What is going on with my IP Address?

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jacksites asked 4 years ago

Alright so I am using a windows computer and when I type in "whats my ip address" on Google is says "" is my public ip address. I replaced the last for digits with zeros for security purposes. Now when I go to https://www.whatismyip.com/ it says my ip address is "" Again I replace the last digits with zeros. It also shows a map that says my location is in San Jose, California. Although I am located in Philadelphia, PA I am using a VPN from Hotspot shield so this does not surprise me, I am not using a proxy because vpn's are said to be much more secure. Now when I go to https://www.whatismyip.com/ip-address-lookup/ it shows me that my ip address is the same as the previous "" but it asks for my location because I have my browser set to ask me instead of giving out my location freely, I chose to give the browser access to my location thinking it was going to show the location in san jose, California as every other website is doing, instead what it showed me was my actual location to the point with great accuracy. This is strange to me, although I am not a IT I was under the assumption that proxies, let alone VPN's or VPS's are made to cover up your location if installed, and no matter what access you provide to websites asking for such info they would be directed the info currently being received from the proxy, VPN or VPS. My most interesting question is what am I missing here? Was I under the wrong thought? Is there no way to actually hide my location information even if I give certain access rights and Do VPN/VPS just work as mask? Is there a service or better VPN, VPS solution for users to have complete anonymous browsing that do not give flagged, black listed, or even shared ip addresses? and the last question, Is there a particular reason why google shows my ip address as different from what the ip address informal sites are showing? When I search whats my ip on my phone, google and other sites are showing "" so my prediction is that the hotspot shield is working to some extent if its giving me two different different ip addresses when activated. To share bit of information about my internet connection. I am using my mobile phones hotspot to transfer the service to my laptop, in return I use the Hotspot shield elite VPN which is installed on my computer for access to the web. My phones service provider is Metro PC's a "T-mobile" company. Metro PCs/T-Mobile does not currently offer it's service as a hotspot and when I try to connect with out activating hotspot shield I get a "T-mobile" error message saying your phone plan does not currently have mobile hotspot enabled to active this service call T-mobile customer support, which does not help because I try occasionally. So I am basically browsing the web on a error messages but I am bypassing it with hotspot shield. The reason I need help with this issue is because eBay, Paypal and few other business websites keep banning and linking me to other accounts and I'm sure this may be a big reason if not the only. I do not mean to come off as rude but I'm not interested in responses from users who are only 50% familiar with what this problem may be, I would like to hear from the tech guy who reads this and knows exactly what to advise right away. I'm sure I provided everything necessary to answer my question if they can be answered, but I can provide more information if requested. I appreciate the assistance and response in advance.

Sincerely Jack

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wimiadmin Staff answered 4 years ago

Jack, thanks for your question.

I updated the links in your question as we provide that same data so we'll link to our own site instead of our competitors.

To answer your question, VPNs should hide your location. However, it all depends on how they're setup. When we show your IP address on our homepage, we show any IP address that is passed to us, not just the first IP like Google probably does.

If we can see your real IP, then others can as well.

As for the share location within your browser, I'm 99% certain that is not IP based so that part is not relevant in how you would be found by others seeing your IP address.

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