Cloudflare DNS – Should I Use It?

If you want to get the most from your online experience, it starts with your DNS resolver. Cloudflare's DNS server,, is considered to be the fastest DNS resolver available. It offers a fast, secure, and private way to browse the Internet. In this article, learn what you need to know about the IP address in order to make a decision about whether or not you should use it.

What is is a public DNS (domain name system) resolver that makes your searches faster and more secure. It's operated and maintained by Cloudflare, a well-known Internet provider. Cloudflare only works with DNS requests.

As a public resolver, it's available to all Internet users for free, much like the Google public DNS resolver.

DNS resolvers work by translating domain names into IP addresses, which web browsers use to load webpages. Without DNS resolvers, Internet users would need to memorize IP addresses to get to a website or webpage.

This would be difficult; instead of entering whatismyip.com, you'd need to recall and enter a string of numbers. Essentially, DNS resolvers make Internet searches simpler for users, turning domain names into IPs. Cloudflare DNS servers do this quickly and securely for all users.

What is Cloudflare?

Cloudflare is a company that provides a host of web services, such as content delivery networks, cloud security, and DDoS mitigation. They are also an Internet provider and act as a reverse proxy for web traffic.

Many people who are looking for a different DNS server look to Cloudflare, as they provide a high-security server with fast response times. The company is not limited to DNS services, however. Ultimately, they are a well-known and well-established technological company that offers a multitude of services to users.

The Cloudflare logo, which is the IP address

What is the purpose of Cloudflare DNS?

The main purpose of is to boost security and overall performance when browsing the web. While your Internet service provider has a DNS resolver already, it might not be as fast or efficient as you need. Replacing your current DNS resolver with provides faster Internet and a better browsing experience in general.

It also offers improved privacy, as not all ISPs use encryption on their DNS. This makes DNS queries vulnerable to data breaches, which are a danger to users.

The DNS resolver does not mine user data. Furthermore, it purges user logs after 24 hours. For users looking for a more private and secure DNS resolver, is a good choice.

Why use Cloudflare DNS?

If you want to keep your online activities private and increase your browsing speed, Cloudflare's DNS server is worth switching to. Cloudflare recommends people use to accelerate all online activity, as their service is designed to be faster than traditional DNS services.

It also doesn't sell user data to the highest bidder or target users with ads, which improves overall user experience. Most public DNS services use and support DNSSEC, which is helpful, but it doesn't fully protect DNS queries from providers. Cloudflare uses query name minimization, which is a security feature that limits the personal details included in each request you make. Therefore, it protects your privacy.

While Cloudflare DNS servers aren't virtual private networks, they do eliminate the risk of your ISP gathering your data. You don't need to worry about adjusting Cloudflare DNS settings for privacy.

When you use DNS, the system:

  • Hides your queries. Using this IP address guarantees your privacy, as your Internet service provider won't track your Internet traffic.
  • Resolves queries. Cloudflare DNS converts your domain names to IP addresses and efficiently resolves online queries.
  • Disconnects your VPN. Unfortunately, you can't use Cloudflare DNS servers and a VPN at the same time. While the DNS does provide more privacy than other DNS resolvers, it doesn't provide as much security and anonymity as a virtual private network.

The three biggest benefits of using Cloudflare DNS are privacy, security, and speed. For many users, this is enough to switch over.

But as an IP address isn't perfect. Many ISPs block the use of as a DNS resolver, meaning you could run into issues trying to use it. It also doesn't encrypt all of your device's data, as mentioned earlier. You won't be able to use if your primary objective is private browsing.

How to set up

Cloudflare DNS works on computers and mobile devices as well.

If you want to set up on a Windows computer:

  1. Click on the Start menu and then the Control menu.
  2. Click Network and Internet, then Change Adapter Settings.
  3. Right-click on your WiFi network and select Properties.
  4. Select Internet Protocol Version 4 and then Properties.
  5. Write down any existing DNS server entries for future reference and click Use the Following DNS Server Addresses.
  6. Replace those addresses with the DNS addresses.
  7. Click OK, then restart your computer.

If you want to set up on Mac computers:

  1. Go to System Settings and select the Network icon.
  2. Select your current WiFi connection and click Details.
  3. Select the DNS tab.
  4. Write down any existing DNS server entries for future reference.
  5. Replace the current addresses with
  6. Click OK and restart your computer.

To set up on Android phones:

  1. Go to the Google play store and search for Faster Internet.
  2. Once you've found the app, download it.
  3. Launch the app and toggle the WARP button to Connected.
  4. Install the VPN profile that allows your phone to connect.

To set up on iOS devices:

  1. Go to the App Store and search for Faster Internet.
  2. Once you've found the app, download it.
  3. Launch the app and accept the terms of service.
  4. Install the VPN profile that allows your phone to connect.
  5. Toggle the WARP button to Connected.

Frequently asked questions

What is Cloudflare DNS?

Cloudflare DNS is an authoritative DNS service that offers fast response times and advanced security with their services. Cloudflare DNS servers are a popular alternative to the DNS servers offered by Internet service providers, as Cloudflare's often perform faster and better.

Who does belong to?

Cloudflare DNS owns It's owned by Cloudflare in a partnership with APNIC, which is a non-profit organization that manages IP address allocation for certain regional networks. Both run the DNS service for all users who browse the Internet.

Is a valid IP address? is not a valid private IP address, as it is defined and reserved for its purpose as a DNS resolver. However, it's a valid IP for its intended purpose. Users can change their DNS to this IP, though they might experience issues with their ISP.

What makes the fastest DNS service?

Cloudflare has a reputation for its security technology and network infrastructure. Even with its DNS services, is able to deliver fast DNS queries due to the fact that it's integrated into the company's network. This enables it to provide quick responses.