VMS IP Commands

As the system administrator ("SYSTEM"), one can use and maintain TCP/IP services in various ways. The below are all CLI commands, with DCL. (Note: Exclamation marks, i.e. "!", denote comments.)

To display the current configuration, the most rapid way would be by invoking the following command: $ SHOW NETWORK

With the following, detailed information is shown for the TCP/IP configuration(s) in particular: $ SHOW NETWORK /FULL "TCP/IP"

(For one thing, it'll also list active ports in use.)

One of the most common and probably the easiest ways of setting up TCP/IP networking, is with the following utility: $ @SYS$SYSROOT:[SYSMGR]TCPIP$CONFIG.COM

Or, via the UNIX-like command: $ TCPIP

So, for example: $ TCPIP IFCONFIG (...) ! whatever ! desired ! options & ! values
$ TCPIP PING ! just as an ! example

All the ethernet adapters should typically be listed as EW* devices, which can be found by typing: $ SHOW DEVICES EW

With advanced descriptions, add the /FULL qualifier, like so: $ SHOW DEVICES /FULL EW

For just one device, say EWA0: $ SHOW DEVICE /FULL EWA0

Alternatively, this also works: $ TCPIP SHOW INTERFACES /FULL $ TCPIP IFCONFIG -A

*Special thanks to Marco Gariboldi for the VMS commands!

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