Wrong Local IP Address.

Mike Douglas asked 8 months ago

Hello I'm having issues with wrong geolocation and my dtvn won' work right. Had isp att put static ip address so it should correct issues but didn'  I'm wondering if I go with a different wifi router would it show my correct location to streaming device roku and fire tv so dtvn app would show right ip location 

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 8 months ago

Dtvn or DirecTVNow should work through your account IMO and shouldn’t have anything to do with geolocation. I’ve not used the service and could definitely be wrong. Regardless, a different router would not impact the location showing for your IP. The location data for your IP is controlled by your ISP, in this case it’s ATT. If you call dtvn and explain your situation, I’m sure they can help you get it corrected.

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