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Worrior asked 3 years ago

Hello I feel like I'm not getting the technicalities of things like ip addresses and all and how it works and so tired of wondering about this stuff but I'm all the time worrying nowadays about what I do online and if that's all being used against me like if I want to send an email to someone if someone else is somehow reading it or if my isp is up to something or if I'm being watched. I'm so scared that I think about ip addresses being able to be traced to me and everything like that to where I fear to use certain computers for stuff but all this worrying is just killing me and I don't know why I fear anyways.

Right now I want to send an email to a radio show but I'm afraid to contact them because I'm afraid my email is in plain text and has an ip attatched too so I'm worried about my identity and vulnerability and privacy I guess and the unknown. I just want it to be me and them but I guess that's how we all want it. What sort of things should I worry about?

Should I use https to contact them? What about my isp? what do they see? Do they see what I do on the internet I guess? Can they read what I write? I'm just so curious and sort of phobic about this stuff that I just hesitate to do anything and its killing me. I need help with my fears and knowing even what it is I fear. Can anyone help me?

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question Worrior.

I'm not a Medical Professional but it sounds to me like you are allowing your fears to consume you. My only advice would be to seek counseling. The internet is used daily by billions of people, all sharing personal information regularly.

There are some basic steps that can be taken to insure privacy. Use a disposable email address such as yahoo or gmail. Use https where it's available and I would not recommend sharing anything with a radio station unless you intend it to be made public. There are also proxy servers that allow temporary, limited privacy that can be used for viewing websites where you don't want to be tracked. There is also a search engine based out of the Netherlands that guarantees they will not track you but gets you all of the Google results. It's https://startpage.com

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