Wrong Local IP Address.

heepbigchief asked 3 years ago

The following three IP addresses appear in my traffic log as my local IP address when none of these three match my IP address. (AT&T Internet Services ) (Frontier Communications of America, Inc.)
both of these contacting the same IP address at my ISP (RIPE Network Coordination Centre)
also contacting my ISP but but a different IP at my ISP

For the visual effect I get in the two columns of Local Address and Remote Address, my local IP address looks like it's being faked.

So I write this and go back and check the updated log and here's another contacting an IP at my ISP: (Latin American and Caribbean IP address Regional Registry)

Yet another is using a different local IP address (an IP registered to my ISP as a local IP address contacting an IP address at my ISP)

None of these are my real local IP address.

1 Answers
Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

Since at least two of those appear to be Internet Registry authorities, are you running some kind of Internet service from your home? A Web Server, FTP, email, something like that?

This could be something dangerous, but odds are it's simple Internet management traffic (a Web crawler, dns updates, something like that).

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