why i can’t download from rapidshare

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airria asked 3 years ago

please help me,, why every times i want to download in rapidshare. this words always appears :
You want to download the following file:
[Link Removed]
Your IP address 202.152.xxx.xxx is already downloading a file. Please wait until the download is completed.
Premium members can download any number of files simultaneously. Become a Premium member now. The download will be available shortly.
Create Premium Account

every times I want to DL  😕  😕

1 Answers
wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Either rapidshare has blocked your IP address or you're going through a proxy where multiple users share the same connection point and another one of the users is downloading from rapidshare.

Try using foxyproxy in firefox to see if that helps. Just Google foxyproxy and watch the video on their page to install the software.

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