Win 2003 server pinging problem

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prashant prashant asked 3 years ago


I installed win2003 server and configure AD.There is more than 25 client computers with win xp in network sometime problem is appears in network all client computers or server disappears. sometime i try to ping or access server it is not accessible. Server ip is when i try to ping it reply with unknown ip address it 202.50..... something. And when i disconnect or turn off adsl modem and ping to it will properly replied. Please give me solution for this problem.

thank you


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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Might be the network card in the server.

When you can't ping the server, go to it and see if you can ping out....or at least ping the adsl modem. If you can ping the adsl modem or an XP machine on the network then it's not the NIC in the server. From an XP machine when you can't ping the server, can you ping the adsl modem? Is the modem hot when you have to reset it? Can you ping from one XP machine to another XP machine?

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