Employers and Social Media

Social media and online presence are a growing part of our culture. The job search process has adjusted accordingly. What does this mean for potential job candidates? This means that if you have profiles online, they’re fair game for an employer. Your resume is no longer the only source of information an employer will have. Your social media and social networking sites have the power to secure you a job—or prevent you from being hired.

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How To Disable Location Services in Social Media Apps

We live in a world dominated by a need to be connected. The need to connect with others, with technology, with current events: these desires keep us plugged in and available at almost any time. (link how to disconnect in an overly connected world) But there’s a difference between having your phone on to get calls from friends and allowing it to track your location and movement. […]

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Using Social Media Responsibly

Social media is everywhere in our culture today. Family members send you their favorite posts from Facebook; your friends are on Twitter retweeting their favorite celebrities; businesses direct you to their Instagram for a better look at new products. Social media can be an incredible way to connect—not to mention, it’s fun—but it’s important to set limits for yourself. When we’re constantly online, we may start to lose track of what’s real and what is digital.

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How to Disconnect in an Overly Connected World

We live in an increasingly digital age. As a society, we are almost always plugged into the Internet and connected to one another. There’s no denying the benefits this can have for keeping us closer, but we are also subjected to dangers with such constant exposure. A PEW Research Center study found that in 2019, 81% of Americans reported owning a smartphone—a startling jump from 35% in 2011.  But what’s more concerning is the statistics of smartphone addiction; King University’s 2017 study found that 50% of teens and 59% of adults showed clear signs of addictive behavior. Those percentages are undoubtedly even higher three years later.

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Online Safety and Social Media

Social media became a part of everyday life several years ago, and its impact only continues to grow. Platforms like Instagram and Snapchat provide users with a fun way to share bits about their lives. There’s TikTok, which has become an Internet sensation with the ability to create and share short videos. […]

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