Reasons To Use A VPN

What are the reasons to use a VPN? When you use the Internet, every move you make tracked by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). They do this by providing you a public IP address that ultimately traced to your physical location. This information can be sold to advertising companies that will know your every move online. […]

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What Is MAC Cloning?

What is MAC Cloning? In order to understand MAC cloning, it’s important to know what it stands for. The abbreviation MAC stands for Media Access Control and the hardware address is what the device, or Network Interface Card, is manufactured with. Why Clone a MAC Address? Computer or device connectivity issues happen even with the […]

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How to Change My IP Address

In the following article, we want to easily discuss how to change your IP address.  These days, privacy can be hard to come by on the Internet.  It seems that everywhere we go, in some shape or form, we’re all tracked by websites, advertisers, or bad actors.  One of the most common methods used to […]

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