ASN Lists for Luxembourg

42Woodynet Inc.
174Cogent Communications
996JY Mobile Communications
2602Fondation RESTENA
2906Netflix Streaming Services Inc.
3257GTT Communications Inc.
3347Worldline Financial Services (Europe) S.A.
5065Bunny Communications
5377Marlink AS
5400British Telecommunications PLC
5577root SA
6661POST Luxembourg
6891InfEurope S.A. Inc.
8632Luxembourg Online S.A.
9008Visual Online S.A.
9009M247 Europe SRL
12446Ses Services Romania S.r.l.
12684SES Astra S.A.
13335CloudFlare Inc.
14956RouterHosting LLC
15814Clearstream Services S.A.
15965Cegecom S.A.
16265Leaseweb Network B.V. Inc.
20501Banque de Luxembourg SA
20940Akamai International B.V.
20994Actimage Consulting SAS
21179Logwin AG
24611Datacenter Luxembourg S.A. B.V.
25094Centre des technologies de l'information de l'Etat
25273Broadcasting Center Europe (an RTL Group Company)
25367Proximus Luxembourg S.A.
25934Syniverse Technologies LLC
26654Richard Fleischman & Assoc. Inc.
29169Gandi SAS
29286Skylogic S.p.A.
29467LuxNetwork S.A.
32590Valve Corporation
34655Jwe S.A R.L.
34683Telkea Telecom SA
34769Orange Communications Luxembourg S.A
36183Akamai Technologies Inc.
38927Net-Build GmbH
41273Antenne Collective Ettelbruck Asbl
41589Lux Green Technologies Sarl
42689Glide Student & Residential Limited
42848European Commission
43375European Parliament
44295Lab Luxembourg S.A.
44477Stark Industries Solutions Ltd
44486Oliver Horscht Is Trading As SYNLINQ
44708Paul Wurth S.A.
44818LuxConnect S.A.
46786IP Transit Inc.
47137CHAMP CargoSystems S.A.
47377Orange Belgium SA
47557Icard Services PLC
47944Chambre des Deputes Luxembourg
48526Proximus Luxembourg S.A.
49121Infinity Telecom s.r.o.
49624LU-CIX Management Gie
49703Consultic SRL
49813Innova Co S.A.R.L.
50144Jwe S.A R.L.
50754C2D System House Luxembourg SA
51154pCloud AG
51405VOIPgate S.A.
51430AltusHost B.V.
51497Innova Co S.A.R.L.
51966Fondation RESTENA
53667Frantech Solutions
552229219-1568 Quebec Inc.
56665Proximus Luxembourg S.A.
57205Telkea Soft S.A.
57965International Committe of the Red Cross (ICRC)
58049MTX Services Sarl
58061Scalaxy B.V.
58272LeaderTelecom B.V.
59245G-Core Labs S.A
59518Econocom SAS
60288Eurobase GmbH
60725SES Astra S.A.
60752Aossia S.A.
61032TrueCommerce Denmark ApS
61327MTX Connect S. a r.l.
63293Facebook Inc.
136787Tefincom S.A.
196809FremantleMedia Limited
197415Crossing Telecom Sarl
197692Conostix S.A.
197869Luxembourg House of Cybersecurity
198095Ebrc SA
198097Skype Communications Sarl
198191Global Media Systems S.A.
198290Global IT Services PSF SA
198664Systemat Digital Hub S.A.
199245PriceWaterHouseCoopers Societe Cooperative
199334Rigil Web Technologies Limited
199524G-Core Labs S.A.
200129LHISP S.A.
200331IQ EQ (Luxembourg) S.A.
201187Teledistribution Walferdange Asbl
201441European Investment Bank
201710DATA4 LUXEMBOURG s.a r.l
201740Sodru S.A.
201973European Court of Justice
202422G-Core Labs S.A.
202438Encevo S.A
202623CloudFlare Inc
202708Radionomy SA
203055Datacenter Luxembourg S.A.
203143Banque et Caisse d'Epargne de l'Etat Luxembourg
203398Rotarex S.A.
203507Avira Holding GmbH & Co. KG
203793OPG Online Personals Group AG
203944NTT Luxembourg PSF S.A.
204025Centre de Telecommunications et Teleinformatiques Luxembourgeois s.a.
204279Eltrona Interdiffusion S.A.
204299KPMG Audit S.a r.l.
204403HotCity SA
204644Stumpner Netservice UG (haftungsbeschraenkt)
204803Societe Generale Luxembourg S.A.
206504Rcarre S.A.
206610MixVOIP S.A.
206804EstNOC OY
207188Clearstream Services S.A.
207249Icard Services PLC
207498Expert Mark GmbH
208406Bank Degroof Petercam SA
208476Danilenko Artyom
208708Eurocable Magyarorszag Kft
209305Societe Nationale des Chemins de Fer Luxembourgeois Et. d'Util. Pub
209333OSY Technologies S.A R.L.
209372SIA Singularity Telecom
209526Cyber Assets Fzco
210145Societe de la Bourse de Luxembourg S.A.
210196Jan de Nul Dredging NV
210834LU-CIX Management Gie
211018Administration Communale Luxemberg
211435System Solutions Luxembourg S.A.
211440Karolio IT Paslaugos UAB
211495Daniel Jacint AGOCS
211719CA Indosuez Wealth (Europe) S.A.
211999LuxProvide S.A.
212147Proactivity Group Limited
212218Dennemeyer Techsys S.A.
212319Tech Solutions LLC
212605Dim Commerce Ltd.
212630Societe de l'Aeroport de Luxembourg SA
212882DNX Network Sarl
213183Zonat Sarl
394087Secure Internet LLC