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compressor asked 4 years ago

i have,

1 adsl modem, 1 router, 1 switch, 2 nic on zentyal server...

this zentyal server can connect on network is i set as ftp server. but how to make this server as gateway server?.. what is specifically configuration on eth0, eth1, router, modem,....

where to connect cable which are eth0 and eth1 should plug.? lets say eth0 refer to 1st nic and eth1 refer to 2nd nic.

currently my adsl modem is

thank you

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wimiadmin Staff answered 4 years ago

thanks for your question compressor.

Input from various folks would be helpful.

You can eliminate the router.

Scenario 1:
Connect your ADSL to eth0 and get the computer online. You'll need to assign eth0 a static IP like

You'll need to give eth1 a static IP like and connect that card to your switch....then attach your other computers to that switch. The gateway for this card needs to be set to that might mean you'll need to change your subnet to (This is where input from others will come in handy) 🙂

I'm not familiar with Linux based DHCP server software but you'll need to have that installed and enabled for eth1 so all computers attached behind that card can get an IP. Just start the range at something like

Scenario 2:
Simply set all computer gateways to Using this method, you still won't need the router and you'll need to disable DHCP on the ADSL modem. If you don't want to manually assign the gateways on all computers, install whatever DHCP server software you're familiar with on the Linux box and assign IPs from that server. So when other computers initiate their DHCP search, your Linux server will be the only one 'listening' and assign IPs accordingly.

ascension2020 answered 4 years ago

Hi Compressor,

I'm not quite sure what you're trying to do. What do you mean by "make this server a gateway server"? Are you saying that your FTP server that you've setup is working but some other server isn't? Or are you saying that you can't get your PCs to connect to the Internet with the Zentyal? Or something else?

Did the Zentyal installer complete successfully? Which packages did you choose to install during the setup? More info please! =D

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