What IP address to use under citrix?

bc eddie asked 2 years ago

I am hoping someone here can help me as I seem to be going in circles with my company Network dept.
I work remotely from home and connect to my company sites via CITRIX and a VPN connection over my local cable company ISP high-speed cable connection.
I now need to get access to another company's FTP site to download files. To get this access their form is asking me for my IP address and subnet mask.
When I connect to my company site using my Ethernet cable connection and do an IP config on my computer I first see my wireless LAN adapter as disconnected and then an "Ethernet adapter Local area connection 2" as a “cisco systems VPN adapter” and in the "Connection specific DNS suffix" I see what looks like my company web site eg., AA.AA.AAA.com and below that IP address/subnet values.
Below this I see another "Ethernet adapter Local area connection" section and for the DNS suffix it looks like my local cable provider and this section shows different IP/subnet values.

If I get out and reconnect via WIFI (and again through citrix and vpn) I then see :
"Ethernet adapter Local area connection 2" as a “cisco systems VPN adapter” and in the "Connection specific DNS suffix" I again see my company web site eg., AA.AA.AAA.com. but below that now a different IP address but same subnet values.
Below this the "Ethernet adapter Local area connection" section shows as disconnected.
And then the wireless LAN adapter shows with my cable company and then different again IP address subnet.
Does this mean with this setup I am unable to provide an IP address /subnet because they keep changing? Or is there an easy way to specify this.
Any help appreciated.

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Shnerdly Staff answered 2 years ago

Thanks for your question bc eddie.

I don't use Citrix so I am unfamiliar with their protocols.

It sounds like you are connecting to your work by VPN. That may show your employers IP address as your external IP when your connected.

Do your test with the WIFI and LAN connections and PM me the IP addresses you get from [URL="http://www.whatismyip.com"]our home page[/URL].

The changes you are seeing may be multiple IP's from your employer.

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