Router Support Relative to IPs

You may ask what is a router and what is it used for instead of just purchasing one to put in the back room and hope it works like it is supposed to.  In basic terms your router creates a network between your computers in your home.  Some models have the router and modem combined.  So along with creating this network with the router, the modem connects the actual network (which obviously consists of the computers connected to the router) to the Internet.  The purpose of the router is to take the information from the modem and deliver it to your computer.  So to put in basic terms, you can be on your desktop in the office and kids can be on their computer in their room, and both can use  the internet at the same time, with using the same internet connection.

To answer the question how a router works is an in-depth answer to the question.  However, we can simply describe that a router connects devices within a network with the process of forwarding data packets between them.  Along with the data packets, the router assigns a local IP address to each of the connected devices.

Most routers have similar features among them.  Some of these features are speed, dual band capability, Ethernet and USB ports, coverage and range.  Most importantly is the cost of the router of what you may want to spend, and with some of the stated features will affect the cost.

Router support questions come up frequently in the What Is My IP Questions and Answers section. Unless it's one we specifically own, our help has limitations. Moreover, the links below are to provide users a way to find their users manual on their Routers Manufacturer's site. If you've still got questions, you can ask them in the Router Configuration thread.

Router Support Links

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