About Us

Since 1999,® has been the industry leader in providing IP address information. Knowing your public IP address is crucial for online gaming, using remote desktop connections, and connecting to a security camera DVR. The IP address assigned to your home network allows you to be connected to the internet. can also help you […]

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IP Address API

The IP API (Application Programming Interface) gives you access to most of our tools programmatically. In order to access the Application Programming Interface, you must be a registered member. Bronze and Silver Members get 1 API key with 24 and 120 calls respectively per day. […]

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Terms And Conditions Of Use

WHATISMYIP.COM® WEBSITE TERMS & CONDITIONS OF USE WHATISMYIP.COM® (the “Website”) is owned and operated by Innovation HQ, Inc., a corporation incorporated pursuant to the laws of Antigua and Barbuda, with a postal address of P.O. Box 990 Lower Factory Road, St. Johns, Antigua. WHATISMYIP.COM® reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any […]

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