Wrong IP displayed with different page layout

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nicholsonb asked 4 years ago

Some times when I look at the website, it will load with a totally different layout and display a completely wrong IP address. If I reload the page a few minutes later, it's back to the original layout and it's displaying the correct IP address. I'm not using a proxy. I looked up the IP address that it displayed, and the address was from Russia. Does anyone else ever see the page that says "Buy VIP Membership" right in the middle? If you see that page, is it showing the right IP?

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wimiadmin Staff answered 4 years ago

Hi nicholsonb,

Thanks for joining the forum and asking your question.

We're beta testing a new site and that's what you're seeing. We've got some issues to work out and expect to have those resolved as quickly as possible.

There will always be a free option to use WIMI. The pay for membership is geared towards our power users.

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