Are Proxies Safe

One advantage to online safety and security is the use of proxies.  The goal for most people online is to stay secure and anonymous. One option that’s touted to provide security and anonymity is the use of proxy servers.   Proxy servers are quick and (usually) free solutions that hide your IP address while you browse the internet. […]

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Proxies vs VPN

Comparison of Proxies vs VPN If you’re finding yourself on this website, you might be asking, Proxies vs VPN? I’m an average user who prefers privacy.  I also also want a solid connection that can stream content from my favorite media portals.  Moreover, which solution is right for me?” Above all, the first thing you […]

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Proxy Server Detection and Blocking

Proxy server detection can acquire a user with online anonymity.  Anonymity is readily obtained online. Anyone can hide their identity using a proxy server, a virtual private network, Tor or other anonymity network. Moreover, such systems provide a useful service for many users. However, they pose significant challenges for webmasters who need to control access […]

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What is a Web Proxy?

What Is a Web Proxy? A web proxy server acts as a gateway between you and the rest of the web. It provides a quick and easy way to change your IP address while surfing the Internet. If you want to keep your IP address private, proxies are a great choice; you get the same […]

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