wondering if being lied too

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raker0000 asked 3 years ago

I have been talking to a person now for a few months who lives in Ohio thru email, now she says she is in Hawaii for a vacation, my question is would she still have the same ip, she says she is using her brothers comp, the originating ip on the emails from Hawaii are the same as the originating ip's on the ones i got from her in Ohio.She is still using the same email address was hoping someone could help me on this. Thanks

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Cody Robertson Staff answered 3 years ago

Relax. If this person is using a browser to do their email, then it's very likely that the IP address is that of the web server and has nothing to do with where they are located.

chirp147 answered 3 years ago

From the IP adress alone, you can't really know.
If she always uses a webmail client, it would be the webmail provider's IP adress you see, regardless of where she is.

I don't know that many persons who know how to define the SMTP serverm IDs in their mail program. All these persons would have to rely on a webmail service when when on vacation.

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