ASN Lists for Nepal

42Woodynet Inc.
174Cogent Communications
715Woodynet Inc.
4007Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
4613Mercantile Office Systems
9009M247 Europe SRL
17412Internet Exchange Nepal
17501WorldLink Communications Pvt Ltd
18222Data Hub Pvt. Ltd.
23647Communications & Communicate Nepal Pvt Ltd
23752Nepal Telecommunications Corporation Internet Services
24474ASNPANYCAST Nepal Internet Exchange NP Anycast
24504Computer Land Communications Global AS
24550Websurfer Nepal Internet Service Provider
38565Ncell Pvt. Ltd.
45157Mercantile International Transit Services
45170Nepal Research and Education Network
45353NITC: IT Agency of Government of Nepal
45424Network Pool Allocated for Hons Network
45650Vianet Communications Pvt. Ltd.
45845Nepal International Internet Gateway
55427Broadlink Nepal
55915Classic Tech Pvt. Ltd.
56196IBSS Nepal Internet
56204Net Max Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
56266Netnod Anycast As for APNIC
58433HIMALAYANBANK01-NP Himalayan Bank Ltd.
58456Institute of Engineering Pulchowk Campus
58459Websurfer International Tran
58504Techminds Networks Pvt. Ltd.
59370Access World Tech Pvt. Ltd.
60505Spokkie B.V.
63968Regmi Media Inc. Pvt. Ltd.
63991Arrownet Pvt.Ltd
131341Department of Information Technology Governme
132270Nabil Bank Limited
132407P.O.Box 957
132799Dish Media Network Public Limited
132856Kathmandu University
132877Boab IT Pty Ltd
133092F1SOFT-NP F-1 Soft International Pvt Ltd
133128LargeServer Solutions
133149Treasury Department
133372Interaptus Limited
133923Kantipur Publications Limited
134467Syangja Media
134504Everest Link Pvt. Ltd
134951Ministry of Finance Government of Nepal
134995I. Zone Pvt. Ltd
135043Chitrawan Unique Net Private Limited
135303N.I.T.V Streamz Pvt. Ltd
135334Umrao Datacenter Pvt Ltd
135335Max Net Solutions Pvt Ltd
135337Cloud Himalaya Pvt Ltd
136047Info Developers Pvt. Ltd.
136219Prabhu Bank Limited
136380Web Networks Pvt. Ltd.
136477P.D.S. Server Network Pvt. Ltd.
136530Ultranet Communications
136763Unified Communication Private Limited
136794Agricultural Development Bank Ltd
136908Sky Broadband Pvt. Ltd
136979Sanima Bank Limited
137011Highland International Pvt Ltd
137080FirstLink Communications Pvt. Ltd.
137187Worldlink Communications
137201Nepal College of Information Technology
137209Allied Net Link Technology Pvt Ltd
137275Broadband Solutions Pvt. Ltd
137409GSL Networks Pty Ltd
137580Everest Wireless Network Pvt. Ltd
137854Reliant Techno Networking Pvt. Ltd.
137880Prime Network Pvt.Ltd
137978CDS and Clearing Ltd
138185Cosmic Net Private Limited
138350Prabhu Digital Public Limited
138388Pokhara Internet Pvt. Ltd.
138495Alisha Communication Link Pvt.Ltd
138500FIBERTEL2-AS-AP Fibertel Fibernet Pvt. Ltd
138526Direct Media Pvt. Ltd
138546Ncell Pty. Ltd.
138605NIC Asia Bank
138964Barahi Internet Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
139022Nepal Rastra Bank
139196Ime Group Pvt. Ltd
139224Limpid ICT Solution Pvt. Ltd
139237Nepal Police
139256National Information Technology Center
139261Metrolink Business Group Pvt Ltd
139701Plasma Technologist Pvt Ltd
139741World Fiber Net Pvt. Ltd.
139902Surkhet Cable Net T.V. Pvt. Ltd.
139922Dish Media Network Public Limited
140050Next Geekers Pvt. Ltd.
140072Fiberworld Communication Pvt.Ltd
140324Airlink Communication Service Provider Pvt. Ltd
140948Neo Link Pvt. Ltd.
140966Pals Network Pvt. Ltd
140973Life Net Pvt. Ltd.
140989Broad Band Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
141024Big Marshyangdi Net Pvt. Ltd.
141032Nepalink Communication Pvt. Ltd.
141047Nepal Digital Service Pvt. Ltd.
141177Vianet Communications Pvt. Ltd
141240Nepal Investment Bank Limited
141410Airson Internet Pvt Ltd
141459Clean Network Pvt. Ltd
141689LNT Infotech Pvt Ltd
141691Waling Internet Pvt. Ltd.
141732Aone Network Pvt. Ltd
141755Nepali Army
141767C G Communications Pvt. Ltd
142008Nepal Digital Payments Company Limited
142053INFONET2-AS-AP Infonet Communication Private Limited
142065Wifi Nepal Private Limited
142272Mega Cable
142297Smart Link Network Pvt Ltd
142606Shangrila Informatics Private Limited
142621Nepal Payment Solution Pvt. Ltd.
146947Nimble Network Pvt Ltd
147184Lumbini Max
148979Fiberworld Communication Pvt. Ltd.
149034Unite Networks
149037Mavorion Systems
149631IOE Pashchimanchal Campus
149652Nepal Bank Limited
149768Fast Speed Link Network Pvt Ltd
149817Cloud Eight International Pvt. Ltd.
149866Super Sitapaila Cable Net Pvt. Ltd
150131D.G. Link Network Pvt Ltd
150133Made Infotech Pvt Ltd
150138Nepal Electricity Authority
150331Beni Communication Private Limited
150418Ningsuan Technology Nepal Private Limited
150424Janaki Net Link
150691Prime Commercial Bank Ltd
150780Kumari Bank Limited
151043RAPID1-AS-AP Rapid Unique Network Pvt. Ltd
151207Khalti Private Limited
151393Nepal Network Information Center Pvt. Ltd.
151396VNS Technology Pvt Ltd
151480Dataspace Pvt. Ltd.
151798SMARTLINK1-AS-AP SmartLink Telecommunications Private Limite
152178Sahaj Network Pvt. Ltd.