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play2pimp asked 3 years ago

i recently bought a northq wireless ip camera. when i connect the camera via ethernet and run the northq setup it will recognize it. I set all the settings properly

my routers ip:
dhcp start ip: 192.168.100
dhcp end ip: 192.168.199

the dynamically assigned ip for my cam is:

i saved the settings and it says to disconect the ethernet and i did and reran the setup and it will not recognize the cam wirelessly.

I have been trouble shooting this thing like crazy and when i use the wps/qss option it will recognize the camera connect wirlessly. but it changes my network nae and kicks all my laptops off the net and when i try to log in it asks me for a security key. I thought this was supposed to be simple but it has turned into a week long hassle from ****.

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Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Most IP cameras have separate network controllers for the wired and wireless connections including separate MAC addresses. It sounds like you are configuring the wired connection but not the wireless. Also, if you have any security on the wireless router such as MAC filtering, WEP or WPA, you need to make the necessary changes to the router and/or camera.

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