Why would this happen?

ekbest asked 4 years ago

My IP is reading


No Proxy Detected






us - us flag


time warner cable internet llc

It has been reading that for some time though we are in Green Bay not Oshkosh and we also get it reading Depere, Allouez and elsewhere. We have a low level acct so the iP should not be static, and I have had a lot of hacking but I am worried it might be some kind of phony LAN we are added to without our knowledge allowing some kind of unwanted access to my files. Is this possible? Whatcould explain the constant incorrect location reading?

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Shnerdly Staff answered 4 years ago

Thanks for your question ekbest.

This is not uncommon. ISP's get their IP Addresses in what are called CIDR Blocks. The block your IP is in is which translates to 524286 useable IP Addresses beginning with and containing all sequential IP's through A company like Time Warner is very large so the have many such CIDR Blocks of IP's. They do the best they can to utilize these IP's in regions but often times they need to reassign smaller blocks to areas that are growing. These smaller blocks are taken from areas that have a surplus of IP's. As an example, Green Bay may be growing right now for them and Oskosh had a surplus of IP's so they may have reassigned a smaller portion of the block to Green Bay.

At the time I posted this, the Resolved Name of your IP was "CPE-72-133-51-44.new.res.rr.com", indicating that it is an IP in North Eastern Wisconsin for Residential customers.

When it comes to different search methods, there are a lot of different results that can be obtained based on the criteria used for the search. Different websites are almost always going to show different results. My IP shows that I am in Hamel, Blaine or Ham Lake, in Minnesota depending on the site. I don't live in any of these communities although Blaine is not too far away.

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