Why I use WIMI

doubledave asked 4 years ago

I'm always having to fix my grandpa's computer, but he lives 70 miles away.

So I set up Windows XP with remote desktop for him, and on the desktop, I put a shortcut to open an Internet Explorer window that goes to https://www.whatismyip.com/

When he calls me for help, he looks up the IP address first and tells me what it is so that I can remote desktop into his computer.


1 Answers
Steve Bonilla Staff answered 4 years ago

good stuff

if you want to get tricky, you can set yourself up with a hostname through a dynamic dns service and get him VNC

you can listen on your side, program his side to connect to your pseudo-domain name, and with a simple click he can connect to you and you can take control of his stuff


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