Who can read my ip?

forgetfuljones asked 3 years ago

Please forgive me of this question is just too stupid for this forum.
Who can read my ip address?

When I send emails out can people read them -- does it matter who is hosting the email service?

Is there a way I can make it so no one sees my ip?

(I am starting an online business and it is somewhat in competition with 'friends' I have met online -- so I don't want them to know it's mine)

Thans for your time =)

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Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

The short answer is that anyone *can* read your IP Address. TCP/IP cannot function without a return address of some sort, so it's built right into the basic structure of the protocol stack.

Now, having said that, there are ways to "hide" your IP Address. You can use Webmail, for one. Google's GMail, for example, lets you use POP3 to access your GMail with a client program like Outlook, Thunderbird, or Eudora. If you use the client, then your PC's IP Address gets put into the message header by the email program. But if you go to gmail.com and use the Web site to reply, then (if I recall correctly) the message header only contains the IP Address of the particular server that sent the email after you clicked Send. Check with several services, Gmail, Yahoo, Live/Hotmail, and send some test messages to confirm that.

You can also utilize what are called SMTP Relays. Because of the backlash against spam, these are getting a bit harder to find, and many are starting to charge for this. But some of those relays strip out the existing message header and add their own that effectively hides what your email program put in. Note, however, that some anti-spam tools look at this, can see that the header doesn't match the originating email, and will red-flag the message as spam.

Careful mixing personal and business. Sort of like the relay example above, "hiding" behavior can protect you from your friends, but it can *also* look a bit shady to people with whom you are trying to do business.

I'm the kind of client that likes to have a good and accurate picture of the people who earn my money, or the money I'm entrusted to properly spend. And I accept that others might want the same of me. If I don't give a prospective client all they want in this regard, and they walk, it's easy to take that personal, but it's *not* personal. It *is* business.

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