Western Union email Scam

JcJR asked 3 years ago

Hi I am a new member,
I trying to figure it out where to email is coming from, The person is trying to scam my company with the western union deal. I just want to know if this my be local or not
Can you help me ?

1 Answers
Shnerdly Staff answered 3 years ago

Thanks for your question JcJR.

I moved your question to it's own thread because it did not pertain to the thread you posted it in.

Tracing an email can be difficult. You need to look at the email header. It will have an IP Address in it. The will usually suggest the area that it's coming from, Country and perhaps the City. It's not completely accurate because the IP can be faked.

If you host your own mail server, you could block the sender by email address if you have spamassassin installed or you can block the sending IP address in the IP Tables or Firewall.

If you don't host your own email server, your email carrier should have some kind of spam filter you can add the addresses to.

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