Which type of Proxy is right for the likes of us ?

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onauc asked 3 years ago


I was wondering if any certified techie guy or girl can help me out. 🙂

When I surf websites on the internet, I want to remain anonymous so websites I visit don't get hold of my IP. Otherwise, they'd start tracing my PC/laptop through my IP and then start sending me spam via their Windows 2000 IP Messaging feature.
Likewise, I want to remain, when I'm logging into my cPanel of my own website (supplied by a webhost) and also when I'm
uploading and downloading files to/from my website account (ftp server) via my ftp client.
I'll be experimenting with a lot of cgi and php scripts which may prove to be malicious at the end. I don't want such scripts tracing my IP from my web-server, ftp-server and then find their ways to my pc/laptop hdd. They might install spywares on my hdd or start sending spam from my pc/laptop. I hear a lot of web-scripts exist out there that when you install them on your hdd then they secretly start sending spam using your resources in the back-ground and get you in trouble with your ISP.

Also, when I log-in to my Paypal account, I want to remain anonymous from both Paypal and the recipients. Remain anonymous from the recipients so they don't get my IP and some-how hack into my pc/laptop and steal my Paypal password. And, remain anonymous from Paypal because if Paypal logs my IP and some-how hackers gain access to Paypal's servers and steal all their account holders personal details along with IPs then that would be very dangerous for us indeed. It won't be long before they hack into our HDDs too.

So, now you know my requirements.
Now, which type of anonymous proxy do you suggest I use ? Ftp Proxy ? Http Proxy ? Cgi Proxy ? Socks Proxy ? Any other ?
is there a type that has "multi" so it can become both the Http-Proxy (anonymous) and the FTP-Proxy (anonymous) ?
Also, do you suggest I install my own anonymous proxy software on my pc/laptop or use another web service on the internet ?
If you suggest the former then which softwares do you recommend and why them in particular but if you suggest the latter then which services (what are their web addresses ?) do you recommend and also why them in particular ?

Oh by the way, I have a Router and checking CMD-> IP Config it's showing an internal IP while whatismyip.com is showing my external.
Am I more safer than those who's CMD-> IP Config show their external IP ?
I mean, if a malicious website gets hold of my IP when I visit it then it would only get hold of my Router's IP and not my PCs/Laptop's IP on my Lan, right ? And, if they send/inject anything this way then the worst they can do is reach my Router and not my PCs and laptops on our Lan, right ?

Anything else I should know ?

Thanks 🙂



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wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

I think you're being too paranoid.

If someone has your IP, they can't flood you with messages, they would need your email address.

Just because someone has your IP doesn't mean they can hack your computer and get your PayPal password.

Since you're behind a router, you already have a "firewall" in place. So as long as you don't install any malicious software on your computer, you're good.

If you intend on surfing to sites that aren't reputable, I recommend doing so via a Virtual Machine. If the VM gets infected, you don't have to worry about your real machine.

But again, you're the one who knows where you're surfing and what you're doing on the net. If you stay with reputable sites, you don't have to worry about much. Keep your a/v software up to date, don't click Ok on boxes that you don't understand. It's that simple.

Rob Vargas Staff answered 3 years ago

This is going to sound like denigration, and I apologize for that. That's not my intent. Still, if you don't understand how the Windows Messenger service works, I don't think you've done the proper homework to be writing and/or uploading scripts that even you say could potentially be malicious. The first, best defense against malicious activity is knowledge, and I really believe you are lacking there.

An anonymizer isn't always going to help you, either. The reputable ones can be subject to subpoenas, and the others are finding themselves, more and more often, on Internet blacklists. Plus, some sites (I'm not sure, but I think Paypal is one of them) won't permit you in via an anonymous connection.

Hacking isn't always a bad thing. I know some consultants that make a very good living at "white hat" hacking, penetration testing and so on. But if you don't have the fundamentals learned, you're setting yourself up for a big fall, IMO. And maybe not a techie one. Maybe a legal one.

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