Wondering if I’m right about this….

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Autumn Dorris asked 2 years ago

If someone received a picture sent to them on Facebook messenger....is there a way to trace the IP address of the picture(s) to find out what device they were sent from?
Or would it track to the device it was taken from?
Say the picture(s) were stolen from a Gmail email account and you back all your picture up to your email......but you know you didn't send them because you have been locked out of your email for almost a year.....if traced the IP address of the picture (s) sent will it trace to the device and location it was sent from or where it was taken from....

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wimiadmin Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Autumn. The trail of IP addresses would not be associated with the pictures at all. The IP addresses would be associated only with the email header from which the device was sent. If someone stole your gmail password, logged in as you and emailed photos from your account via the gmail interface, the IP will only trace to Google. Google would have the IP of the connecting device, but will not share that information without a subpoena.

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