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97superteg asked 3 years ago

I have a ip problem and im not sure how to fix it since im not sure whats wrong. i set up my router (wrt54g) to use static ip so i could change my computers address so bitcomet will use my ports that are block for some reason even though they are all forwarded properly. bit comet says my ip is some 209 number but my router says my address is a 192 one. when i change the settings from automatically get ip address to manually enter address i can only connect to the local not the internet and then it tells me cannot contact the dns server even though all the addresses are right. if im going about this wrong, how do i get how do i get bitcomet to use the address my router assigned rather then blocking the 209 number?

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Cody Robertson Staff answered 3 years ago

Ah, yes, you've fallen into a common misunderstanding. The 192.168.x.y addresses are used by your LAN (local area network) and the 209.a.b.c address is your WAN (internet) address.

I wrote an article about portforwarding: http://www.clanmills.com/articles/portforwarding/

And I know 'Above the Logic' (another moderator) has written an even better article about this (however I can't remember where it is).

So a little bit of reading will move you forward and if you're still in difficulty then come on back and we'll try to help you.

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