Wireless Access Point (WAP)

wimiadmin Staff asked 3 years ago

I love this stuff because you learn something new everyday. 😀

Here's my scenario:
We bought a travel trailer and will be going 100% mobile. We're going to be relying on our hotspots (Verizon 4g) and RV park wireless. We have several wireless devices (laptops, printer, Roku, etc.) and I'd like to take my network on the road.

Here's my goal:
I want all of my wireless devices to connect to one central device like they do now (Linksys WRT54GL wired/wireless router). Then I can configure the central device to connect to our hotspot or the RV Park wireless.

Will a Wireless Access Point accomplish this? If not, any tips/suggestions are welcomed.

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XANA answered 3 years ago

I believe a DD-WRT enabled router would...get a solution to this.

It does have a feature that allows you to set it up to connect wirelessly to another wireless router (but I haven't tested it since all hotels I stay in have Ethernet and my house has Ethernet all over).

You require the encryption key of the other router, if any, and you need to configure the DD-WRT router with (I believe it is called) Client Bridge mode.

This will require you to configure the DD-WRT router with exact settings from the other one which you'll be connecting to, i.e. SSID, Encryption Key, (maybe) MAC address of other router.

This is a simple theory, based on what I see when I configure my DD-WRT router (I love config options!).
It's untested by me, but I am sure people over at the DD-WRT forums know more about it.

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