How to Share WiFi Password on iPhone, Android, or PC

Whether it's at home or at the office, chances are you've needed to ask for the WiFi password at some point. These strings of letters and numbers can be complicated and hard to type in, let alone share with someone else. However, it's easier than it seems to share WiFi passwords with friends and family straight from your device. In this article, we'll explain in a few simple steps how to share a WiFi password from one device to another - whether it be an iPhone, Android, Mac, or Windows PC.

How to share WiFi password from iPhone to iPhone

Sharing WiFi passwords between iPhones is simple. For that matter, sharing passwords to and from any Apple device is very easy; it doesn't matter what device you're on or what device you're sharing to. The process is essentially the same.

However, before you attempt to share a WiFi password on iPhones or other Apple devices, make sure that:

  • you already signed in to your Apple ID
  • you are in each others' contact lists by email address
  • each device is updated to the latest iOS

Once the above is confirmed, here are the steps to share the password:

  1. Turn on Bluetooth and WiFi for both devices. This will enable you to connect the devices to each other wirelessly. Also, turn off any personal hotspots on your devices.
  2. With your devices close to each other, have the recipient select your WiFi network from the list of networks on their phone.
  3. On your device, you'll receive a popup message that someone is requesting to connect to your WiFi.
  4. Tap Share Password, then Done.

Once you click done, it connects your guest to the network. If you're wondering how to share WiFi passwords from a Mac to iPhone or iPad to iPad, it's simple. This process is essentially the same whether you are sharing to or from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac and vice versa.

The notification that pops up on Apple devices when one device shares the WiFi password with another

How to share WiFi password from Android device

Sharing passwords from Android devices is also easy, though slightly more cumbersome than Apple. With Android phones, you can share your password by displaying a QR code on your screen that the other device needs to scan. The benefit to this, however, is that you don't need to enable Bluetooth or have each other in contacts for this to work. Also, it doesn't matter whether your visitor has an Android or iPhone - they can scan the QR code either way.

Note that, unlike Apple, each Android device is slightly different, so some of the steps may vary from device to device. With that in mind, here are the general steps for sharing a WiFi password from an Android device.

  1. Navigate to the WiFi settings by finding and selecting the Gear icon.
  2. Select Connections, or the Network & Internet option.
  3. From here, tap on WiFi from the menu. It should have the name of your network underneath.
  4. Then, tap the Gear icon next to your current network.
  5. Tap the QR code to share your network. This will generate a QR code for your visitor to scan with their device. Alternatively, depending on your Android device, you may have the option to Nearby Share to share with another device nearby. This works similar to Apple's AirDrop.
  6. Have the recipient scan the code.

Once they scan the code, they will be connected to the network.

A man holds a phone to share a WiFi password with other devices

How to share WiFi password from a Windows PC

Unfortunately, there are no WiFi password sharing capabilities with Windows. They used to have a functionality called WiFi Sense that allowed for this type of sharing, but it was discontinued due to security concerns after Windows 10. Instead, you have to find your password in the device's settings, then tell or show your visitor the password - the old-fashioned way.

To find your WiFi network password in Windows:

  1. Go to the Control Panel., then Network and Internet, then Network and Sharing Center.
  2. Click Connections.
  3. Select your WiFi network.
  4. Once in WiFi Status, click Wireless Properties.
  5. Switch to the Security tab, then select the Show characters check box.

There, you'll be able to see your WiFi password and give it to your guest or visitor.

Protecting your WiFi network

You should now know how to share your Wi-Fi password with your guests, no matter what kind of device you're using - iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac, or Windows PC. When providing access to your WiFi network at home, we strongly recommend setting up a guest network on your router to protect your home network. This keeps any devices or traffic that don't belong to you on a separate network as an added security measure.

Make sure if you do share your WiFi password that it's only with people and devices you trust; otherwise, you may be at risk of receiving malware or viruses on your network. But if they're a trusted source, whether it's a guest network or your home network, you can easily share the network password from your device with the steps above.