Windows Vista – Need to be able to change ip at work

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mjb asked 3 years ago

Guys, I use a ton of social networking bots with myspace, facebook, twitter, etc that require many accounts for each for my marketing. Opening many accounts with the same ip gets your accounts blocked. With my windows vista laptop logging into works Qwest wireless network, how do I change my ip? I really need to be able to change my ip logging into each different account each time.

Thanks so much

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Steve Bonilla Staff answered 3 years ago

I'm guessing that you are using an aircard with the laptop, and are being assigned a public IP directly.

Typically, changing the MAC of your network interface (the air card in this case) will do the trick, but it's possible that changing the MAC won't do it with an aircard, and maybe even possible that changing the MAC will not get you online at all.

I think it also may be possible that your IP is assigned by SIMM/ESN/MEID or some other identifying factor rather than MAC.

I guess it's worth a shot. I'd be interested in knowing if you can change the MAC address and if it does the trick.

Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

If AboveTheLogic is correct, and you're using an aircard, then it gets a little bit difficult.

My experience is not comprehensive, but the aircards I've worked with have no options in the drivers to change the MAC. The CDMA networks that I worked with authenticated aircards by ESN/MEID, and by an email-looking username that was based off the MSID (i.e. [email protected] or something like that). Unless there was some extra application running "under" that, DHCP was still DHCP, and therefore based on the MAC. So... if you can change the MAC, you might be able to obtain a new IP.

As with AboveTheLogic, we're assuming this is an aircard. If not, let us know and we'll try to go from there.

Complete side note: how many different accounts are we talking here? 3? 5? 20? 100? You understand, don't you, how it starts to look a bit shady? It starts to look like the social network equivalent of spam. I know some scammers that use multiple accounts to create a false sense of something "going viral." All the social sites you mentioned are trying to fight that.

mjb answered 3 years ago

I wouldn't call myself a spammer...I just use those social networking sites to have a better marketing penetration. Very easy to to target sex, age, geographics, etc. No different than a company sending out a physical mailer, telemarketer making a phone call using a voip dialer, etc. It's not an aircard I use, I just log in to the companies private network with Qwest wirelessly. I don't see a router or a modem, I'm sure there is one somewhere.

Thanks for any help guys

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