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andybaron asked 3 years ago


A quick question please.

I have several sites in my organisation using a variety of internet connection methods. I would like to get a list together of which ones use dialup, dsl, lease etc etc.

I am getting each of the sites to tell me their IP address’ (via this wonderful website!) from which I can find out who owns it and what the ISP is.

My question is from the IP how can I tell which type of internet connection they use, for example will BT have a different registered “mnt-by” field for dialup and dsl?

Hope this makes sense and thanks a lot in advance for your responses.

Thank you!


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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

Hi Andy,

Some sites take a stab at telling you what type of connection you have, but I've found them to be very inaccurate.

You can use our speed test page and choose the server closest to you to determine what sort of line speed they have. That won't help you determine between cable/dsl, but it'll definitely help you figure out if they're dial-up.

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