ASN Lists for China

71HP Inc.
109Cisco Systems Inc.
174Cogent Communications
1281PSINet Inc.
1759Telia Finland Oyj
1766Exxon Mobil Corporation
2042Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
3460Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
3717Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
4134Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
4515Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
4538Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
4611China Internet Corporation
4659CHINA169-CN CNCGROUP Old Jitong IP Network
4800PT Aplikanusa Lintasarta
4808China169-BJ China Unicom Beijing Province Network
4809China Telecom Next Generation Carrier Network
4811China Telecom Group
4812China Telecom Group
4816China Telecom Group
4835China Telecom Group
4837China169-Backbone China Unicom China169 Backbone
4842Tianhai Infotech
4847China Networks Inter-Exchange
4859The State Information Center of P.R.China
6663Euroweb Romania S.R.L.
7060Electronic Arts Inc.
7468Cyber Express Communication Ltd.
7497Computer Network Information Center of Chinese Academy of Sciences Cnic-Cas
7540HongKong Commercial Internet Exchange
7609Ace On Line
7640Citicnet China International Trust & Investment Corporation Management Information Center
7641CHINABTN China Broadcasting TV Net
7653Paradox Digital Pty Ltd
7656Taiwan Network Access Point
8075Microsoft Corporation
8100QuadraNet Enterprises LLC
8826Siemens AG
9009M247 Europe SRL
9232Concentrix Technologies Inc
9306China International Electronic Commerce Center
9308Abitcool(China) Inc.
9381HKBN Enterprise Solutions HK Limited
9389Unspecified Beijing Shenzhou Greatwall Communication
9392APSATCOM APT Mobile Satcom Limited
9394China Tietong Telecommunications Corporation
9401National Library of China
9405Test Platform Service Center
9406NSFC High Speed Testbed
9535Internet-Solution -HK
9802Abitcool(China) Inc.
9803JINGXUN Beijing Jingxun Public Information Technology Co. Ltd
9805Siemens Ltd. China
9806BJENET Beijing Educational Information Network Service Center Co. Ltd
9807Data Management Centre National Bureau of Statistics of China
9808China Mobile Communications Group Co. Ltd.
9810Tnsnet Beijing Times Netstar Technology Co. Ltd
9811BJGY SRIT Corp. Beijing.
9812Oriental Cable Network Co. Ltd.
9814FIBRLINK Beijing FibrLINK Networks Co. Ltd.
9818IFLAB Internet Finance Laboratory
9929CUII China Unicom Industrial Internet Backbone
9939DYXNET of Shenzhen Communication Co. Ltd.
10100UBS Group AG
10111Zeofast Network
10206China Unicom Zhongwei Cloud
10212CHINAENTERCOM China Enterprise ICT Solutions Limited
10806Agence France Presse
10846Deere & Company
11003The Procter and Gamble Company
13444TRS Inc.
14824Take-Two Interactive Software Inc.
17408Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
1742821Vianet.Co. Ltd
17429BGCTVNET Beijing Gehua Catv Network Co.Ltd
17430Great Wall Broadband Network Service Co. Ltd
17442Internet Service Provider in China
17490Broadhand IP Network Based DWDM
17621China Unicom Shanghai Network
17622China Unicom Guangzhou network
17623China Unicom Shenzen network
17633ASN for Shandong Provincial Net of CT
17638ASN for TIANJIN Provincial Net of CT
17739Shanghai Telecom Haplink Network Co. Ltd
17775Shanghai Science and Technology Network Communication Limited Company
17776China Enterprise Communications Ltd.
17781XHNEWS Xinhua News Agency
17799ASN for Liaoning Provincial Net of CT
17816China Unicom
17897ASN for Heilongjiang Provincial Net of CT
17962Shenzhen Topway Video Communication Co. Ltd
17964DXTNET Beijing Dian-Xin-Tong Network Technologies Co. Ltd.
17968DQTNET Daqing Zhongji Petroleum Telecommunication Construction Limited Cpmpany
17969Beijing Kuancom Network Technology Co. Ltd.
18013ASLine Limited
18118Citic Networks Management Co. Ltd.
18239CAPNET No.11 Xi San Huan Zhong Road Beijing
18241State Power Information Net
18242Chengdu Information Harbor Co. Ltd
18245FounderBN CNNIC
18257Changzhou Bitcomm Software Technology Co. Limited
18811Mentos Couple Inc.
19855Masergy Communications Inc.
20464HP Inc.
20473The Constant Company LLC
21700Neptune Networks LLC
21856Nokia of America Corporation
21859Zenlayer Inc
23650AS Number for CHINANET Jiangsu Province Backbone
23724IDC China Telecommunications Corporation
23764China Telecom Global Limited
23771SXBCTV Internet Service Provider
23839LiaoHe Oilfield Telecommunication Company
23841Tianjin Broadcast &TV Network Co.Ltd
23842Shenzhen Information and Network Center
23844Beijing Guanghuan Xinwang Digital
23848PINGANCOM Shenzhen Ping An Communication Technology Co. Ltd
23851Chongqing CNC Broadband Networks Co. Ltd
23852Guangdong World Crossing Technology Investment Ltd.
23853Shanghai Data Solution Co. Ltd.
23881UDomain Web Hosting Company Ltd
23898International Communication Instrument Co. Limite
23910China Next Generation Internet Cernet2
23911China Next Generation Internet Beijing IX
24059CMNET2-AS-AP China Mobile Communications Corporation
24134CNLink Networks Ltd.
24137HeNan Ping Coal Group
24138CRNET_BJ_IDC-CNNIC-AP China Tietong Telecommunication Corporation
24139WASUHZ Huashu media&Network Limited
24141Shanghai DMT Information Network Cor. Ltd.
24143Qingdao Cable TV Network Center
24147Beijing CBD Telecom Co .Ltd
24149ZDNS Internet Domain Name System Beijing Engineering Resrarch Center Ltd.
24150SCN 1 Tianxianqiao Binhe Road Chengdu Sichuan
24151China Internet Network Infomation Center
24155Asia Pacific Broadband Wireless Communications Inc
24348CERNET2 IX at Tsinghua University
24349CERNET2 IX at Peking University
24350CERNET2 IX at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
24353CERNET2 IX at Xian Jiaotong University
24355CERNET2 IX at University of Electronic Science and Technology of China
24356CERNET2 IX at Chongqing University
24357CERNET2 IX at South China University of Technology
24358CERNET2 IX at Huazhong University of Science and Technology
24361CERNET2 IX at Southeast University
24362CERNET2 IX at University of Science and Technology of China
24363CERNET2 IX at Shandong University
24364CERNET2 IX at Shanghai Jiaotong University
24369CERNET2 IX at Northeast University
24370CERNET2 IX at Dalian University of Technology
24371CERNET2 IX at Jilin University
24400Shanghai Mobile Communications Co. Ltd.
24406China Internet Network Infomation Center
24409China Internet Network Infomation Center
24413Shenzhen Sunrise Technology Co. Ltd.
24422Huatong information network
24424GOOGLECN Beijing Gu Xiang Information Technology Co. Ltd.
24426Beijing Ce Huatong Information Technology Co. Ltd.
24427Freecomm Corporation
24429TAOBAO Zhejiang Taobao Network Co. Ltd
24430China State Post Bureau
24444Shandong Mobile Communication Company Limited
24445Henan Mobile Communications Co. Ltd
24489TEIN2-NORTH-AP Trans-Eurasia Information Network TEIN2 - North
24490TEIN2-SG-AP Trans-Eurasia Information Network TEIN2 - SG
24495Gnet Integrated Services Co.
24547Hebei Mobile Communication Company Limited
31972Emagine Concept Inc.
34549meerfarbig GmbH & Co. KG
34806ASLine Limited
34985NETING Sp. z o.o.
35163Procter & Gamble Service GmbH
35830BTT Group Finance Ltd
35916Multacom Corporation
36183Akamai Technologies Inc.
37936SINA 15F Ideal Plaza No.58 Bei Si Huan Xi Road
37937EGOVNET China eGovNet Information Center
37942Sachnet 3rd Floor Wenbo Building No.A2 Gaoyuan Street
37963Hangzhou Alibaba Advertising Co. Ltd.
37965Pacnet Business Solutions Ltd
37970HIGHWAYNET Floor 9 Hua Sheng Building No.1 Lane 519 Ao Men R
38019Tianjin Mobile Communication Company Limited
38027Information Center Ministry of Sci and Tech
38057Dellchina Dell China Co. Ltd
38186Forewin Telecom Group Limited ISP at
38238Societe Generale China Limited
38272China Education and Research Network CERNET
38283CHINANET SiChuan Telecom Internet Data Center
38345ZDNS Internet Domain Name System Beijing Engineering Resrarch Center Ltd.
38357SLTNET BEIJING DATA-Express Tech Co. Ltd
38358Iccast 3 Fuxing Road Beijing China
38363HIGHWAYNET Floor 9 Hua Sheng Building No.1 Lane 519 Ao Men R
38364LTEL RM 1706 Block A Ocean Express No.66
38365BAIDU Beijing Baidu Netcom Science and Technology Co. Ltd.
38367Ulicnet 20F. Kuntai International Mansion Buiding1 Yi No.12
38372RJNET Room 203 No.6 PingYuanBei Street Foshan GuangDong China
38375GSGH GSGH Security LLC
38378Bosch China Investment Ltd.
38379Maginetwork No.9 Building No.619 Longchang Road Shanghai CH
38380China South Locomotive and Rolling Stock Ind
38381TRAVELSKY West Wing No.157 Dongsi West Street Dongcheng Beijing China
38627Baidujp Baidu Inc.
38733CMC Telecom Infrastructure Company
38814Mega Vantage Information Technology Hong
40051Disney Worldwide Services Inc.
40065CNServers LLC
40526Gap Inc. Direct
40564Vocom International Telecommunication Inc.
40676Psychz Networks
41717Telfly Technology Limited
41725Legaco Networks B.V.
42962Shijiazhuang Xuding Technology Company Ltd
44218China Telecom Europe Ltd.
44477Stark Industries Solutions Ltd
45057CTTSH China Tietong Shanghai
45061SIN Shanghai Information Network Co. Ltd.
45062NetEase Building No.16 Ke Yun Road
45064Zspnet Beijing Zhongguancun Software Park Development Co. LT
45071No.8 Xing Guang 5th Street Opto-Mechatronics Indust
45075CRI China Central Television
45079GDS Changan Services Ltd.
45083HXDNET Beijing Haixunda Communication Co. Ltd
45084BTV No.98 Jianguo Road Chaoyang District Beijing China
45086Shanghai Yovole Networks Inc.
45090Shenzhen Tencent Computer Systems Company Limited
451012-5F Tower 2 and 1-12F Tower 3 SZITIC Square
45102Alibaba US Technology Co. Ltd.
45110CBCNET Beijing Tian Wei Xin Tong Technology Corp. Limited.
45113DTCOAL Shanxi Datong Coal Group Communication Co. Ltd
45250Vocom International Telecommunications AP Area
45275BII Group Holding Ltd.
45566Google Singapore Pte. Ltd.
45746Shenzhen Aosida Communication Co. Ltd.
48095XT Global Networks Ltd. B.V
50261ACE Telecom Kft
54600Peg Tech Inc
54994Meteverse Limited.
55330Afghantelecom Government Communication Network A
55361Lucky Tone Communications Ltd
55439Internet Systems Consortium Beijing China
55461Beijing Sun Rise Technology CO. LTD
55468China Radio International
55569Criteo Apac
55720Gigabit Hosting Sdn Bhd
557861065-A Zhaojiabang Road
55933Cloudie Limited
55956Magna Automotive Technology and Servicesha
55958Intel China Ltd
55960Beijing Guanghuan Xinwang Digital
55966Psbcnet Post Savings Bank of China Tower A No.3
55967BAIDU Beijing Baidu Netcom Science and Technology Co. Ltd.
55971Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
55973Ucsnetcn Universal Cinema Services Co. Ltd
55982Changhong IT Information Products Co. Ltd.
55990HWCSNET Huawei Cloud Service data center
55992Beijing Qihu Technology Company Limited
55994Shanghai Ruisu Network Technology Co. Ltd
55996Cypresstel Cypress Telecom China Limited
56000HerbalifeShanghaiManagement Co. Ltd.
56002Beijing Marine Communication and Navigation Co.
56003JDJT Beijing Century Union Network Technology Co. Ltd.
56005Zhengzhou Fastidc Technology Co. Ltd.
56006Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co. Ltd.
56011Unicloud Tech Co. Ltd.
56012Lgnet China
56013Samsung SDS China
56015China Sports Lottery Technology Development Co.
56019SHUJUJIA Beijing ShuJuJia Technology Co. Ltd.
56040China Mobile Communications Corporation
56041China Mobile Communications Corporation
56042China Mobile Communications Corporation
56044China Mobile Communications Corporation
56046China Mobile Communications Corporation
56047China Mobile Communications Corporation
56048China Mobile Communicaitons Corporation
56282Beijing Internet Harbor Technology Co. Ltd
57844SPDNet Telekomunikasyon Hizmetleri Bilgi Teknolojileri Taahhut Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.S.
58061Scalaxy B.V.
58448CONAC China Organizational Name Administration Center
58461No.288 Fu-chun Road
58466ChinaNet Guangdong Province Network
58517China Telecom
58518China Telecom
58519Cloud Computing Corporation
58536CONAC China Organizational Name Administration Center
58539Langfang Hebei province P.R.China
58540Jinan 250000
58541Qingdao 266000
58542Tianjij 300000
58563ChinaNet Hubei Province Network
58571ChinaNet Guizhou Province Network
58593Shanghai Blue Cloud Technology Co. Ltd
58627OneAsia Network Limited
58772CHINANET Fujian Province Fuzhou IDC Network
58777CT2 Chinatelecom Cybersecurity Tech
58779I4HKLIMITED-AS i4HK Limited
58807China Mobile International Limited
58811CONAC China Organizational Name Administration Center
58834Guangdong Cable Corporation Limited
58850Bbginetcn Bloomberg Financial Information Beijing Co Ltd
58851YOUWE Priority of FashionBeijingInformation Technology Co. L
58852GZGD Guizhou Provincial Radio and Television Information Net
58854KAOPY Kaopu Cloud
58862Microsoft China Co. Ltd.
58866China Financial Certification Authority
58908Howtimefly Howtimefly Beijing Info Tech Ltd.
58962Sichuan Century Lixin Financial Management Consult
59003TJGDKD Tianjin B&T Broadband Network Technology Co. Ltd. C
59009Wxdata Qingdao Wangxin Telcom Corp. Limited
59011Beijing Yunlin Network Technology Co. Ltd.
59012China Grain Reserves Group Ltd.Company
59019BJKSCNET Beijing Kingsoft Cloud Internet Technology Co. Ltd Co. Ltd
59034Beijing Wish Network Technology Co. Ltd.
59037ZHIYUNET Hangzhou ZhiYu Network Technology Co. Ltd.
59043Guangzhou Landong Information Technology Co. Ltd
59045Sunhongs Guangzhou Navigation Information Technology Co. Ltd
59049Wal-mart China Investment Co. Ltd.
59057JSMNET Jishi Media Co . Ltd.
59065PAYPALCN PayPal Network Information Services Shanghai Co. L
59067MMAISNET Microsoft Mobile Alliance Internet Services Co.
59068Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co. Ltd.
59073Bank of China Limited
59074Taikang Insurance Group Co. Ltd.
59078Yunify Technologies Inc.
59083Shanghai Kuanhui Tech. Co. Ltd
59729ITL LLC
60781Leaseweb Netherlands B.V.
61317Hivelocity Inc
61414EDGENAP Ltd
62240Clouvider Limited
62387meerfarbig GmbH & Co. KG
63199CDS Global Cloud Co. Ltd
63538Shanghai Hengyi Network Technology Co. Ltd
63539Cloud Union Hubei Network Technology Co. Ltd C
63548Lenovo Beijing Co.Ltd
63555CNBIDCC Beijing Beilong Yunhai Network Data Technology Corpo
63561China Electronics Technology Cyber Security Co. Ltd
63565Yhwlm Beijing Lian Guang Tong Network Technology Co. Ltd C
63570No Registry Entry
63571Gwlink Shenzhen Cyberlink Century Investment Co. Ltd.
63580China Novartis Institutes for Bio-Medical Resear
63581Gxrtvnet Guangxi Radio & Television Information Network Co. Ltd.
63582Chinese Academy of Telecommunication Research
63583Chinese Academy of Telecommunication Research
63590Hebei Broadcasting&TV Network
63603GSS China
63607Anhuiguangdian Anhui Radio and Television Information Networ
63612Shenzhen Qianhai bird cloud computing Co. Ltd.
63614QISHANGONLINE A4 5th Floor Tower C Triumph Plaza Unit A
63615GECHINANET GE China Co. Ltd
63620Shenzhen Huabo Technology Develop Co. Ltd.
63629Beijing Autohome Imformation Technology Co. Ltd
63631Guangdong Cloudbase Technology Co. Ltd.
63634CPCN China Payment & Clearing Network Co. Ltd.
63641Mega Vantage Information Consulting Co. Ltd.
63646XJKJ Beijing Xiaoju Science and Technology Co. Ltd.
63654Beijing Neteast Technologies Corporation Ltd
63655Hwdgnet Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd
63663Yhhl Beijing Yunhaihulian Science and Technology Co. Ltd.
63690China Dragon Telecom Co. Ltd
63695WYNETWORK WeiYi Network Technology Co. Ltd
63696China Securities Co. Ltd
63697China Securities Co. Ltd
63701JSMNET Jishi Media Co . Ltd.
63704Guizhou Provincial Radio and Television Information
63722Hodo Telecom Co Ltd.
63835No.293 Wanbao Avenue
63854Hee Thai Limited
63888TISP Limited
63928Freecomm Hong Kong Limited
6398143F AIA Tower 183 Electric Road North Point Hong Kong
64050BGPNET Global ASN
64096BIH-Global Internet Harbor
131192Henan Guochao E-Commerce
1312331 Verge Information Technology Beijing Co. Ltd.
13127411/F AXA Centre 151 Gloucester Road
131285CHINATELECOM Hubei Province Shengji 5G Network
131314China Broadband Communications Hong Kong Company Limited
131325CHINATELECOM Jiangsu Province Nantong Man Network
131486Beijing Jingdong 360 Degree E-Commerce Co. Ltd.
131497Volkswagen China Investment Co. LTD
131506Heilongjiang Radio & TV Network Co. Ltd
131524Shanghai PUJV Communication Technology Co. Ltd.
131536SHGWBNNET Shanghai Great Wall Broadband Network Service Co.
131558Wal-mart China Investment Co. Ltd.
131562HNCATV HUNAN CATV Network Group CO. LTD.
131567Doublenet Fnetlink International Co. Ltd.
131574HIDDOS Beijing Haiyu Technology Co. Ltd..
131577Unifiband Wuhan Unifiber Communication Co. Ltd.
131578Beijing Foreign Studies University
131941Entsu Co. Ltd.
132019Earth Network Technology Shanghai Co. Ltd
132146Rich Top EC Limited
132147No.3 Shu-Ma Road
132153No.3 Shu-Ma Road
132168Esun Technology International Co. Limited
132203Tencent Building Kejizhongyi Avenue
132225Hosted Continuity Pty Ltd
132226Nantong Moonshine Information Technology Co.
132325Lemon Telecommunications Limited
132369Xiangao International Telecommunication Limited
1324374/F Euro America Center
132510IDC ShanXi China Mobile communications corporation
132525HeiLongJiang Mobile Communication Company Limited
132553Cernet2-Bupt-Cine-Ins-As Innovate Network Security Testbed Cine
132617Beijing Sinnet Technology Co. Ltd.
132742Guochao Group Limited
132825Mytek Trading Pty Ltd
132833China Telecom
132839Power Line Datacenter
132883Hong Kong San Ai Net Int'L Limited
133012Cocoa Oriental Network Limited
133107BRIGHTEX Brightex Tech Ltd
133111Cernet New Technology Co. Ltd
133115HK Kwaifong Group Limited
133118China Unicom IP Network
133119China Unicom IP Network
133178Australian Customs and Border Protection Service
133194Connections Hub Technology (Shanghai) Ltd. Company
133398Tele Asia Limited
133465Duke Kunshan University
133475New York University ASN
133478Tencent Cloud Computing Beijing Co. Ltd
133499HostRoyale Technologies Pvt Ltd
133558Abitcool Broadband Beijing Inc.
133731Cloudie Limited
133865Beijing IQIYI Science & Technology Co. Ltd.
133900Gilead Sciences Inc.
133948Dongfong Inc Limited
133952Zhengzhou Longling technology Ltd.
134117Ming WAN Enterprise
134172Colocation at China Telecom Hong Kong Datacenter A
134176Rainbow Network Limited
134196Anyun Internet Techn
134238CHINANET Jiangx Province IDC Network
134366Cloud Computing HK Limited
134420Chongqing Telecom
134425China Telecom
134519Thinkdream Technology Limited
134542China Unicom IP Network
134543China Unicom Guangdong IP Network
134548DXTL Tseung Kwan O Service
134700SinoyCloud Limited
134756CHINANET Nanjing Jishan IDC network
134760Shijiazhuang IDC network CHINANET Hebei Province
134762CHINANET Liaoning Province Dalian MAN Network
134763ChinaNet Guangdong Province Network
134764ChinaNet Guangdong Province Network
134765CHINANET Yunnan Province IDC1 Network
134766CHINANET Yunnan Province IDC2 Network
134768CHINANET SHAANXI Province Cloud Base Network
134769ChinaNet Jiangsu Changzhou Liyang IDC network
134770CHINANET Jiangsu Province Suzhou Taihu IDC Network
134771Wenzhou Zhejiang Province P.R.China.
134772CHINANET Guangdong Province Dongguan MAN Network
134773CHINANET Guangdong Province Guangzhou MAN Network
134774CHINANET Guangdong Province Shenzhen MAN Network
134810China Mobile Group JiLin Communications Corporation
134963Alibaba Cloud Singapore Private Limited
135011Kunming Broadcast&TV Network Co. Ltd
135026Thinkdream Technology Limited
135054China Mobile Group Hainan Co. Ltd.
135061China Unicom Guangdong IP Network
135089China Telecom
135356CN Care Network LTD
135357Shenzhen Katherine Heng Technology Information Co
135363Beijing Dunhuang Heguang Information Technology C
135373Efly Network Limited
135377UCloud Information Technology HK Limited
135386LinkChina Telecom Global Limited.
135391Aofei Data International Company Limited
135546China National Agricultural Development Group Co
135577Sap_dc_sha Sap
135596Hans Online Services
135629Ningxia West Cloud Data Technology Co.Ltd.
135630Amazon Connection Technology Services Beijing Co.
135883Nahe Tianjin Network Technology Co. Ltd.
136146B3NTCL-AS-AP Beijing 3389 Network Technology Co. Ltd.
136160Beijing Shijihulian Yuntong Network Technology
136167China Telecom Macau Company Limited
136173Quanzhou Yuntun Network Technology Co. Ltd. C
136180Beijing Tiantexin Tech. Co. Ltd.
136188Ningbo Zhejiang Province P.R.China.
136189Opera Software Technology Beijing Co. Ltd.
136190Jinhua Zhejiang Province P.R.China.
136191YICHANG Hubei Province P.R.China.
136192Xiangyang Hubei Province P.R.China.
136194Huangshi Hubei Province P.R.China.
136195Qingdao Shandong Province P.R.China.
136197Xiongan Hebei Province P.R.China.
136198CHINANET Guangdong Province Yuexi MAN Network
136200CHINANET Guangdong Province Foshan MAN Network
136403Hantang Network Technology Co. Ltd
136491Tidalport International Limited
136493Earth Network Technology HongKong Co. Limited
136526AllCloud Limited
136560MCDAPASN01-AS-AP McDonalds Corporation
136766Roblox Shenzhen Digital Science and Technology Co.
136778Hongkong Ai Jia Su Network Co. Limited
136809Nanning Guangxi Network Chi MDT Infotech Ltd
136897EnjoyVC Cloud Group Limited.
136907Huawei Clouds
136933GigabitBank Global
136950Hong Kong FireLine Network Ltd
136955Shang Hai Mu Ji Shang Wu Zi Xun You Xian Gon
136958China Unicom Guangdong IP Network
136959China Unicom Guangdong IP Network
137266CHINATELECOM Hubei Province Wuhan 5G Network
137280Kingsoft Cloud Corporation Limited
137443Anchnet Asia Limited
137451Hong Kong Business Telecom Limited
137539China Unicom
137687Luoyang Henan Province P.R.China.
137688CHINATELECOM Liaoning Benxi
137689IOT Jiangsu network Chinatelecom P.R.China.
137690Zaozhuang Shandong Province P.R.China.
137691Heilongjiang Province P.R.China.
137692IOT Guangdong network Chinatelecom P.R.China.
137693CHINATELECOM Guangxi Nanning IDC NetworkDescr: NanningGuangxi Province P.R.China.
137694Chinatelecom Xinjiang Kezhou Man Network
137695CHINATELECOM Xinjiang Wulumuqi MAN network
137697CHINATELECOM JiangSu YangZhou IDC networkdescr: YangZhouJiangsu Province P.R.China.
137698HaerbingHeilongjiang Province P.R.China.
137699CHINATELECOM Jiangsu Suqian
137702Nanjing Jiangsu Province P.R.China.
137710Wangshenxinxi Net God Information Technology Beijing Co.
137715GTJA Securities
137718Beijing Volcano Engine Technology Co. Ltd.
137719Cerwd Qingdao Weidong Big Data Technology Co. Ltd
137735CCBNET China Construction Bank
137747CHIJUN Beijing Chijun Network Advisory Service Co Ltd
137758Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited ICBC
137764Youkai Beijing Youkai Technology Co.Ltd
137785CACLOUD CACloud Services Shanghai Co. Ltd.
137787Newcampus4-Lenovo Beijing Jingdong Shangke Information Techn
137788Beacon Shanxi Beacon Cloudscape
1377985F Zhujiang Yide Building 362 Dongfeng Middle Road Yuexiu District
137801AIPO Cloud Guizhou Technology Co. Ltd.
137804CNIX China Internet Exchange
137806WMGS Consulting Shenzhen Co.Ltd
137917CN Nipaiyi Technology Co. Ltd.
137962Greypanel Pte Ltd
137969Hong Kong Bridge Info-Tech Limited
137986Sap China Co. Ltd.
138169China Telecom
138369CERNET2 Regional IX at Shenzhen University
138371Cernet2 Regional Ix at Ocean University of
138378CERNET2 Regional IX at Yunnan University
138393CERNET2 Regional IX at Guangxi University
138407The Internet Data Center of Guizhou Mobile Co
138421China Unicom
138449Siang Yu Science and Technology Limited
138457China Academy of Information and Communications
138570China Telecom
138630Gigabit Solution Limited
138645G3S-AS-AP G3S Technologies Co. Limited
138648ASLINE Global Exchange
138915Kaopu Cloud HK Limited
138950Jiangsu Wuxi International IDC network
138968Rainbow Network Limited
138979Guangzhou Shujie Suyuan Culture Communication Co. Ltd.
138982Hubei Jiangxia IDC
138991China Telecom
138995ANTBOX1-AS-AP Antbox Networks Limited
139007UNICOM InnerMongolia Province Network
139018Henan Luoyang IDC
139019Henan Xinxiang MAN
139021WEST263GO-HK West263 International Limited
139057Legend Dynasty Pte. Ltd.
139076EnjoyVC Japan Corporation
139080The Internet Data Center of Sichuan Mobile Communication Company Limited
139081Shenzhen Panshi Cloud Sky Network Technolo
139099GEELY Zhejiang Geely Holding Group
139110Newcampus1-Lenovo Lenovo Mobile Communication Technology Bei
139118Ruguinfo Shanghai Rugu Info&Tech Co. Ltd.
139122Bmac Beijing Municipal Administration Communication Card Co.
139136Zhejiang Province New-Type Internet Exchange Point Co. Ltd.
139137Chinese Academy of Telecommunication Research
139138Gopay Gopay Information Technology Co. Ltd
139139Syaunet Shenyang Agricultural University
139141Yusys Financial Cloud
139148CHINAUNIONPAY China UnionPay Co. Ltd
139154Big Data Center of Shandong Province
139177Edu New Oriental Education & Technology Group Ltd.
139178Rural Credit Banks Funds Clearing Center
139179Cpic China Pacific Insurance Group Co. Ltd.
139180SDYXT Shandong eshinton Network Technology Co. Ltd.
139182Abc Life Insurance Co. Ltd
139183Trlcnet Thomson Reuters Beijing Technology Development Co. L
139189Yujiahengtong Beijing Yu Jia Heng Tong Communications and in
139201Jiangxi Jiujiang IDC
139203Guizhou GuiAn IDC
139220Sichuan Chuanxn IDC
139259ADC Group Co. Limited
139266Guangzhou Tiansui Information Technology Co. L
139462CHINANET Guizhou Yilong IDC
139471Hwa Cent Telecommunications Limited
139587China Telecom Henan Zhengzhou Shujugang Idc Network
139649Guangzhou Sunhongs Corp. Ltd.
139726Guangdong Yunjie Communication Co. Ltd.
139742Peddie Institute Co. Ltd
139767China Telecom Headquarters Oa Network
139801Guang Zhou Bao Jie Ke Ji Chuang Xin Limited Comp
139810Shaanxi Tomeng Network Technology Co. Ltd.
139887ChinaNet Shandong Yantai IDC Network
139905Chongqing and Technology Co. Ltd.
139908Karamay Hzon Network Technology Development Co.
140061Qinghai Telecom
140083China Telecom
140105Shaanxi Mobile Communication Company Limited
140221China Great Wall Asset Management Co. Ltd.
140265CHINATELECOM SiChuan Province Chengdu 5G Network
140276CHINATELECOM SiChuan Province Luzhou 5G Network
140278ChinaTelecom SiChua
140279ChinaTelecom SiChua
140292CHINATELECOM Jiangsu Province Suzhou 5G Network
140317ChinaTelecom Guan
140345CHINATELECOM Yunnan Province Shengji 5G Network
140363Fuzhou Zhongxu Network Technology Co. Ltd.
140485CHINATELECOM Zhejiang Province Hangzhou 5GC Network
140527China Telecom
140553ChinaTelecom Xinjiang Province Shengji 5G Network
140570Hong Kong BeeCloud System Technology Services Limited
140582Guangzhou Shunhang Information Technology Co.
140633Bilibili HK Limited
140636China Telecom
140638China Telecom
140647CHINATELECOM Guizhou province Shengji 5G Network
140707UNICOM Ningxia province network
140716UNICOM JiangSu WuXi IDC Network
140717UNICOM JiangSu Suzhou IDC Network
140726UNICOM AnHui province network
140731Tohu Public Internet
140873Canshu Xinxi Jishufsco. Ltd
140886UNICOM Guangxi province network
140903China Telecom
140914Hunan Furong Cloud Communication Technology Co.
140943Shanghai Bilibili Technology Co. Ltd.
140979China Unicom Shanghai FuTe IDC Network
141025Shenyang Man Liaoning China Telecom
141027China National Offshore Oil Corporation Cnooc C
141174Intelligent Connection Limited
141232Yankuang Group Co. LTD
141425China Mobile Group Guangdong communications corporation
141679China Telecom Beijing Tianjin Hebei Big Data Industry Park Branch
141739China Telecom
141748Quantum Data Communications Inc.
141766Agilenaas Global Service Co. Limited
141771China Telecom
141776Baoshuo Network
141781Wahway Data Networks Inc.
141998China Telecom
142032High Family Technology Co. Limited
142111Zhejiang Aiyun Network Technology Co Ltd
142145China Network Jilin Telecom Service Co. Ltd
142161Dongfang Electric Co. Ltd.
142267Hong Kong Beecloud System Technology Services Li
142403Yisu Cloud Ltd
142404China Telecom
142562Shenzhen Poudu Network Technology Co. L
142574Hong Kong SDG Technology Limited
142608China Telecom
146746Taikang Insurance Group Co. Ltd. Wuh
146758Sensetime Shanghai Sensetime Technology Development Co. Ltd
146771CCBFT CCB Fintech Co. Ltd.
146772Pengchengnet Shenzhen Pengcheng Communication Network Co. L
146774F1st Hardcore Communication Co.
146792Shanghai Shenfu Information Technology Co. Ltd C
146809Baolirongtong Poly Facility Beijing Technology Co. Ltd.
146812Deutsche Bank China Co. Ltd. Shanghai Branch
146814Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Don
146817Fxnet Hubei Feixun Network Co. Ltd
146822Shenzhenshi Zhongyun Shujujishu Youxiangongsi
146834XUNYOU SiChuan XunYou Network Technologe Limit Co
146841Giantdc Tianjin Giantdc Data Technology Co.Ltd
146842ChinaDataCom Corporation Limited
146845Ljnet Shanghai Longjing Information Technology Co. Ltd
146966China Telecom
147008Shenzhen Dianjiang Technology Co Ltd
147038China Telecom
147060HCS Limited
148969China Telecom
148981China Telecom
148982Bijie Qiulin Information Technology
148987Dinglu Co. Limited
148990Chengyi Co. Limited
148996Roroko Internet
149002Hong Kong Oriental Science and Technology Co. L
149057Shenzhen Moerin Technology Co. Ltd
149178China Telecom
149628Hong Kong Bridge Info-Tech Limited
149648Fuzhou Lefeng Networks Technology Co. Ltd.
149793Xin Yang Bai Xing Network Tecnology Co. Ltd
149808Digital City Construction Leading Group O
149837China Telecom
149977Securebit AG
149979China Telecom
149999Euris Shanghai Technology Co. Ltd C
150117Hostlink HK Limited
150145China Telecom
150166The New Development Bank
150337Peng Cloud Technology Limited
150775Shenzhen Zhian Network Co. Ltd.
151061Winning Partner Software Development Limited
151206HK Cloud Data Co. Limited
151313Pacific Insurance Technology Co. Ltd
151392Jiangsu Ruihong Network Technology
151394Beijing Chuangcache Technology Co. Ltd.
151483Beijing Chuangzhijie Tech. Co. Ltd.
151492ELINK2-AS-AP E-Link Cloud Limited
151640Bengbu Qingye Technology
151796Bignet Limited
151823China Telecom
152092Henan Angran Cloud Computing Technology Co. Ltd
152120China Unicom Tianjing Gaocun Idc Network
152157Misaka Network Ltd
152321China Tower Corporation Limited
203020HostRoyale Technologies Pvt Ltd
204174Fifth Dog Network Limited
206733Beeks Financial Cloud Ltd
207190Yuhonet International Limited
209242CloudFlare London LLC
209294Fan Zhang
209372SIA Singularity Telecom
209650Wu Zhiyuan
210512Internet Technologies LLC
211138Private-Hosting di Cipriano Oscar
212237Changgong Zhang
212793Xiwei Ye
393423NTT Global Data Centers Americas Inc.
394249Electronic Arts Inc.
394977Take-Two Interactive Software Inc.
396073Majestic Hosting Solutions LLC
397630Blazing SEO LLC
398704Stacks Inc
400536NodeStop L.L.C.
400618Prime Security Corp.