We cannot use mobile phone as webcam

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D. Jacobi asked 2 years ago

Dear experts,
I can use a webcam in my home network and publish it via port forwarding into the internet. Thanks to whatismyip.com I know the (current) IP address of my DSL line. So that works fine.
Now I want to use my (Android) mobile phone in a similar way. With your service I get my (current) IP address of my provider (O2/Germany). I have a simple app which tries to broadcast the picture of the camera of my mobile phone via the port 4747. (It orks fine in the local network)
Unfortunately I cannot "ping" the IP address (WAN) of my mobile phone from the internet and I cannot access the "video stream" of my webcam app over port 4747.
From the answers in this section I get the impression that the network provider does not allow ping or any other communication ports of my IP address. But why? Why does it work with DSL? In both cases "a device" is connected and has a valid IP number. Do I need a more "user friendly" provider??
I even tried to use Huawei mifi router (mobile LTE), made it all "open", DMZ and everything but I cannot ping that device either (of course it got another WAN IP which I checked via your whatismyip.com)
I read that I could use some kind of service provider to whom I can stream the data and he broadcasts the stream. But that is just a workaround which I don't want. I want to "stream" from my mobile phone in the same way as from my DSL landline.
Thanks for a hint which lets me stream from my mobile phone. And if I need another service provider then please share it.
Thanks in advance!

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wimiadmin Staff answered 2 years ago

Thanks for your question. Service providers will often block ping requests to increase security. If an IP doesn't respond to a ping request, the person doing the scanning may thing the IP is unused and move on. The mobile provider may also block port 4747. The only way I see this working is if you're connected to a LAN and you control the traffic. Else, I'm not sure you'll get it to work. And even if you did, the mobile provider could change a setting and cause the app not to work at any given time and without notice.

My suggestion is to try an app called Periscope. It allows live broadcasts from an iphone or android without requiring special setup via a router or ISP. And it's free. : )

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