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eshawn bryant asked 4 years ago

My wireless H.264 1080 NVR only recognize IP cam when connected by LAN cable. Unplug cable/lose video. what do I do? 16 channel wireless NVR & IP cam; each individually connected by LAN to NVR, resulted in individual video and 16 individual cam.id#, but only 1 IPcam show video/id# at the end;the one still connected by LAN. All 15 lost their video and ID# after saving & unplugging LAN cable. Can anyone help?

How do I verify if camera/router/network has the same IP?

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Shnerdly Staff answered 4 years ago

Thanks for your question Ghost.

Cameras that are both wired and wireless have two different MAC Addresses which require two different IP Addresses.

You need to configure each camera to have the wireless connection enabled and either assign it a wireless IP or use DHCP and discover it through the utility that came with the cameras.

Then you need to configure the DVR to look at the wireless IP Addresses instead of looking for the Wired IP's.

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