What is my Static IP re: uTorrent?

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abrogard asked 3 years ago

I've used what is my IP to find my IP and I assume that is my static IP.

I got it so's I could forward a port on my Billion router so's uTorrent would work. I was following the instructions on Portforward.com.

I've got a little home LAN here and I've got a local 192.168.x.x IP that belongs to that. I assume that is NOT the 'static IP' that Portforward tells me to use. That's also the IP that ipconfig gives me, though, so I needed somewhere to find my static IP.

So I went to, or came to, 'What is My IP' and I got a 203.171.x.x IP from there.

I put it in as a rule in the Billion router and checked and the port didn't open. I put the local IP in as a rule in the Billion router and checked again and still the port won't open.

I'm not using Windows firewall. I'm using Comodo. And AVG. And that's it. And Firefox. The only strange thing to happen recently is from Firefox. After one of its updates it now always gives me a 'search settings notification' every time I start a new window. What that's about I've no idea.

Can someone assure me that the IP found by 'What Is My IP' would be my Static IP?

Can someone tell me what 'possible proxy' means? It is there in the WIMIP report. Could it be an indication of some skullduggery going on in or around my machine?

And, lastly, a long shot this, could anyone point to a possible solution to my IP forwarding/utorrent not working problem?

( I should point out that utorrent has been working fine on my machine for years, literally, years. And I've repeatedly setup routers for port forwarding in the past, quite successfully, too. But I'm getting old and feeble and I don't even remember what IP I used to put into it.... I remember nothing... I need help....



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abrogard answered 3 years ago

I just posted this new thread and it is currently being looked at by the moderator.

I want to say I've fixed it. I retried and this time it worked okay and at the same time answered the question of 'which is the 'fixed ip''. Strangely enough it is the local one, the LAN one, the 192.168.x.x one.

It all confuses me a bit, though, I must admit. But I don't have time to think it out now.. point is I don't have the problem now so perhaps the mod wants to kill the thread.

On the other hand I do still have the intellectual curiosity if you want to leave it to satisfy that...

either way...


ab 🙂

wimiadmin Staff answered 3 years ago

The IP adress you find at WIMI is your external IP address. There's no way to know if it's a static ip or not. The only way to tell this is by calling your ISP.

I use uTorrent and haven't had to forward any ports in order to make it work. I can download/upload just fine.

The 'Possible Proxy' means that before you come to our site, you're going through another computer to get here. To confirm this, you'll need to contact your ISP. If they say they don't use a proxy, you may have some sort of malware on your pc.

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