IP Address Location Incorrect

 Though an Internet Protocol address isn’t the same as a physical address, it serves many of the same functions in the digital space. In some cases, however, your IP address location information may appear incorrect in IP address geolocation services. This is not an uncommon issue, and it can be fixed.

Why is my IP geolocation wrong?

IP address geolocation is never completely accurate. The public IP address information provided in the IP lookup tool comes from third party databases that have different data conventions and gathering methods. Because we do not maintain our own IP address database, it means there’s a possibility for the physical address associated with your IP address to be incorrect or slightly off.

Even the best IP geolocation tools only have 99% accuracy on a country level. As you get more specific, with a city, state, or town, the IP location accuracy will decrease. Because IP geolocation uses the location of IP addresses, which can be spread out or move, a geolocation tool with total accuracy is impossible; it may, for example, be able to provide a country code but not a zip code. This applies to both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Regardless of the kind of IP, you will get the same level of IP geolocation accuracy.

An image of a pin on a map locating an IP address incorrectly

However, though they aren’t always completely accurate, IP geolocation provides a lot of information. IP geolocation helps companies deliver targeted ads. It also helps users receiving customer support and aids law enforcement. For everyday Internet users, an accurate IP geolocation means that their social media, Google searches, and more will be locationally relevant.

Where did the wrong IP geolocation address come from?

If you find that the address coming up for your IP address is not your address, don’t be concerned. Your IP address hasn’t been compromised. Because IP geolocation links to an IP address, rather than a physical address, it’s possible that the location shown is that of your Internet service provider.

Furthermore, if you change your IP using a VPN or proxy for privacy, the IP address shown can be from your VPN or proxy rather than your real IP address, since the goal of both tools is to disguise your IP.

It’s also possible that the information in one of the third-party databases is simply inaccurate. It can show the wrong state or country. If this is the case, you can follow the instructions below to correct the geolocation data.

How to update IP geolocation information

To update your IP geolocation information, the first step is to go to the IP Lookup page and search your IP address in the IP Lookup Tool. This tool shows the geolocation data provided by various third-party IP address databases. To update the IP address information, contact each third party database directly. Check the information for each database – IP2Location, IPData, and MaxMind – and contact them accordingly.

After the information is corrected, WhatIsMyIP.com will show the updated information after about a month. Check back with the IP Lookup Tool to confirm that the changes were successful. You can also confirm the publication of the updates on individual databases’ sites.