 Phillip St
56080Morgan Stanley Asia Limited
56081Digital Hybrid Pty Ltd
56087URL Networks
56093901 A1 & 902 A2 Tidel Park
56098Level 5
56105Department of Education and Training - Victoria - Hosting Provider Austr
56113ASN for Challenger
56123Vernet Pty Ltd
56131DXC Connect Pty Limited
56132Monash University
56135Sliced Tech Holdings Unit Trust
56177The Rural City of Murray Bridge
56178Tim Warnock
56182Move Up Internet Pty Ltd
56199Thomax Tech Syd
56206Connected Intelligence Pty Ltd
56210Advancenet Telecom
56219Netspot Pty. Ltd.
56227Zurich Financial Services Australia Limited
56263Nextdc Limited
56265Level 23
56270Rojan Australia
56271Eagle Farm QLD
56281Pendal Group Limited
56284The Missing Link
56287Event Hospitality and Entertainment Ltd
56294VMVault Pty Ltd
56298Jetstar Airways Pty Ltd
56307AC3-AS-AP AC3 Australian Centre for Advanced Computing and Communications
56318Queensland Rail Limited
56554Internet Society
56876Ociris GmbH
57518Roberscheuten B.V.
57872Phoenix NAP LLC.
58372Unit 6
58408Focusnet Management Pty Ltd
58409Lumo Energy Australia Pty Ltd
58414Computershare Technology Services
58418Counsels Chambers Limited
58422Insearch Limited
58431Co Addisons Commercial Lawyers
58434Mobilizer Pty Ltd
58440Capgemini Australia Pty Limited
58446Police Bank Limited
58464Daraco IT Services
58473Crosspoint Telecommunications Pty Ltd
58505Kohen Technology Group Pty Ltd
58509THE1-AS-AP The Uniting Church In Australia Property Trust Q.
58511Anycast Global Backbone
58528NetStrategy Pty Ltd
58530Pingco Pty Ltd
58532Newmont Australia Pty Ltd
58533Agility Applications Pty Ltd
58545Dubbo Regional Council
58576Alinta Asset Management Pty Ltd
58580Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
58582Androgogic Pty Ltd
58584IDP Education Pty Ltd
58589Cloud Earth Pty Ltd
58606Viewbank Rise Networks
58611Charles Darwin University
58613Bonntech Business Solutions
58634Presilient Managed Services Pty Ltd
58644Vonex Pty Ltd
58681New South Wales Police Sydney
58686Swinburne University of Technology
58687Logi-Tech Pty Ltd
58696100 Whale Beach Road
586981 Northfields Av
58710A1 Richmond Road
58712Level 13 155 Castlereagh St
587131113 Corporate Drive
58716Penrith City Council
58723World Vision Australia
58734Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Ce
58735Datacom Systems SA
58739Secure Bits Pty Ltd
58740HostAway Pty Ltd
58750Logic Plus
58868Techpath Pty Ltd
58869Ray White Real Estate Pty Ltd
58877CSUNIC1-AS-AP Charles Sturt University
58894Schneider Electric Australia Pty Ltd
58907Acquire BPO Pty Ltd
58914Puddlenet Pty Ltd
58915Arktisma Pty Ltd
58916Cobham Aviation Services Australia Pty
58920IPSec Pty Ltd
58921Capricorn Society Limited
58922Fujifilm Microchannel Hosting Pty Ltd
58927M.D.G. IT Pty Ltd
58928Cloud365 Australia Pty Limited
58929Datbury Pty Ltd
58940Dedicated Servers Australia
58941Ix for Sydney
58951Grant Broadcasters Pty Ltd
58979Cloud Registry Pty Ltd
58980M5NETWORKS-AS-AP M5 Networks Australia Pty Ltd
58989Vortech Business Solutions Pty Ltd.
59202St. Michaels Grammar School
59204VoIP Line Telecom Pty. Ltd.
59207Syd Office
59246Mazda Australia Pty Ltd
59253Leaseweb Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.
59256Aus Net Servers Australia Pty Ltd
59262ORIX Australia Corporation Limited
59267Ditech Systems Pty Ltd
59330R & R Holdings Asia Pacific Pty Limited
59339Blackbird IT Pty Ltd
59346Australian IT Solutions Group
59356Vmcentral Cloud Services
59368Fujifilm Codeblue Australia
59383Office of Finance and Services TA Department of
59729ITL LLC
59865iVent Mobile BV
60558Phoenix NAP LLC.
60664x-ion GmbH
60781Leaseweb Netherlands B.V.
60808Parsun Network Solutions Pty Ltd
61317Hivelocity Inc
62240Clouvider Limited
62579VirtualShield LLC
62685OrionVM Inc
62856Docusign Inc
63168T. Rowe Price Associates Inc.
63473HostHatch LLC
63842Fantel Pty Ltd
63850QRHUB Pty Ltd TA Entrust ICT
63913Ingram Micro Pty Ltd
63919Jeanneret Electrical Technologies PL
63920Superloop VostroNet
63922Real World Technology Solutions Pty Ltd
63931GNET Communications Pty Ltd
63949Akamai Connected Cloud
63950Jackies Wholesale Nurseries Pty Ltd
639565G Network Operations Pty Ltd
63971Blast Technologies Pty. Ltd.
63974Retail Food Group Limited
63983Queensland Health
63992DSAU Pty Ltd
64002Davis Dean Anthony Trading As: Withtel
64006Nexus One Pty Ltd
64044EP2-AS-AP EP2 Payments Pty Ltd
64050BGPNET Global ASN
64064Kmart Australia Limited
64067Hostcircle IT Solutions Pvt Ltd Chennai India
64090Wesley College
64098Field Solutions Group Pty Ltd
64267Sprious LLC
64286LogicWeb Inc.
64445Michele Pietravalle Trading as Netjoin
131182Crosspoint Telecommunications Pty Ltd
1311975th Flr JY Square Bldg
131214Interact Hosting Pty Ltd
131225Level 21
131230M10HALLAM-AS-AP Mitre 10 Australia Pty. Ltd
131264Functional Solutions Pty Ltd
131268Sunshine Coast Regional Council
131270Planet Technology Group Ltd
131282Element Fleet Services Australia Pty Ltd
131286Bilmark Pty Ltd
131290RACWA Holdings Pty Ltd
131292Hub Computing Services Pty Ltd
1312942 Murray Street
131295Employers Mutual Management Pty Ltd
131312Taylor Construction Group Pty Ltd
131315145 Macquarie Street
13131611-15 Hightech Place
1313384/15 Dundas Court
131446Minerals and Metals Group Ltd
13145522 Stirling St
131462Western Australian Land Information Authority
13147610/50 Market St
131478Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
131480Innovations Direct Pty Ltd
131581INPEX Australia
131998TMAUS1-NET-AS-AP Ticketmaster Australasia
131999Lateral Plains Pty Ltd
132000Hansen Corporation Pty Ltd
132007Datawave Internet Pty Ltd
132015Unit 25 10 Gladstone Rd
132016IRESS Market Technology Ltd
132020NineWire Pty Ltd
132029Telstra Pty Ltd.
132030Veolia Environmental Services Australia Pty Ltd A
132044AURORA1-AS-AP Aurora Healthcare Pty Ltd
132049Glovine Pty Ltd - Voice DSL & 3G Network
132057Refinitiv Australia Pty Limited
132064Intervolve Pty Ltd
132067Freenet Pty Ltd
132070Interhost Pacific Pty Ltd t/a Intervolve.
132072Anycast Access
132077Fortescue Metals Group Ltd
1320845201 Great America Pkwy 120
132093The Royal Womens Hospital
132094Kritikos Solutions Pty Ltd
13210220 Claremont Street
132113Connected Australia Pty Ltd
132127Cloud People Pty Ltd
132131Medibank Private Ltd
132136Bremmar Communications Pty Ltd
132145DC Two Pty Ltd
132158Australian Synchrotron
132160Oceanic Broadband Solutions Pty. Ltd.
132162Apache Energy Limited
132205Yarra City Council
132217Virgin Australia Airlines Pty Ltd
132230Australian Hearing Services T/A Australian Hearing
132245Data Express Pty Ltd
132255PrimoWireless Ltd
132256Cgi Technologies and Solutions Australia Pty L
132257AREA9-AU Area9 IT Solutions
132263Sportingbet Australia Pty Ltd
132279Automatic Data Processing Limited
132292Telstra Pty Ltd.
132299Applied Satellite Technology Australia Pty Ltd
1323096Y'S Pty Ltd
132315Intillismart Pty Ltd
132320KAYTEL1-BD Kay Telecommunications Ltd
132321Northern Territory Government
132330Hillsong Church Ltd
1323312-17-50 Akasaka
132345Yamajin Bld.4F 1-5-6 Honmachi
132355TAL Services Limited
132360Service Stream Limited
132361Citrix Systems Asia Pacific Pty Ltd
132368Room 902 Chinacam Tower 9/F
132370Civica Pty Limited
132379Funnelback Pty Ltd
132382Greenbay Communications Pty Ltd
13239411 Evans St
132397PowerNET IT Consultants Pty Ltd
132405Summit Internet (Australia)
132416Discovery Technology Pty Ltd
1324191000 Alfred Nobel Drive Us
132424Brambles Limited
1324301-5-1 Shouto
1324333-41-7 Sendagaya
132448Solutionone Pty Ltd
132468Satsol Limited
132469Department of Agriculture & Food WA
132476Compass Education Pty Ltd
132484Nameterrific Pty Ltd
132491AFT Communications Pty Ltd
132492Australian Rail Track Corporation Limited
132498Aspedia Australia Pty Ltd
132503Waverley Council
132528Digicel Australia Pty Ltd
132529W3NETWORKS-AS-AP W3 Networks Pty Ltd
132532The trustee for The CommSys Australia Unit Trust
132533Vibe Group Pty Ltd
132544DALTRON1-AS-AP Daltron
132576WORLEYPARSONS1-AS-AP WorleyParsons Limited
132578Returned & Services League of Australia (Queensland Branch)
132581Victorian Rail Track
132582Abir Telecommunications Ltd.
132584Auroracom Pty Ltd
132594RAA Insurance Limited
132603Logicalis Australia Pty Ltd
132611Tech-E Pty Ltd
132616Ipswich City Council
132619Police Department Vic
132620STW1-AS-AP STW Communications Group Ltd
132626V Telecoms Connexia Co. Ltd
132627ConnektCloud Pty. Ltd.
132682Australian Rugby Union Limited
132691Television Media Network (Pvt) Ltd
132703Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd
132706Bluestone Mortgages Pty Limited
132713Virgin Australia Airlines Pty Ltd
132715Fuji Xerox BusinessForce Pty Limited
132718Samarad Pty Ltd T/AS
132728Alfred Health
132732Cash Converters Pty Ltd
132733Engage Pty Ltd
132740Netlink Group Pty Ltd
132789Pivotel Group Pty Limited
132791Faley Pty Ltd
132798Cloud IT Pty Ltd
132808IP Telco
132812Central Coast Council
132817DZCRD Networks Ltd
132823K & B Timber & Hardware Pty Ltd
132825Mytek Trading Pty Ltd
132831Office Equipment Ltd
132835FlexiGroup Pty Ltd
132836Sirius Co. Ltd
132847Network Solutions Group Pty Ltd
132849Interlink Telecom Company Limited.
132852Vault Systems Pty. Ltd.
132859Wifi Networks Pvt Ltd.
132868State Library of NSW
132873Conexim Global Anycast Network
132895Prodigy Communications Pty Ltd
132896Market Creations
132900Thai System Integration Co. Ltd
132902InfoTrack Pty Ltd
132906Lake Macquarie City Council
132908Real World Technology Solutions Pty Ltd
132909Act Government Intact Group
132914Adelaide Brighton Limited
133015City of Stirling
133018WhiteLabel ISP BV
133030Rocket Networks Pty Ltd
133040ITG Communications Sdn Bhd
133044SOL1PTYLTD-AS-AP Sol1 Pty Ltd
133045NSW Electricity Networks Operations Pty Limited
133046DIGICALL1-AS-AP Digicall Network Pty Ltd
133047Simon and Katharine Vermey Trading as Youritsupport
133048Caption IT Pty Ltd
133050CNCNA Pty Ltd
133053Education Services Australia Limited
133061ACTEWAGL1-AS-AP ActewAGL Distribution
133069Thomson Reuters International Services
133080Comcity Technology Pty Ltd
133081State Revenue Office Victoria
133085Toshiba Australia Pty. Ltd
133091The Royal Bank of Scotland PLC
133093Comwire IT Pty Ltd
133094The Western Australian Institute for Medical Research
133095BJN Au / NZ
133102Sydney Anglican Home Mission Society Council
133104Instra Corporation Pty Ltd
133105Roman Catholic Trust Corp. Diocese of Rockhampton
133106Salmat Pty Ltd
133116Kalgoorlie Consolidated Gold Mines
133120Hosted Network Pty. Ltd.
133121Norton Rose Australia Services Pty Ltd
133122Heritage Bank Ltd.
133125PG Lion ReSources Aust Pty Ltd
133126Eranet International Limited
133129Capital B Pty Ltd
133130Tello Services Pty Ltd
133133Roy Hill
133138Random House Australia Pty Ltd
133143Medihost Solutions Pty Ltd
133144M8X8INC-AS-AP 8x8 Inc.
133146Papuan Oil Search Ltd
133156Remedy One Pty Ltd
133159Mammoth Media Pty Ltd
133161MBIT Technologies Pty Ltd
133173Dgit Systems
133189Sentrian Pty Ltd
133196The Smelly Black Dog Company Pty Ltd
133206Dgtek Pty Ltd
133212Gold Fields Australia Pty Ltd
133216Yamaha Motor Australia
133217Bachblue Pty Ltd Ta Afoyi
133220Service NSW Division
133321Datacom QLD Internet ASN
133333Frontier Networks Pty Ltd
133374Versa Networks Inc
133382The Business Doctor NSW Pty Ltd
133389Acurus Networks Pty Ltd
133397Message4U Pty Ltd
133403Origin Net
133409UNIBET1-AS-AP Unibet Services Limited
133414Foxtel Management Pty Ltd
133415Tango Technology
133417Dicker Data Ltd
133419Source Technology Pty Ltd
133431Acurix Networks Pty Ltd
133434Plesi Pty Ltd
133435Real World Technology Solutions Pty Ltd
133438St John Ambulance Western Australia Ltd.
133455Skycity Entertainment Group Limited
133459INTERNET1-AS-AP Internet-1 Pty Ltd
1334805G Network Operations Pty Ltd
133483Switch TV Pty Ltd Ta Switch Media
133499HostRoyale Technologies Pvt Ltd
133501QCS Group
133509PowerNET IT Consultants Pty Ltd
133510Infinet Broadband Pty Ltd
133530Atlassian Pty Ltd
133534Ladbrokes Digital Australia Pty Ltd
133538Hypernode Pty. Ltd.
133546Bell Potter Securities Ltd
133548RDG Electrical & Communications Solutions Pty L
133553AMAZE360-AS-AP Amaze360 Pty Ltd
133556Anycast Holdings Pty Ltd
133582Mind Australia
133603Evision Pty Ltd
133612Vodafone Australia Pty Ltd
133615Tecala ICT Pty Limited
133616Beachhead Group Pty. Ltd.
133618Trellian Pty. Limited
133624Evolution Systems Pty Limited
133627A.P.Eagers Ltd
133730Advatel Wireless Pty Ltd
133736Field Solutions
133737Barwon Health Trading as South West Alliance of
133739Orro Pty Ltd
133740Lifehouse Australia
133748Coretel Networks International Pte Ltd
133773Sportsbet Pty Ltd
133787Primary Health Care
133792Avante I.T. Pty Ltd
133851Ribbon Communications Australia Pty
133853Century Yuasa Batteries Pty Ltd
133859Telstra Corporation Limited
133863PROBAX1-AS-AP2 Probax Pty Ltd
133864OPER8GLOBALPTYLTD-AS-AP Oper8 Global Pty Ltd
133872Eygbs India Pvt Ltd
133873Campaign Monitor Pty Ltd
133876E-Secure Pty Ltd
133881Retrac Business Solutions Pty Ltd
133898Flip TV Pty Limited
133900Gilead Sciences Inc.
133901Suretek Pty Ltd
133914Coloured Lines Australia Pty Ltd
133925CMYKhub Global Pty Ltd
133930Tesserent Pty Ltd
133934AUS IT Services Pty Ltd
133935USG Boral Building Products Pty Ltd
133939NGS Super Pty Limited
133940Certegy Ezi-Pay Pty Ltd
133943Integrated Solutions Group Queensland Pty Ltd
133958Special Ops Group Pty Ltd
134061Milan Industries Pty. Ltd.
134063ACTIVENET1-AS-AP Activenet Pty Ltd
134065Ensyst Pty Ltd
134067Uniti Wireless Pty Ltd
134070Legal Aid Commission of NSW
134075PROBAX1-AS-PBX Probax Pty Ltd
134076M2000CN-AS-AP 2000 Computers & Networks Pty Ltd
134080Tox Free Solutions Limited
134081Ricegrowers Limited
134083Intersect Australia Limited
134087One Solution IT Pty Ltd
134092Ozetel Pty Ltd
134093Building Connect Pty Ltd
134096eHealth NSW
134101Mediahub Australia Pty Ltd.
134111Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Re
134115The Trustees of the Jesuit Fathers - St Igna
134119Cirrus Networks Wa Pty Ltd
134133ClickView Pty. Limited
134138AXON Systems Pty Ltd
134139Harbour ISP Pty Ltd
134141B2BWHOLESALE-AS-AP B2B Wholesale Pty Ltd
134142St Aloysius College
134143Professional Data Kinetics Pty Ltd
134145TF Global Markets Aust Pty Ltd
134147Teamwork Technology Pty Ltd
134149Red Piranha Limited
134155Tangible Technology Pty Ltd
134160Vine Networks Pty
134163ValuePRO Software Pty Ltd
134164NSW Government Telecommunications Authority
134179Real World Networks Pty Ltd
134181Burnie City Council
134183Progress I.T. Pty Ltd
134184Marist Brothers St Josephs College
134188NTT DATA Victorian Ticketing System Pty Ltd
134189Alpha Dot Net Australia Pty Ltd
134203Nebulex Pty Ltd
134217Australian IT Support Pty Ltd
134218Gaming Investments Pty Ltd
134229Noble Systems Australia Pty Limited
134231Mitchell Shire Council
134242UTBox Pty Ltd
134245Nano Systems Pty Limited
134347BASE64-AS-AP Base64 Pty Ltd
134348Aryon Pty Ltd
134367Gibson Adam Gordon Ta Gibztech
134369ATOS Australia Pty Ltd
134377Bluewaters Power 1 Pty Ltd
134406Australiansuper Pty Ltd
134408Hillside Australia New Media Pty Ltd
134427Managed IT Pty Ltd
1344415G Network Operations Pty Ltd
134443Joviam Pty Ltd
134456Akuna Capital Australia Pty Ltd
134459Infotech Solutions Pty Ltd
134463Karara Mining Limited
134472Systima Pty Ltd
134486Bit Networks Pty Ltd
134487Enterconnect Solutions Pty Ltd
134498Fremantle Port Authority
134503Flash Fibres
134507Gee Bees Media Pty Ltd
134541Inference Solutions Pty Ltd
134555Encoo Pty Ltd
134584Diligent Board Services Australia Pty Ltd
134589BHP 125 St. Georges Terrace Perth Australia
134667Apptio Pty Ltd
134678Port Stephens Council
134679Hillside Australia New Media Pty Lt
134680Iph Limited Sydney
134688YourFibre Pty Ltd
134691Fastway Global Limited
134709Ultimate Communication Solutions Pty. Lt
134711Flip TV Pty Limited
134725MAXSolutions Pty Ltd
134729Joint Power Technology Limited
134733Centralwest Networks Pty Ltd
134735Advanced Computing Solutions Pty Ltd TA
134743Anycast Holdings Pty Ltd
134747Peninsula Health
134748Geoscience Australia
134754Computer One Software Australia Pty Ltd
134778Illawarra Retirement Trust
134787Teachers Mutual Bank Limited
134791Australian Computer Solutions Pty Ltd
134808Globe Valley Pty Ltd Ta Onsavii
134825BDO Group Holdings Pty Ltd
134832Premier Technology Solutions Pty Ltd
134844ACCESS4-AS-AP Access 4 Pty Ltd
134949Communications company
134980Interphone Pty Ltd
134984NextGen.Net Pty Ltd
134985Digital Accord Pty Ltd
134987Xtime Asia Pacific Pty Ltd
134994Wilson Parking Australia 1992 Pty Ltd
134999Adelaide Airport Limited
135015M4LOGICPTYLTD-AS-AP 4Logic Pty Ltd
135016Reece Australia Pty Ltd
135018Manly Council
135024Wilson Parking Australia 1992 Pty Ltd
135027Virtualplatform Pty Ltd
135039Code Valley Corp Pty Ltd
135047NTT New Zealand Limited
135050Acetek Systems Pty Ltd
135051Emersion Software Systems
135060Telair Pty Ltd
135064Rio Tinto IS&T
135073Vinophil Marketing LLC
135080Asg Group Asia Pacific Pty Ltd
135088Grid Technology Pty Ltd
135094Insurance Australia Group Limited
135104Catholic Healthcare Ltd
135105Zeara Managed Services Pty Ltd
135106Caretel Pty Ltd
135107Cloud Servers Australia Pty Ltd
135108Enosys Solutions Pty Ltd
135118The Corporation of the City of Adelaide
135121Prospa Advance Pty Ltd
135126Occom Pty Ltd
135127Xstra Group Pty Ltd
135128Newcastle Port Corporation
135137Oas Computers Pty Limited
135148Automotive Holdings Group Limited
135151Aconex Ltd
135153Kassawin Pty Ltd Australia Pty. Ltd.
135164Kardinia International College
135165Laing ORourke Australia Pty Ltd Pty Ltd
135275Everlight Radiology Limited
135287The Council of the City of Sydney
135289JBS Australia Pty Ltd
135294Queensland Airports Limited
135297Bambora Online Pty Ltd
135301IQ3PTYLTD-AS-AP iQ3 Pty Ltd.
135313Telstra Corporation Limited
135317BHP Billiton Iron Ore Pty. Ltd.
135321Skynet Broadband Pty Ltd
135323Talk To You Soon Pty Limited
135326Scoot Net Partners Pty Ltd TA ScootNet
135332Pepper Money Limited
135336Health Metrics Pty Ltd
135347Novum Networks Operations Pty Ltd
135348Qantas Airways Limited
135350Immanuel College
135351SMSGlobal Pty Ltd
135352The Signal Co. Wireless
135358MYOB Australia Pty Ltd
135359TheTubes Pty Ltd
135361Nixon Controls Pty Ltd
135362The Star Pty Limited
135368Scentre Limited
135396TAFE Queensland
135399Blackmores Ltd
135406BCD Networks Pty Ltd
135408Hammer Technologies Pty Ltd
135410Australian Cyber Collaboration Centre Ltd
135415RACQ Operations Pty Ltd
135417Ross Logic Pty Ltd
135421Salkeld Matthew Ta Matthew Salkeld Consulting
135493eStorm Australia Pty Ltd
135497Kinetic IT Pty. Ltd.
135512BIZ-LYNX Technology Pty Ltd
135513Spirit Telecom Australia Pty Ltd
135516Now IT Solutions Ply Ltd
135519AppsCorp Pty Ltd
135520Over the Wire Pty Ltd
135526KM Holdings Pty Ltd
135532NJ Ventures Pty Ltd
135543Network Dynamics Pty Ltd
135545Toshiba Australia Pty Ltd
135548Hedgeserv Australia Pty. Ltd.
135555City Communications Pty Ltd
135560TeQwise Pty Ltd
135565JEM Computer Systems Pty Ltd
135568AGL Energy Limited
135574Kestrel Coal Resources Pty Ltd
135583ip2me Hosted Services
135585Credit Corp Group Limited
135593Precision Administration Services Pty Ltd
135601Tourism Australia
135603SOUTH32LIMITED-AS-AP South32 Limited
135612Hydro-Electric Corporation
135624Mutual Trust Pty Ltd
135625Fujifilm Data Management Solutions Australia P
135627Silverlining Networks Pty Ltd
135634Task Retail Technology Pty Ltd
135638Council of Newington College
135639John Holland Pty Ltd
135653Ursys Pty. Ltd.
135662Deloitte Services Pty Ltd
135668Patrick Stevedores Operations Pty Ltd
135672Grange Resources Tasmania Pty Ltd
135675Queensland Local Government Superannuation Board
135878Mry Pty Ltd Ta Binary Elements
135879Hyundai Motor Company Australia Pty Ltd
135880Department of Culture and the Arts
135885Interlinked Pty Ltd
135887Belong Telstra Corporation
135892Mentone Girls Grammar School
135893LA Trobe University
135894Access Software Australia Pty Ltd
135895Centorrino Technologies Pty Ltd
135897MetLife Insurance Limited
135898Universal Communications Group Limited
136000Lightning Broadband Pty Ltd
136001Christie Spaces
136006Taree Christian Community School Ltd
136008Wilson Parking Australia 1992 Pty Ltd
136013National Gallery of Australia
136016Camberwell Anglican Girls Grammar School
136020Contentkeeper Technologies
136036WYS Group Pty Ltd
136044Brennan IT
136045Downstream Connect Pty. Ltd.
136132Woollahra Municipal Council
136133Squixa Pty Limited
136136Avant Mutual Group Limited
136140Commonwealth Bank of Australia
136152Australian Health & Nutrition Association
136154Rockhampton City Council
136161Anycast Holdings Pty Ltd
136165X4B-AS-AP X4B DDoS Protected Announcements
136183Williams Technology Pty Ltd
136187Nixon Controls Pty Ltd
136201BG Unified Solutions Pty Ltd
136203Aish Solutions Pty Ltd
136206Skynet Broadband Pty Ltd
136218Target Australia Pty. Ltd.
136226Standards Australia Limited
136232Independent Commission Against Corruption
136240TT-Line Company Pty Ltd
136241THOMSON1-AS-AP Thomson Geer Services
136242OneSchool Australia Ltd
136243Victorian Workcover Authority
136245Goodlife Operations Pty Ltd
136247Victoria University
136254Rivercity Solutions Pty Ltd
136264Aga Assistance Australia Pty Ltd
136265Splunk Inc.
136277NGE Pty Ltd
136385Datcom Cloud Pty Ltd
136386Full Spectrum Networks Pty. Ltd.
136388Efficient Chips
136390Zahezone Pty Ltd
136391McConaghy Group Pty Ltd
136392St. Vincents Hospital Melbourne Limited
136394Suretek Networks Pty Ltd
136397Interpublic Australia Holdings Pty Ltd
136398Secure Agility Pty Ltd
136405Virtustream Cloud Services Australia Pty L
136414Amnesty International Australia
136417Canal+ Caledonie
136423Melbourne Grammar School
136424The Simpro Group Pty Ltd
136430Shine Corporate Ltd
136431Operational Systems Pty Ltd
136432Bigfish Technology Pty Ltd
136456Lansol Nominees Pty. Ltd.
136469ShoreTel Australia Pty Ltd
136471Optiver Pty Ltd
136478Tim Raphael Consulting Pty Ltd
136487Outcomex Pty Ltd
136490Data Processors Pty Ltd
136497Verifone Australia Hapl Pty Ltd
136499Tech Management Group Ltd
136508Maculrob Services Pty. Ltd.
136510Streamline Servers Pty Ltd
136517Equinix Australia Enterprises Pty Limited
136518WA Government Project
136521TAFE NSW
136522TAFE NSW
136529HRS Australasia Pty Ltd
136539Zoological Parks Board of NSW
136550Veritas Australia Pty Ltd
136554Monadelphous Group Limited
136557Host Universal Pty Ltd
136572Office of The Chief Information Officer OCIO
136577SipTalk Pty Ltd
136580Our Community Broadband Pty Ltd
136582Liftup Hosting Pty Ltd
136584VoIP Line Telecom Pty. Ltd.
136585Leidos Australia Pty Limited
136589Catholic Education Office of Wa
136597Redback Web Solutions
136603Cloudloop Pty Ltd
136604Royal Automobile Club of Victoria Ltd
136608Wisper Connect
136609Forerunner Computer Systems Pty Ltd
136614Nextgen Wireless Pty. Ltd.
136615Ebix Australia Pty Ltd
136616Manrex Pty Ltd ta Webstercare
136623AWD IT Solutions Australasia Pty Ltd
136731Invotec Solutions
136735DataKnox Pty Limited
136741Channel Wireless Pty Ltd
136753Anglican Schools Corporation
136757Fourier Technologies Pty Ltd
136760Creative Networks
136768BMP Australia Group Pty Ltd
136770Liquid Knowledge Group LKG Pty Ltd
136771Wilderwind Pty Ltd
136772Dassault Systemes Australia Pty Ltd
136784Valve Networks Pty Ltd
136787Tefincom S.A.
136788Ezi-Web Wholesale Pty Ltd
136792Mimecast Australia Pty Ltd
136804Wireless Innovation Pty Ltd
136805Next Generation Voice Pty Ltd
136812Fone Dynamics Pty Ltd
136818Netlogyx Technology Specialists Pty Ltd
136819Global Traffic Network Inc
136893Emerging I.T. Pty Ltd
136900IQ Net NSW Pty Ltd
136912The Council of the Kings School
136913Position Partners Pty Ltd
136924Seventh-Day Adventist Church Spd Limited
136925AUSTRALIAN3-AS-AP SCS Super Pty. Limited
136931CSL Limited
136943Wideband Networks Pty Ltd
136951Hospharm Pty Ltd
136954Shahin Enterprises Pty Ltd
136966Bottle Communications Pty Ltd
136971Wyndham City Council
136972MYPORT1-AS-AP Gigafy
136976Whitehaven Coal Limited
136977Derivco Australia PTY LTD
136988Leaseweb Australia Pty Limited
136989Coates Hire Operations Pty Limited
136994Southern Phone Company Ltd
137006HAMBS Systems Ltd
137010IMB Ltd
137016Enee Solutions Pty Ltd
137021The Trustee for Australian Registry Investments T
137024ACC1-AS-AP Australian Crime Commission
137025Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd
137032Iris Communications Pty Ltd
137036The Bethanie Group Inc
137042Readiitel Pty Ltd
137044Victoria Amateur Turf Club Incorporating the M
137057A.A. Company Pty Ltd
137060The Club Group Canberra Australia
137063Latitude Financial Services Australia Holding
137065TAIPAN1-AS-AP Taipan Networx Pty Ltd
137070Nationwide Towing & Transport Pty Ltd
137071Go Markets Pty Ltd
137073The Trustees of the Sydney Grammar School
137079Melbourne Internet Service Provider
137182Blue Wireless Pte Ltd
137188Australian Catholic University Limited
137192Bidfood Australia Limited
137199Flintel Pty Ltd
137204The Bend Motorsport Park
137219Meltus Networks
137227Brown Family Wine Group
137230Mineral Resources Limited Pty Ltd
137232Veridian Solutions Pty. Ltd.
137234Country Road Group Pty Ltd
137242CMC Markets Asia Pacific Pty Ltd
137244HomeStart Finance
137250AUS-IP Services
137251Gayler International Pty Ltd
137254Secureworx Pty Ltd
137268CBRE Pty Limited
137271Dalegroup Pty Ltd
137388Openet Pty Ltd
137390Scotts Refrigerated Freightways Pty Ltd
137395Datacom Systems - Philippines
137399KernWi-Fi Pty Ltd
137400Presbyterian Ladies College Sydney
137408Origin Consulting Services Pty Ltd
137409GSL Networks Pty Ltd
137421Victoria Funds Management
137426Simm IT Services
137428QuadCloud Pty Ltd
137433Seek Limited
137441Techrep Services Pty Ltd
137442Cairns Airport Pty Ltd
137455Sovereign Cloud Australia Pty Ltd
137457BHP 480 Queen Street Australia
137460Biztactix Pty Ltd
137463Sprint Networks
137466Central Connect NSW Pty Ltd
137470Iluka Resources Limited
137473LevelUP Solutions
137479Cross River Rail Delivery Authority
137486Canberra Data Centres Proprietary Limited
137506CMC Markets Asia Pacific Pty Ltd
137516Northern SEQ Distributor Retailer Authority
137522Origin Energy Retail Limited
137525NBN Co Ltd
137529Sydney Opera House Trust
137534Northern Beaches Broadband
137536Cerner Corporation Pty Limited
137544Bullhorn International Inc.
137549Anycast Holdings Pty Ltd
137558Spirit Telecom Australia Pty Ltd
137562Sydney Airport Corporation Limited
137569The Corporation of the Trustees of the Roman
137574Dept for Correctional Services
137575SquareAlpha Pty Ltd
137576EasyCable Pty Ltd
137581Thomas Foods International Pty Limited
137814E-BIT Systems Pty Ltd
137822IT Corporate Pty. Ltd.
137837Childrens Medical Research Institute
137840Equinix Australia Pty Ltd
137841NET360-AS-AP Sensia Services Pty Ltd
137844Sigma Healthcare Limited
137847Crisp Wireless Pty Ltd
137852Bizcom NT Pty. Ltd.
137863Toyota Material Handling Australia Pty Limited A
137864Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia
137866Australian Electoral Commission
137874M1298-AU-AS-AP 1298 Pty Ltd as Trustee for Stirling & Forth
137881Livewire IT Pty Ltd
137886Warrnambool City Council
137893Surveillance Australia Pty. Ltd.
137896Hunter Water Corporation
137898Swancage Pty. Limited
137900Ruralco Holdings Limited
137903The Star Entertainment QLD Limited
137906Ovato Limited
137907Ovato Limited
137916EDL Group Operations Pty Ltd
137922iboss Inc.
137924Gladstone Ports Corporation Limited
137938QBE Insurance Group Ltd
137945Nutrien Canada Holdings Ulc Apac AS
137958CAPTI1-AS-AP Capti Technology Pty Ltd
137965Public Record Office Victoria
137968PEN10 Services Pty Ltd
137971Koukourou Pty Ltd
137980Unibit Pty Ltd
137998Trapeze Group Asia Pacific Pty Ltd
138002Global Speech Networks Pty Ltd
138005Lenovo Australia & New Zealand Pty Limited
138013Quest Payment Systems Pty Ltd
138017Abbotsleigh School
138028Boileau Business Solutions Pty Ltd
138034ATEN Australia Pty Ltd
138153Isoton Pty Ltd
138165Strategic Integrated Solutions PL
138173Mortgage Choice Limited
138174Uniting NSW.act
138180Ernst & Young Services Pty Ltd
138186Tasmanian Networks Pty Ltd
138201Melbourne Girls Grammar School
138206Bank First
138207Oracle Customer Management Solutions Pty. LT
138209Programmed Maintenance Services Limited
138214Rampant Technology Pty. Ltd.
138216Burwood Council
138323Opticomm Co Pty Ltd
138326The Trustee for Sentella Discretionary Trust
138332Voice Print & Data Australia Pty Ltd
138354LocalDC Pty Ltd
138363Royal Agricultural Society of NSW
138367Transport for NSW
138372Janome Australia Pty Ltd
138386Australian Turf Club Limited
138390Trinity Grammar School
138398Prodigi Technology Services Limited
138413IP Australia
138430Australian Financial Security Authority
138447The College of Law Limited
138448Containerchain Australia Pty Ltd
138451PT. Monash Indonesia Services
138455Grampians Health
138468Wenona School Limited
138469Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission
138475Storagecraft Indo-Pacific Pty Ltd
138477Scotch College
138484Hays Specialist Recruitment Australia Pty Ltd A
138488Moonee Valley City Council
138490Alltel Pty Ltd
138498Allette Systems Australia Pty Ltd
138499Luxottica Retail Australia Pty Ltd
138503Snowy Hydro Limited
138511Netier Pty Limited
138512CloudScale Pty Ltd
138521The Network Crew Pty Ltd
138525Miniport Pty Ltd
138537Barker College
138559Bank of Queensland Ltd
138562Cre.Ative IT Pty. Ltd.
138563LittleMan Pty Ltd
138568CENTRAL1-AS-AP Central Telecoms Pty Ltd
138572Four G Telecom Pty Ltd
138583Imdex Limited
138589Promethium Pty Ltd
138592Private Data Clouds Pty Ltd
138595Lightning Broadband
138613Connect Tel Pty Ltd
138624Northern Stevedoring Services Pty Ltd
138633Aperim Pty Ltd
138637VOCPhone Pty Ltd
138642Broadridge Trading and Connectivity Solutions PT
138653Decoy Gaming
138654Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited
138661Perthradclinic Ltd
138662Grace Worldwide Pty Ltd
138680Collection House Limited
138681Australian Securities & Investments Commission AS
138683Provet Pty Ltd
138700Nezmat Pty Ltd
138908Racing Australia Limited
138913Edge Centres
138928Cellarmaster Wines Pty Ltd
138931NPC Media Pty Limited
138940NPC Media Pty Limited
138941NPC Media Pty Limited
138945Ballarat and Queens Anglican Grammar School
138977Kinetic IT Pty. Ltd.
138988Av-Comm Pty Ltd
138993Honeywell Holdings Pty Ltd
139000VIRIDIANIT1-AS-AP ViridianIT
139002Andor Information Technology Pty Ltd
139006Zoho Corporation Pty Ltd
139023Titan Telecoms Pty Ltd
139037Quiptek Pacific Pty Ltd
139038Aftab Siddiqui
139045Axonstack Pty Ltd
139048Metro Trains Melbourne
139049Gigacomm Pty Ltd
139050United Super Pty Ltd
139055Avanteos Investments Limited
139069Ausco Modular Pty Limited
139074Technology Directions Limited
139077Freedom Internet Holdings Pty Ltd
139084Digital Immortality Pty Ltd
139193Mainstream Group Holdings Ltd
139214CLOUD4X-AS-AP Cloud4x Enterprise Systems Pty Ltd
139221Auvera Technology Group Pty Ltd
139222City of Wanneroo
139228Streamline Servers Limited
139232Guild Group Holdings Limited
139244ICTouch Pty Ltd
139246Twin Towns Services Club Ltd
139253FOIT Group Pty Ltd
139273Henry Schein Regional Pty Limited
139279Optimised Solutions
139284Octane Networks Pty Ltd
139287The Data Exchange Network Limited
139288Twish Tech
139289PFD Food Services Pty Ltd
139290Coal Services Pty Ltd
139298Aptient Consulting Pty Ltd
139304NSW Business Chamber Limited
139315Newtrend I.T. Specialists Pty Ltd
139322Rio Tinto IS&T
139323Rio Tinto IS&T
139324Rio Tinto IS&T Pty Ltd
139342Freedom Furniture Australia Pty Limited
139344Act Government Intact Group
139352CBRE Pty Limited
139355VoIPLine Telecom Pty Ltd
139356Regis Aged Care Pty Ltd
139357Viterra Pty Ltd
139360E2-CLOUD-AS-AP emPOWER Data Services
139465Monash City Council
139466Latrobe Community Health Service Limited
139578Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
139581Molonglo Group Australia Pty Ltd
139582Ritam Pty Limited
139583Silk Contract Logistics Pty Ltd.
139592Breeze Connect Pty Ltd
139597Wellcamp Business Park Pty Ltd
139601Krixe Pte. Ltd.
139603Xenex Systems Pty Ltd
139607Tatts Group Limited Tabcorp
139612Contentkeeper Technologies
139615Ameropa Australia Pty Ltd
139623My Net Pty Ltd
139627Tekworx Australia Pty Ltd
139633Extranet Systems Pty Ltd
139654Australia Broadband Internet Pty Ltd
139661Toll Transport Pty Ltd.
139664Securiton Technologies
139665Catholic Church Insurance Limited
139666City of Charles Sturt
139671Christian Congregation of Jehovahs Witnesses Australasia Limited
139696IDP Education Pty Ltd
139700Capricorn Space Pty Ltd
139723Cloud Connect WA Pty Ltd
139732Civil Aviation Safety Authority
139736ApexHost Pty Ltd
139737Catholic Regional College Caroline Springs
139740Mobis Parts Australia Pty Ltd
139747Childrens Cancer Institute Australia
139751MCG IT Services Pty Ltd
139756Chriss TV and Satellite
139768Cochlear Limited
139777Water NSW
139785Melbourne Water Corporation
139819Design Networks Pty Ltd
139829Rignet Pte Ltd
139838Willow Technology Corporation Pty Ltd
139840CBN Operations Pty Ltd
139843Bayside Council
139845Carlisle Homes Pty Ltd
139848Safeguard Home Improvements Pty Ltd
139853Nominet UK
139862Bunnings Pty Ltd
139868Translational Research Institute
139869Lucidity IT Pty Ltd
139873Host Tel
139890Transaction Solutions Limited
139891Onewifi & Infrastructure
139909Collective Gateway
139910Origin Energy Limited
139917Aquinas College
140041The Geelong College
140051Gippsland Wifi Pty Ltd
140062VISION6-AS-AP Vision 6 Pty Ltd
140064Isaac Regional Council
140065CiFi Pty Ltd
140070Adelaide Oval SMA Ltd
140086The Uniting Church in Australia Synod of Victo
140097Bluescope Steel Limited
140099Rising Sun Pictures
140211City of Marion
140231EZInternet Pty Ltd
140239Nexus Globalcom Pty Ltd
140268Technilium Pty. Ltd.
140325NEXION Networks Pty Ltd
140327Advent One
140382Way South Internet & Phone
140403PT. Graha Fatta
140503Pegasystems Pty Ltd.
140505Ripple Networks
140576VPSBlocks Pty Ltd
140581Aqura Technologies
140583Optitel Pty Ltd
140587Western Health
140598Wi-Sky Queensland Pty Ltd
140603CEA Technologies Pty Ltd
140613Tasmanian Water and Sewerage Corporation Pty
140623The Scots College
140637Macquarie Telecom Group Pty Ltd
140639Pymble Ladies College
140646Resetdata Pty Ltd
140670Pact IT Solutions
140672Lutheran Church of Australia Inc
140676Alphawest Services Pty Ltd
140678vHub Network
140690EGroup Protective Services Group Pty Ltd
140694Northern Technology Solutions
140702Amtac Professional Services Pty Ltd
140703Computertalk Pty Ltd
140713OZ Minerals Ltd
140724RACT Pty Ltd
140728SK1PLTQVAD-AS-AP Quantum Voice and Data
140730Universal Customised Networking Technical Soluti
140735St Peters Lutheran College
140736Edge Data Centres Pty Ltd
140842DCA Networks Pty Ltd
140876Splash Internet Pty Ltd
140880Monocera Pty Ltd
140891UCIT Pty Limited
140892Auswide Services IT
140896Lumity Technology Solutions Pty Ltd
140905Keepit AS
140922Future Fund Management Agency
140932SPINKTEL1-AS-AP Spinktel Comms Pty Ltd
140933Geek Inside Networks
140952Strong Technology LLC
140956Oneiric Group Pty Ltd
140959Toyota Finance Australia Ltd
140965Data Action Pty Ltd
140967Steele Networks Pty Ltd
140968Alinta Servco Pty Ltd
140977SCECGS Redlands Ltd
140994Gigawave Communications
141002NETWORK1-AS-AP Network Technologies Queensland Pty Ltd
141036Cloudband Pty Ltd
141041A Corp Computers Pty Ltd
141043Precinct Health Service
141046Kia Motors Australia Pty Limited
141161HSBC Bank Australia Limited
141165Australian United Retailers Ltd.
141204Ti Systems Australia Pty Ltd
141211Mid-Coast Council
141223RXT Connect
141229Peter Warren Automotive Holdings
141353Anglo American Metallurgical Coal Pty Ltd
141359Capitol Health Limited
141360Premier Contact Point Pty Ltd
141365Newcrest Mining Limited
141387CLOUDTALK1-AS-AP CloudTalk Pty Ltd
141392Sunwater Limited
141397BitWave Networks Pty Ltd
141399Specsavers Pty Ltd
141401Bank of Sydney
141402St Augustines College-Sydney
141403Open Spaces Internet Pty Ltd
141422Comtel Pty. Limited
141435Bayer South East Asia Pte Ltd
141437OfficeWorks Ltd
141451Sundata Pty Ltd
141457Rapid Wireless Pty Ltd
141468Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet
141682APIDT Infrastructure Pty Ltd
141684Department of Customer Service
141700Cloud Nine Communications Pty Ltd
141708Reddenet Pty Ltd
141719Serenitas Communities Holdings Pty Ltd
141727Advanced Design Technology Pty Ltd
141733LEGION2-AS-AP Legion Telecom Pty Ltd
141734Rapid Internet Pty Ltd
141743Stripe Hosting
141746Disaster Science
141885Chubb Fire & Security Pty Ltd
141989The Royal Australian College of General Pract
141992Department of Communities and Justice DCJ
141995Contabo Asia Private Limited
142010A.P. Facilities Pty. Limited
142017Immensea Networks Pty Ltd
142022Crystal Waters Fibre Pty Ltd
142038Trustees of the Roman Catholic Church for
142042Christian Brothers High School Lewisham
142049Launch Crew Pty Ltd
142114Alexandrina Council
142125Capti Networks Pty Ltd
142143Wesley Mission Queensland
142147M4DMEDICALLIMITED-AS-AP 4DMedical Limited
142149Qube Holdings Limited
142275Incubatec SRL
142283AUSTRALIAN4-AS-AP Australian Lamb Colac Pty Ltd
142293Kangaroo Valley Broadband Network Pty Ltd
142411Instant Security Alarms Pty Ltd
142422Hobart City Council
142426GenNext Enterprises Pty Ltd
142578E-Large HongKong
142579GoLogic Group Pty Ltd
142585Connect Regional Broadband Pty Ltd
142587Yardi Systems Pty Ltd
142590Ambulance Victoria
142596CLOUDTRONICS1-AS-AP Cloudtronics Pty Ltd
142610Frankston Internet Pty Ltd
142613Red Bend Catholic College
142617Rackdog LLC
142625Gallagher Bassett Services Pty Ltd
146963Strike Systems Pty Limited
146965UNITED1-AS-AP United Petroleum Pty Ltd As Trustee For The Tr
146994Raines Internet Solutions
147000Consortium Group
147015Click Host
147020Infininet Global Pty Ltd
147037Tech Stream Solutions Pty Ltd
147052Ballarat &amp amp Clarendon College
147061YesIT Group Pty Ltd
147062Superannuation Advice Australia
147064Kern Solutions Group
147182Clearview Networks
147190PRIORITY1IT-AS-AP Priority Technology
147287DATAPARA1-AS-IN DataParadise
147304Arista Networks Australia Pty Ltd
147309Jee Technology Pty Ltd
147310Jose Health IT Pty Ltd
147313Northline Service Center Pty Ltd
148968Falcore Investments Pty Ltd
148970The Gribbles Group Ltd
148976Newcastle Connect
149017Duratec Limited
149018Toim Technology
149024Myanmar Shwe Pyone Company Limited
149025Curnie Pty Ltd
149043Accolade Wines Australia Limited
149047SWIFTFIBER2-AS-AP SwiftFiber
149061Kinross Wolaroi School Limited
149164Avondale University Limited
149288Telstra Corporation Limited
149305St Pauls Grammar School Penrith Limited
149427C & M Hosting Solutions Pty Ltd As Trustee for T
149428CODE200-AS-AP Code200 UAB
149446Firmus Grid Pty Ltd
149488Apollo Labs Pty Ltd
149512Inligo Networks Pty Ltd
149516Comops Limited
149647Move Up Internet Pty Ltd
149773National Archives of Australia
149782Brisk Technology
149784BESPOKE1-AS-AP Bespoke Media Solutions Pty Ltd
149785The Rebel Fleet Aust Pty Ltd
149811FTP Solutions Pty Ltd
149814Blue Connections Pty Ltd
149827Newtel Telecommunications Pty Ltd
149834Computers Now Pty Ltd Atf the Trustee for Co
149841LIGHTNING1-AS-AP Lightning IP
149847Tabcorp Holdings Limited
149851ASN Telecom Pty Ltd
149858Nevigate Global Network Australia Pty Ltd
149862Advanced Inbound Resource Pty Ltd
149872Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute
149874Multiwave Networks Pty Ltd
149977Securebit AG
149997Greenant Networks Pty Ltd
149998Goanna Networks
150004Check Networks
150110FJ Networking Pty Limited
150115Team Global Express Pty Ltd
150121Tasmanian Colo
150146Legal Aid Queensland
150301Water Corporation
150305Volkswagen Financial Services Australia Pty Lim
150329Sensor Dynamics Pty Ltd
150343City of Victor Harbor
150354Bluehub Unified Communications Pty Ltd
150380MENTONEGRAMMAR2-AS-AP Mentone Grammar School
150391Jones Lang LaSalle Australia Pty Ltd
150398Zoom Broadband
150419SubCo Pty Ltd
150421St Agnes Care & Lifestyle
150427Complete Office Supplies
150438Secure-ISS Holdings Pty Ltd
150446Databox Solutions
150672Hutchins School Board of Management
150680NSW Fire Brigades
150710CWNet Pty Ltd
150717Deere & Company
150730Onsky Pty Ltd
150739Northern Beaches Council
150798WSA CO Limited
150804Muli Management PL
151042Clearly IP Australia Pty Ltd
151047CENTRAL2-AS-AP Queensland Urban Utilities
151052Jason Lingohr
151079St Michaels College
151203Fibre Up Pty Ltd
151213Waterman Workspaces
151321Atlas Iron Pty Ltd
151332CoinJar Pty Ltd
151357Lokket Pty Ltd
151395Data Centre As A Service
151414Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation
151417Zen Hosting
151499Australian Public Access Network Association in
151603D-Link Australia Pty Ltd
151623Rechenberg Pty. Ltd.
151634Jazi Group Pty Ltd
151641Pilbara Minerals
151649Mercy Aged and Community Care Ltd
151660Neptune Internet
151819Flying Bark Productions Pty Ltd
151822Toyota Motor Corporation Australia Limited
151824Anypoint Pty Ltd
151831STACK Infrastructure Australia Pty Ltd
151833Sarb Management Group
151842One Click Media
151846Southern Cross Care Wa Inc
151952Southern Cross Broadband Pty Ltd
151964ZGX Pty Ltd
151971Department of Communications and the Arts
151976CoreFibre Networks Pty Ltd
151978Wide Blue Ocean Pty Ltd
151982Navaera Sciences LLC
152094Indigo Internet
152097Centrefit Group Pty Ltd
152132Puresoft Australia Pty Ltd
152133Anthony White
152164Asc Pty Ltd
152167Followmont Transport
152171BDP Resources Pty Ltd
152175Sat One Global Pty Ltd
152181Professional IT Resources Pty Ltd
152183Its Fubar Technology Services
197450Sunucun Bilgi Iletisim Teknolojileri ve Ticaret Limited Sirketi
197537Wisdom Cloud Internet Technology Pte. Ltd.
198734Bojin Li
198841Repro-PRINT d.o.o.
198949DC Protection Ltd
199524G-Core Labs S.A.
199610marbis GmbH
199840Pieter Berkel
199925Phan Nhat Nghi
200017UAB Ecolando
200325Bunnyway Informacijske Storitve d.o.o.
201206Droptop GmbH
201239LogiSpin Austria GmbH
201341TrafficForce UAB
201691Fannavari Etelaate Samane Kavoshgar Ide Ltd.
202053UpCloud Ltd
202422G-Core Labs S.A.
202656Ivanov Vitaliy Sergeevich
202818Lumen Technologies UK Limited
203020HostRoyale Technologies Pvt Ltd
203963SPDNet Telekomunikasyon Hizmetleri Bilgi Teknolojileri Taahhut Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S.
204038AD IT Systems GmbH
205102Steven Honson Group B.V.
206092IPXO Limited
206720Airbus SAS
206804EstNOC OY
207543Downunder Geosolutions (London) Pty Limited
207990HostRoyale Technologies Pvt Ltd
208187TeamViewer Germany GmbH
208756Alcon Telecom Ltd
209242CloudFlare London LLC
209306Jin Shaohai
209372SIA Singularity Telecom
209526Cyber Assets Fzco
209709UAB Code200
209854Cyberzone S.A.
210197Rok Tajzel Trading as RS-Resitve Informacijske Storitve
210542NPO G-Net
210906UAB BITE Lietuva
211192Cyberhop Ltd
211826Istqrar for Servers Services Ltd
212238DataCamp Limited
212335Simoresta UAB
213006Invermae Solutions SL
216050Lietparkas UAB
216215WE BE Vibin Pty Ltd
216414TrumVPS Company Limited
393226Intercontinental Exchange Inc.
394005Selling Simplified Inc
394087Secure Internet LLC
394260Verizon Connect
394434Twilio Inc
394977Take-Two Interactive Software Inc.
395092Shock Hosting LLC
395505Imanage LLC
395717Wasabi Technologies Inc.
395743STATIC 1 LLC
396073Majestic Hosting Solutions LLC Inc.
396982Google LLC
397630Blazing SEO LLC
399813Unitedlayer LLC
399815Unitedlayer LLC
400039Wolverine Trading LLC
400536NodeStop L.L.C.