Signs My Device May Have Been Hacked

As a user of technology, it is imperative that you protect yourself and your information from a hacker. Hopefully, you've already taken steps to keep your devices secure. But how do you know if hacked?  Here are a few signs to look out for to determine if you have become a victim of a cyber attack:

Your device is running slower than usual.

A tell-tale sign the hacking of your computer or smart device is if it appears to be performing slower than normal.  This could be a result of someone using your wireless network or a hacker downloading data from your hard drive.

Your data usage significantly increases from being hacked.

If you notice a spike in your data usage without changing your online habits, there's a good chance of being hacked. Since malware runs in the background whenever your device is active, your data usage could double. Contact your internet or wireless provider to examine your data consumption over the past few months and look for any suspicious increases.You've Been Hacked Sign

Programs and apps on your devices start crashing.

If programs and apps on your device start crashing when you try to use them, it may be the result of a virus trying to gain access to your information.

Unexplained activity part of hacked.

Have you noticed browser search history that doesn't look familiar? Or maybe your friends have received strange emails from you that you never sent? Cyber-criminal activity usually attributed to unexplained activity.  It's a good idea to stay on top of your online activity so you can identify when something seems off. This includes regularly monitoring your sent folder on email and social media, keeping an eye on credit card purchases, and taking note of any social media posts that you didn't direct.

Your device randomly restarts.

We've all restarted our devices when it was time to update the operating system. But has your phone or computer ever restarted on its own? This is another red flag that a hacker has gained access to your device.

There has been a big-name company hacked.

Remember when hackers infiltrated Target, Capital One, and Equifax? To clarify, if you're a customer of one of these companies (or any compromised company), ultimately risky your information possibly stolen. Moreover, hackers obtain user names and passwords from customers at these companies and try to use that information to break into other accounts. Therefore, if a cyber leaks your information, play it safe, and change your login credentials on all of your other accounts.

Consequently, hackers go unnoticed in getting in our devices and are very good.  Follow the above steps to identify an attack as soon as it happens.

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