Online Shopping for Seniors and the Simple Basics

Shopping online is one of the best ways to conveniently get what you need without having to venture into a physical store. If you’re feeling under the weather, don’t have the time to go through your shopping list, or simply want to try a new shopping method, then online is the way to go. But even with its rising popularity, online shopping can be difficult to understand. Learning the basics will help you feel comfortable and safe shopping online.

Before we go into great detail, the following are simple steps for everyone (most importantly seniors) to follow:

1.  Open the grocery store app or website.  (Places To Visit For Online Shopping)
2.  Add items to your online shopping cart, per their instructions.
3.  Verify items before checkout, per their instructions.
4.  Select your method of pickup or delivery.  (Delivery Options With Online Shopping)
5.  If using the website, make sure your connection is secure during the checkout process.  (Paying and Checking Out With Online Shopping)
6.  Note any special instructions provided by the store.
7.  Select submit order, place order, or whatever the site has to complete the process, per their instructions.
8.  Wait for your delivery(s)!!

Places To Visit For Online Shopping

When you think of online shopping, big digital retailers like Amazon might be first to enter your mind. In recent years, though, other chain stores like Walmart, Target, Hyvee, Kroger, Giant Eagle, Food Lion or many others continually coming online each day, have also become easy online shopping sites. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

Amazon is great for almost anything. They have clothes, tools, personal care products, and even a grocery section. However, all packages from Amazon will take a day or two, possibly longer, when shipped to arrive. And if you’re looking for groceries, Amazon isn’t the best place to go, even though they do have food products. Amazon sells mostly prepackaged items and gourmet food.
senior citizen online shopping
Similarly, big box stores like Walmart and Target with a wide selection of merchandise also have online shopping services for customers. Delivery options will vary with these places. Typical grocery items, like food and cleaning supplies can usually be picked up or delivered within a few hours. Other items not regularly stocked at your local store will need shipping and typically add a day to two to getting the product you've purchased.

Grocery Shopping

If what you need is to fulfill your weekly grocery list, actual grocery stores like HyVee, Kroger, Giant Eagle, Food Lion and many others are coming online each day and may be your best bet. These stores will have all the groceries you need, whether fresh or frozen. They also know how to package your items to keep them safe and at the appropriate temperatures. Most grocery stores now offering delivery or pickup have a small fee added on, but it’s becoming harder and harder to find a grocery store that doesn’t offer delivery or pickup of any kind. Your favorite chain grocery store likely has an online service of which you can take advantage.

Delivery Options With Online Shopping

Groceries, personal care items, and anything else you may need can all be easily setup for delivery to your address. This saves you a trip to the store, but may cost more money. Grocery orders are typically fulfilled within a few hours, but orders of larger items may take longer, and require shipping instead of hand-delivered.

If you are receiving a delivery, make sure to note the time that you anticipate the order to arrive. Check to make sure that your delivery has arrived and don’t forget to bring it inside. Some stores offer a no-contact delivery, which means the delivery person will not interact with you at all to drop off your order. If this is your preference, you can note this when you check out online.

Pickup Options With Online Shopping

Each store can have its own method for pickup, but most generally operate in the same way. After placing your online shopping order you’ll be notified of the time that the order will be ready.

Curbside pickup

If your store has curbside pickup, then you’ll need to drive to the store, but you won’t need to go inside. Park in one of the designated curbside pickup spots when your order has been fulfilled. You might need to call the store to let them know that you’re here for curbside pickup. An employee can then bring your products right to your car.

In-store pickup

Some stores also have in-store pickup options. This is beneficial if you’re ordering from a store but don’t want to have to pay for shipping; many stores like Target or Walmart allow you to ship your products to the store closest to you and pick them up once they’ve arrived. If you choose to do in-store pickup, you can head into the store. Each store will vary on where online orders are picked up in-store, but if you can’t find the right place, simply ask Guest Services.

Paying and Checking Out With Online Shopping

Before you check out, make sure to double-check your cart and ensure you didn’t forget anything. Think of it as something you’d normally do before approaching the register—just online! Check quantities of items, size, color, and all other small details.

One of the potential drawbacks to online shopping is the inability to use cash. This means you must have a credit card, debit card, or online banking account to use. Before you enter your card information, ensure that the site is secure by confirming the little lock symbol exists at the far left of the address bar in your browser. If you're shopping using the stores mobile phone app, your connection is secure.

If you’re having your items delivered, make sure that the shipping address is correct. This will make delivery of your order straightforward and give it a better chance of being on time.

Now that you know the basics of online shopping, try it out! Shopping online can make life a lot easier if you know how to take advantage of it.

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